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Dear 8th Grade Families,

Please read the following GoCPS application process changes.  I will be hosting a Google Meet session on Tuesday, September 17, 2020 at 6pm to address your questions and concerns regarding the information below. I will send the link to our session the day before the event.

NWEA MAP Overview

As you know, NWEA MAP scores are used to determine students' eligibility to apply to many ninth grade schools/programs. NWEA MAP scores are also used in the selection process for many schools and programs. Typically, we use spring NWEA MAP scores from students' seventh grade year. Since this exam was not administered this year due to the shut-down orders, we will look at NWEA MAP scores that were administered during the following test windows:

Spring 2019 (2018-2019 school year) -- administered in April/May 2019

Fall 2019 (2019-2020 school year) -- administered in September/October 2019

Winter (2019-2020 school year) -- administered in December 2019/January 2020

If a student has NWEA MAP scores from a test administered in spring 2019, fall 2019, or winter 2019:

 If a student does NOT have NWEA MAP scores from spring, fall or winter 2019:

Note: We will take the highest scores, even if they are from different testing windows. For example, if a student's highest reading score is from spring 2019 and the highest math score is from winter 2019, those are the scores that will be used.


Grades and Attendance

Some schools and programs typically use students' GPA and attendance for eligibility and/or selections. The process for the 2021-2022 school year will be revised as indicated below:

Eligibility Data Letters

Eligibility Data Letters will be sent to eighth grade families in early October. The letters will contain students' Activation Code; their NWEA MAP scores from spring 2019, fall 2019, and winter 2019; and their grades from seventh grade.

Application Period

The application period for the 2021-2022 school year starts on October 12th and ends on December 11th.



Olivia Craig


773.534.5934 (preferred method)

During Advisory I will be working on the following:

  1. Navigating the GoCPS platform as well as High School Bound website (
  2. Researching schools (numbers of students, start and end time, distance from house, etc)
  3. Reiterating the importance to applying to as many schools as possible
  4. Completing all mandatory Individual Learning Plans (ILPs) through the Naviance Platform
  5. Preparing students for the transition to high school