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77.4 Robots

202. For the past 40 years, the common man had only one asset of value - his time.  With robots and computers, the value of that time has gone down while productivity and quality has gone up.  It takes two to three times the labor for the average man to buy the average house.

203. In Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less, Greg McKeown speaks of the “paradox of success”, where the very causes that makes us succeed become the causes of our failures.

204. I’ve been going to bed earlier and earlier, and waking up between midnight and 3:00 am.  Amazing.  At 2:00 am, my blood sugar reading was at 128, and it usually goes up overnight.  I don’t know if it’s a result of meds, exercise, or my vegetable soup, or all three, but something good is happening.

205. I went over to the McDonald’s on Beach Boulevard where a number of homeless vets used to congregate.  No Shannon, maybe the cleanest homeless person I know.  I hope she can help me test WS and 77 if I can find her.

206. I need to test and see if article spinning can be the next bum marketing.  That’s essentially what Walkabout Solopreneur is all about with added functionality.  3,000 words a day should be plenty to blast the Internet, it just has to be monetized.  And later extracted into ebooks.

207. Shaving is a hassle.  I find myself shaving only once every 7 to 10 days.  No woman in my life.  No need to be perfectly groomed.  Bad move.  I don’t want to be seen as looking homeless.

208. I do seem to get more writing done on the legal pads when I’m out and about.  I can outline the physical books or just crank out ideas.  It’s fast, and available everywhere.  No internet distractions.  As I go full on WS, I need to fill up the pads at McDonald’s or Starbucks or the public library.

209. I need to work on POH as a master list of ways to promote articles and affiliate programs.

210. Some issues tend to tear our country apart.  Gun control is near the top of the list, along with border control and abortion.  There is no middle ground.

211. I need to make a master file in Content Professor for the resources box so I can access affiliate links on a moment’s notice.

212. AI:  Vegan Protein Powders For Meat Eaters - add kale

213. AI:  FB Group v. List - Can a group take the place of an email list?  Or should it be just a supplement?  

214. My blood sugar is way down.  I always knew what it takes, but after only 3 days of doing it right, the results are amazing.  Eat plant based whole foods.  Eat my great vegetable soup.  Add some vegetable “pan chan”.  Roast some winter squash.  Eat some fresh fruit.  Go easy on grains.  No processed carbs for now.  Walk to the gym and bus stop.  Lift some light weights.  Kick yourself in the ass for not doing this sooner.

215. My lofty goals for 77 are fine, but I have to maintain a Stoic’s focus on the here and now.  Do what has to be done to make money with WS.

216. A spun article per day is too much.  Create 11 kwp focused articles to spin and pepper the Internet with.  Write one base article per week and then spin the hell out of it.  Except for the base article, the spin is outside the 3,000 words per day.  These articles should link to Clickbank programs and to Amazon stores.

217. AI: - I found a Ukrainian matchmaking site that all serious IBMs* should consider.  I don’t know the prices, but they do not match people online or show off fancy glamour shots of ladies.  They have dozens of good videos with excellent advice which I will post soon.

218. The woman I find in the Ukraine or China will have to be special.  I have a home in the U.S. that’s not going anywhere.  I want to be a mail order husband and make her home address my base of world travel.  The Jacksonville house will pass to me and Bill and can be used as a home address if the world gets squirrelly.  She needs to be a traveler, and to have someone at home who can take of any property or businesses.

219. Add curated news and RSS to

220. True callings may or may not exist.  Maybe the Buddha had one, but it took him decades to find it, going from prince to aesthetic to Enlightened.  Most likely if you have a calling today, you are an invertebrate con man or terrorist.  Better to have a vision that adjusts as you grow and change as a person.

221. AI:  update the Travis Sago story

222. My homeless bros are moving around.  I have seen some downtown instead of on Beach Boulevard.  McDonald’s is still the unofficial homeless shelter (all of them) from 6:00 am until meals are served at a soup kitchen or shelter.  Now that the weather is cooling off, it will be interesting to see where they congregate.

223. My first grandchild to be is no more.  Remember the hand.  You are missed.

224. Does Denny’s have enough vegan fare to build your own vegan slam?  I don’t know.  Oatmeal.  Hash browns.  Tomatoes.  Fruit.  Grits.

225. A calling is no guarantee of mental competence.  Often, it’s the opposite.  Think Hitler, Stalin, Mao.

226. Ignore those inner voices.  A calling may be a job or skill you wish you had, like a musician.  Focus on the skills you have, not the ones you lack.

227. Caveat.  You want to focus on the skills you have that others value.  You need to buy groceries on occasion.  A sure road to unhappiness is having a world class skill that no one cares about.  Fortunately, the Internet makes it possible to scour the world to find people who share even the strangest interests and maybe help you discover a way to monetize your talent.

228. Public perception of my blogs has little to do with quality.  It makes my ideas no better or worse.  Worrying about my online/offline reputation is a prison I can free myself from.

229. 77 is about a minimalist iPT type lifestyle which is what I am close to in my caretaker prison.  I now qualify for all social programs I can, but I am embarrassed by it.  I didn’t create the situation, but I will eventually escape.  I now get SS, SSI, free health and low cost dental care, a free bus pass, and free meds.  Medicare and Medicaid.  Medicaid pays my Part B of Medicare.  Working would cost me money.

230. I need to turn my backpack into a go bag.  I need to start buying speedo suits and other lightweight items for iPT.  Cargo pants.  Heavy clothes stay on the body.

231. We concentrate on our social media reputations because it is now prevalent versus word of mouth.  We are little brand managers as if we need social media approval for validation.

232. The world is going to post, tweet, and comment whatever it wants about you.  Get over it.  People will bad mouth you behind your back.  I don’t know why people even care what I am up to.  I don’t care what others are doing unless it has an impact on me.

233. I have given up my lottery habit.  I have been buying 4 tickets a week - 2 PowerBall and 2 Mega Millions - for $8 a week.  It’s cheap entertainment, but I’m a cheap bastard.  Wasting $8 a week is not worthy of an IBM*.

234. When I get restless and drive to the bookstore, I now take a walk instead.  I only drive one day a week, and that is taking my mother to church on Sundays.  I don’t stay, but shop at Lucky’s Market, Publix, and Walmart during her time there.  No more burning gas.  Walkabout Solopreneur has to be the center of my life, with the emphasis on walkabout.

235. futurist Ray Kurzweil

236. Why are we so short sighted?  How many saw the 2008 housing meltdown coming?  Are housing prices going south again?  Count on it. Is the stock market next?  Maybe.  Do we suffer from a failure of observation, or imagination?

237. You must give yourself permission to fight off SJWs in the U.S. and leave them behind to find your perfect mail order bride abroad.

238. As IBMs* with a stoic bent, we need to imagine an iPT future with a fine woman in her country or even multiple women in multiple countries, if you have the energy and money.

239. With digital devices getting smaller and more powerful, now is the time to give away all redundant electronics and more and be ready to bug out on a moment’s notice.

240. Ideas come easy.  What hurts is fear and attachments.  Buddha was right.

241. Something has happened to McDonald’s and their systems.  By using poorly trained cheap labor, and not having a manager in store who can update their systems, I had to fight for the $1 coffee special on November 1st.  I got it, but I hate having to fight.  The poster was still in the window, and the menu board still showed the October special price.  Only the cash register was updated so they could piss people off.  

~ Chaz

6 Tips To Make Her Desire You More By Brian Robbens

Creator of Respark The Romance 

Life isn’t fair in many ways, and one way is this: women know how to turn men on. They dress up and give men that look, and bam! The man wants her.

It works when they walk into a room and he sees her for the first time, and it works after years together.

Men, however, are left scratching their heads and wondering how to make a woman desire him more.

You don’t have to wonder any longer. But first, drop all your preconceived ideas about how to get a woman to desire you.

What you think and what you’ve read online aren’t the keys to attracting a woman and getting her to want you.

You see, with both men and women, it’s about how you make the other person feel.

And women have different needs than men. They want to be desired, cherished, valued, and adored.

They want to feel like you’re an amazing catch but you want only them.

So, let’s dig into the real ways to get her to desire you more...


1. Listen to her

Let’s start with an easy step. Just listen to her.

Okay, so it might not be that easy, because I mean to actually listen, understand, and let her know that you’re listening and understanding her. The #1 complaint you’ll hear from women in a relationship is, “He never listens to me anymore!”

So if you want to respark her desire...or attract her for the first time...learn to listen.

Watch her eyes and expression, and pay attention to how she feels and what she’s thinking. Show her that she can talk to you. Be a safe space so she could open up, and talk to you about anything.

If you’re not sure how to have a conversation like this with a woman, simply ask her questions about what she’s saying.

For example: She says, “My friend Marcy gets so jealous...”

You ask, “Have I met Marcy?” or “What does she do?” or “Did someone tell you that?”

You can also show her you’re listening with statements like, “That’s tough. I can see why she’s jealous of you though.”

When you really listen to a woman, she feels valued and close to you, and that’s a huge turn on. Score even more points: when she starts talking, put your phone down and turn all your attention on her.


2. Ask her what she likes

Try something new and ask her if she likes it.

If you normally have a beard, shave it. Show up with your smooth face, pull her hand up to feel, and ask her how she likes it. Try a new cologne. Spray it on your wrist or neck, and get her to smell it so you can ask if she likes it.

This gets her thinking about you, intrigued, and happy because you care what she thinks.

This works in many other ways too. Try doing anything differently and ask her what she thinks about it. The fact that you’re doing new things and trying to please her will get her to desire you more.

There are many secret ways to get her to desire you more.... and the most powerful ones are shared in Respark The Romance, a comprehensive course that will resperk her desire for passion and intimacy

Click here to get the full details about Respark The Romance  

3. Be Mr. Hollywood...for her

You know those movie scenes where the hero struts out in his tux, flashing a brilliant ear to ear smile, and has his hair styled?

Be that man. Show up fancied up and charm her.

Be daring, dashing, and fun. Let her feel like she’s with the hottest man in the room. You don’t actually have to be the hottest, most fit guy around. It’s all about how you treat her.

Have eyes for her and her alone. Lean in and look into her eyes while she talks. Make sure to give her a dreamy look. Basically, be James Bond who is in love with her, like she’s the only woman in the world.

It’s like crack to women, and she’ll ask for the ticket early so she can get you home and into the bedroom.


4. Avoid the “friend” zone and relationship rut

Some men get put into the friend zone way too often and they’re not sure why.

And other men have a relationship, but it feels more like a friendship than anything romantic or sexy. You try to be nice, and you’re not sure what you’re doing wrong.

“Nice” is not always sexy.

In fact, in a relationship, a woman might come to expect you to do all of those things, and they might not turn her on or make her want you.

Women need flirting and compliments. They want you to make them feel sexy.

When you meet a new woman, make sure to flirt, lean close to talk, listen to her, and read her body language. Don’t worry about coming off as sleazy. If you don’t let her know you like her and want her, she’ll put you in the friend zone and move on.

Trying to be a friend first will mostly likely kill your chances of being romantic!

Being a woman’s confidant and partner is like being a friend, but it has chemistry, sexual tension, and teasing. Even in a relationship, women still want flirting. They still want to be chased.

If you want her to desire you more, take her out and treat her like it’s a first date. You’ll be amazed by the results.


5. Touch, the gold currency in relationships

One easy way to get put into the friend zone is to not touch a woman.

If you’re in a relationship and wondering why she doesn’t want you that often, it might be that you’re not touching her throughout the day. Even scientific studies have proven that women benefit from a 5 minute hug from their significant other. Their happy hormones spike.

Think of it as a slow warm up. Hold her hand in the car or while walking. Lay her hand on her leg. Wrap your arm around her shoulders.

Play with her hair. Most women love that unless they have their hair done to go somewhere.

Caress her arm. Cuddle her.

If you touch your partner throughout the day, by evening she’ll be anxious for bedtime!


6. Notice the remember the little things

Stan has been married six years, and it doesn’t take much time around him and his wife to see she’s very happy and very into him.

What’s his secret? When he brings her roses, he gets her favorite color. (It’s light purple.) When he picks up groceries, he’ll bring home a little treat for her, and it’ll be something that she mentioned liking once.

He says he just remembers her offhand comments because she’ll reveal big things. Women will mention that they like something when they see it, and if you remember that, you can score big points later.

Pretty easy, right? But so many men miss this.

If you know she collects something, you can get her one and make her day.

Now imagine if you apply this in the bedroom. You notice she likes touched a certain way or in a certain place, and you have the key to making her want you more. If you want to get her something sexy to wear, make sure you know what colors she likes.

Sometimes men have the wrong idea about what women want, and what will make a woman desire him more.

Look past all the hype you read online about upping your style or playing games.

Women want attention: they want you to listen, to really see them, to value their ideas, to touch them, to tell them their beautiful, and to spend time with them.

If you put in some effort, you’ll be hugely rewarded with a woman who desires you more.

And if you want to be rewarded with desire, intimacy, and lust on a regular basis, you need your very own copy of Respark The Romance

Click here to discover how to Respark The Romance in your life.

IBM* Takeaway:

It’s so easy to fall into a rut and take her for granted.  I need all the help I can get reminding me to step up every now and then.  All women are needy when it comes to attention.  Give them what they want, and you will get what you want.