Spoon Tag Rules


  1. No playing during class
  2. You must hold onto your spoon at all times or you can get tagged!
  3. No holding spoons in bracelets, watches, hair bands, etc.
  4. You can get tagged during break, lunch, passing period, after school, before school, and out in public
  5. Leadership kids can’t team up to get someone out (Ex: Someone in Renaissance is not allowed to steal your spoon so someone else can get you out.)
  6. You’re responsible for your own spoon and can’t blame someone else for you getting out.
  7. No complaining if you get out, play fair.
  8. No cheating, Ex: No replacing your spoon if you break it, lose it, etc. Also no buying spoons and saying that it’s someone else to get “more people out”
  9. If you get caught cheating, you will receive a punishment.