HIS Small Wonders Preschool

Closing & Delay Policy

How does HSW determine if there will be a closing or delay?

-HSW typically follows the Plymouth Community School Corporation's decision on whether to close or delay. Meaning that if PCSC is closed, we're closed as well. There are certain times in which HSW reserves the right to make its own decision.

If there is a 2 hour delay, what is the schedule for drop off/pick up?

-The delay schedule is drop off at 10:30am and pick up at 12:15pm.

Does HSW follow PCSC's 3 hour delay policy as well?

-In the event that Plymouth has a 3 hour delay, HSW will close for the day.

How do I find out if HSW has a delay or is closed?

1. Check WNDU’s and WSBT's website or programming and look for HSW’s listing:

WNDU-HSW Preschool-Plymouth | WSBT-HIS Small Wonders Preschool

2. Call HSW's line, 574-780-4072, and listen to the voicemail to understand if there is a delay or closing.

3. Check HSW's Website/Facebook/Twitter for closing/delay information.

If you have any questions over this policy, please feel free to contact us by phone or email.

Updated January 2019                                                            hswpreschool.com