How to Create Parent Account in Canvas

Parents are allowed, and encouraged, to create their own accounts in our Learning Management System, Canvas. When parents log into their own accounts they are considered “Observers,” and are able to see everything posted in a course from an instructor and everything submitted in a course by their student. Parents are able to keep up with assignments and announcements shared by teachers and see what their students are producing in those classes.

The process begins within the student’s account. A student must log into their own Canvas account to generate what is called a “Pairing Code”. This is best done with the parent and student together. If you need assistance, please contact Mrs. Coats at

These instructions are best completed on a computer using a browser and not through the either the student or parent app. Once the account is created and connected to the student(s) then the log into the app for use on a mobile device.

Follow these instructions to create a new Parent account for Canvas:

(The steps for adding another student to a current parent account are below.)

This will produce a short code that is necessary for creating a new parent account. Either write it down or highlight and copy.

Last is to Log in using the account credential you just created and access the course information. Don’t forget we have a general Canvas course for parents to show you the different features of Canvas and give you a quick run down of what to expect and how things work.

Follow these instructions to add a new student to a current Parent account in Canvas:

Complete steps 1 & 2 above to first generate the “Pairing Code”