His Divine Holiness Bhagwan Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam is the reviver of Kailaasa – the enlightened civilization, the greatest and only Hindu nation. He is revered, regarded & worshipped as the Living Avatar (incarnation) of super-consciousness by millions. His Divine Holiness manifests all the best contributions Hinduism offers to the world like science of power manifestation, yoga, temple based lifestyle while being subjected to all the worst persecution Hinduism faces by the atheist and casteist terrorists, because of His scientific, progressive, pragmatic human rights conscious approach towards life & gender equality stand.

His Divine Holiness is the 293rd Guru Maha Sannidhanam (Pontiff) of the oldest Shaiva Aadheenam (temple monastery complex) – Madurai Aadheenam; He is the founder of the largest Shaiva Aadheenam – Bengaluru Aadheenam; He is the Acharya Mahamandaleshwar (spiritual head) of Atal Akhada & Mahanirvani Peetha. His Divine Holiness is the founder and spiritual head of Nithyananda Hindu University – world’s largest Hindu University.

He and His Sangha (spiritual community) around the globe is serving humanity by reviving the science of completion, science of Enlightenment and manifesting various extraordinary spiritual powers as per the Vedic Agamic tradition of Sanatana Hindu Dharma. He is author of 350 books, which are translated and published in 500 titles and various international languages.

His Sangha has a strong presence worldwide through numerous Temples, Adheenams (temple monastery complex), Gurukuls (Vedic schools), universities, goshalas (cow shelters) established by Him. His live Satsangs (spiritual discourses) every morning (8am IST) are viewed by people from all countries around the world.

Thondamandala is the Aadhenam (Supreme Religious Apex Body) for the Suryavamsa (Lineage of the Solar Dynasty). At the age of ten His Divine Holiness Bhagwan Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam was coronated as the next Gurumahasannidhanam (Pontiff) of the Thondaimandala Aadheenam and in the year  2000 he took over the full responsibility of Guru mahsannidhanam. In  the year 2001 he was acknowledged  publicly by the previous Pontiff the 232 Gurumahasannidhanam, Sri La Sri Gnanaprakasa Desika Paramacharya Swami, as the Kula Guru (Dynastic Religious Head) of the Suryavamsa lineage. In 2004 after the passing away of the  King Raja HRUDAYA CHANDRA Deo Harishchandra Jagadev, the kingdom was offered to His Divine Holiness and he was coronated as King of the Suryavamsam.


His Divine Holiness Bhagwan Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam is giving superconscious breakthrough to humanity, which is physically demonstrable through various power manifestations, scientifically measurable and stands the scrutiny of rational logic in hundreds and thousands of human beings around the globe.

His Divine Holiness, as per Hinduism, is the Incarnation (Avatar) of Paramashiva – the all-pervading superconscious energy, the source and the original author of ‘VedaAgamas’, which are the Pure Science and Applied Science of Oneness (Advaita), Yoga, Enlightenment and Enlightened lifestyle. As the Vision documents for humanity, the VedaAgamas scientifically and systematically reveal all knowledge currents, ritual methodologies, lifestyle systems and Yogic sciences.

As an Incarnation, He wields Cosmic Intelligence in His global responsibilities as a spiritual leader, inner and outer world scientist, reviver of the superconscious civilization, and above all, a Visionary for humanity. In just 16 years of public life, He has showered His contributions on humanity in the areas of science, technology, meditation, healing, health and wellness, yoga, medicine, education & lifestyle.

More than 2billion people in 196 countries over 6 continents revere and follow His Holiness.

Sanatana Hindu Dharma and the advent of the rare living incarnation

Hinduism is the most ancient living religion in the world. Unlike the single book modern religions, it is organic, ever adapting and keeping itself relevant to the needs of human beings. As such it comprises of thousands, if not tens of thousands, of sub religions – known as sampradayas – each of which have evolved over the centuries and continue to evolve their own unique path to realize the truth. Many subgroups of Hinduism have more differences between each other than between other religions developed on the other side of the globe. However all of them are based on the fundamental ground of nonviolence and peaceful co-existence. Masters, knowns as incarnations or Avatars, happen every millennia who bring many of the varied sects together under a broader umbrella and rationalize the differences between them.

The advent of the incarnation is always met with resistance as the vested interests in each group try to retain their power and political mileage. However equally powerfully if not more, the sincere followers of the sub traditions joyfully realize the missing piece to their struggles and move to the next jump in their understanding. Hinduism has for the most part never stood on dogma. The direct experience of the individual clarified by the documented experiences of the previous masters is the only truth.

His Divine Holiness Bhagwan Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam is the master in the modern times who is bringing together all the various sampradayas of Hinduism and has been recognized and appreciated by the sincere seekers and the authentic masters of Hinduism as the backbone of Hinduism as well as its future hope.

His Divine Holiness: The last lamp of hope to Hinduism

His Divine Holiness’ mission is to bring spiritual, religious, social, cultural, economical and political legitimacy to True Hinduism. He is on a mission to (a) bring alive the surviving twenty million Source books of Hinduism (b) increase the clan of the thousand children who are successful spiritual power manifestors today, and (c) make the practice of this Power Manifestation Science legitimate and rebuild confidence on this original Hindu lifestyle, thus keeping it alive.

His Divine Holiness Paramahamsa Nithyananda, was recognised at a very young age as a  potential spiritual leader by the spiritual leaders of His community. They raised Him, exploring with Him the great Hindu Sciences of Yoga, Vedanta, Ayurveda, Siddha, Tantra, and so on and later, He travelled to various monasteries and learnt from many other teachers and masters. He assimilated how to teach all the great life sciences of Hinduism recommended in this specific non-violent tradition of Adi Shaivism. Before He set out, they sent Him for polytechnic studies to learn the English language to prepare Him to offer His knowledge to the whole world. He started His public life in the year 2000 and built His own monastery in 2003.

Spiritual Training by Leaders of the Community

His Divine Holiness experientially learnt the complete traditional Vedic education through His spiritual Masters and mentors. His places of learning were the great temples where all knowledge systems came alive as Applied Sciences.

He virtually lived in the temple of Sri Arunachaleshwara and in several other temples where His spiritual masters tested and trained Him, and transmitted the ancient knowledge to Him. They uncompromisingly prepared his physiology, psychology and neurology at all levels – not to be just an adept, but to be the next spiritual leader.

His training by the spiritual leaders of the community continued till the age of 22.  During this time, he lived in the  Arunachaleshwara Temple and in various other temples and monasteries around India. During his spiritual training he visited his parents only occasionally, and who supported Him to be raised and educated by the group of spiritual leaders of the community. He imbibed the ocean of spiritual sciences from the original source scriptures which include the VedaAgamas, Yoga, Vedanta, Upanishads, Sri Vidya, Ayurveda, Siddha, Meditation, Nutrition, Vegetarianism, and all the different branches of Hindu philosophies..

The Leaders prepared Him to offer ancient knowledge to the whole world

English was not spoken in the community He lived in. His spiritual masters sent Him to a Polytechnic College for Mechanical Engineering (equivalent to university college) to learn the English language. His spiritual leaders wanted Him to be prepared to offer His knowledge to the whole world. When He was barely 10 years of age, encouraged by His teachers, He delivered a spiritual discourse on the highly advanced subject of ‘Sage Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras’.

How He was recognized

His Divine Holiness was born in a small temple town called Tiruvannamalai in South India

1982: His Divine Holiness Paramahamsa Nithyananda at tender age of four, in sanyas (Hindu monk) robes, in front of the sacred Arunachala Hill, Tiruvannamalai.

The more than 6000 years old Arunachaleswarar Temple

 in front of The sacred Arunachala Hill, Tiruvannamalai,

Tamil Nadu, South India. The present masonry structure

 was built during the Chola dynasty in the 9th

century. Different masters linked with this temple

educated Him, in various spiritual sciences.

He was recognized as The Avatar (Incarnation as per Hinduism), and raised by a group of spiritual leaders of the place, belonging to the Hindu ethnic minority group of Adi Shaiva.

His spiritual leadership potential was recognized by the spiritual leaders and Gurus of the community. From the age of 3 years, the Gurus (spiritual Masters) of His community started training Him for His future spiritual responsibilities. His accession to the throne of several ancient religious monasteries of the community was pre-decided by the leaders.

An Example:

(Both Images) His Divine Holiness Bhagwan Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam with 232nd Guru Maha Sannidhanam of Thondaimandala Aadheenam (232nd Pontiff of Thondaimandala Temple-Monastery). Maha Sannidhanam is the Kula Guru (spiritual master of the lineage) of the more than 5000 year old Saiva Vellalar ethnic community. Maha Sannidhanam is a father figure for His Divine Holiness Bhagwan Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam and has guided Him since He was 8 years old. He coronated His Divine Holiness Bhagwan Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam as His successor as the 233rd Pontiff (Guru Maha Sannidhanam) of the ancient  Thondaimandalam Aadheenam (Monastery).

Even before him, his predecessor the 230th Pontiff Kayilai Punithar Seelathiru Jnanaprakasha Swamigal Durai - Jnanasambantha Mudaliar recognised and raised His Divine Holiness from a very young age, to be his successor. He initiated Him into powerful Shaiva practices. Unfortunately, he passed on before His Divine Holiness attained the legal age when he could be coronated. Two quick successions happened in the spiritual Seat of the Aadheenam. Finally, the 232nd Pontiff, Sannidhanam, who is from the same community as His Divine Holiness independently recognised His Divine Holiness’ spiritual potential and coronated Him as his successor.  

Methods to recognize incarnations

The methods to test and recognize Avatars or Incarnations are many in Hinduism. The rare qualities of an incarnation do not remain hidden for long. Yet, it is those with divine insights from ancient knowledge that ‘see’ and precisely identify them.

By means of their birth circumstances, by means of evolved and enlightened spiritual masters, by means of astrological divinations from Hindu Cosmology, by means of extraordinary occurrences, by means of body symbols, body language and characteristics, the Avatar is recognised.

Spiritual leaders test Him - The Divine Child

The spiritual leaders would perform tests on young children to identify the next spiritual leader. In one such test, His Divine Holiness was barely two years of age, when He was shown His grandmother’s jewel box. He reached out and picked the highly spiritual sacred energy bead rudraksha, amongst the other sparkling precious stones.

Recognized as The Incarnation from Childhood

Assuming Body in the Divine Land

His Divine Holiness Paramahamsa Nithyananda was born in January 1978 (In the Vedic month of ‘Margazhi’, on the Vedic star of ‘Chitra’) in the pilgrim temple town of Tiruvannamalai, in the state of Tamil Nadu, South India. It is the primeval divine land, where divinity exists in three primordial forms, eternally.

  1. As the Arunachala mountain (mountain form of ParamaShiva - primordial Hindu Divinity - and spiritual incubator for incarnations,
  2. As the Shiva Linga - deity of ParamaShiva that can be worshipped through ritualistic practices (presiding at the Sri Arunachaleshwara temple),
  3. As the living Guru (spiritual leader) through the successive unbroken lineage of ParamaShiva Himself.

(Left) Sacred Arunachala Hill, (Right) Sri Arunachaleswara - presiding deity of the Arunachaleshwara temple.

His spiritual leadership was foreseen by His predecessors

Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi - described His two incarnation-successors

Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi (December 30, 1879 – April 14, 1950), was the incarnation of ParamaShiva during his period in Tiruvannamalai. His followers asked him who would succeed him in the lineage of ParamaShiva. He described his immediate successor as “A Saint with a fan” - Yogi Ramsurat Kumar (December 1, 1918 – February 20, 2001), and the next successor as “A young boy laughing under a banyan tree.” One should not forget the sacred Banyan tree at the Bengaluru Aadheenam - spiritual headquarters of His Divine Holiness. Under its foliage, in the initial years of the Mission, He healed flocking devotees with His Divine smile and healing touch.

Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi (sitting) with his disciple Annamalai Swamigal
Annamalai Swamigal had given a technique to His Divine Holiness which upon practise for 2 years gave Him a spiritual experience of being able to see 360-degree in all directions with eyes closed.

Yogi Ramsuratkumar (center) (also known as Visiri Swamigal which meant the ‘Saint with a fan’)  who Ramana Maharishi predicted as His successor.

In this rare photograph, He is seen with His Divine Holiness (circled) who was 15 years old then. His Divine Holiness, successor of Yogi Ramsuratkumar in the lineage of ParamaShiva had already assumed the human body.

(Picture taken at Oya mutt, in Tiruvoodal street, Tiruvannamalai.)

(Left) His Divine Holiness at the age of eleven in Tiruvannamalai, India. (Right) His Divine Holiness at the age of sixteen at Panchamukham in Tiruvannamalai

His preceding Incarnation identified Him as successor before leaving His body

Sri Yogi Ramsurat Kumar (December 1, 1918 – February 20, 2001) during his last days, revealed to a group of close devotees that His Divine Holiness is His successor in the lineage of ParamaShiva.

His Gurus recognised Him as an Incarnation

Mataji Vibhutananda Puri, Yogananda Puri and Isakki Swamigal, were some of the enlightened sages of Tiruvannamalai, who recognized His Divine Holiness as an Avatar and trained Him.

On one occasion, His Yoga Guru, Yogananda Puri, offered pada puja, the ceremonial worship to His sacred feet when He was a mere 10-year old. When His Divine Holiness asked him why he did it, Yogananda Puri replied, “I know you are an Avatar purusha (incarnation of the Divine) and I wanted to be the first person to offer pada puja to you.”

Coronated as ‘Avatar’ by Sri Sathya Sai Baba

Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba (23 November 1926 – 24 April 2011) considered to be a Hindu Incarnation, coronated His Divine Holiness as ‘the Avatar’ before he left the body. It was a rare instance of a living Avatar recognising  and coronating another living Avatar.

Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba is revered and worshipped as an Avatar, the Divinity Incarnate, by millions of people worldwide.

12th June 2004 - Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba officially recognized His Divine Holiness Bhagwan Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam and formally coronated Him as The Avatar (incarnation) as per Sanatana Hindu Dharma. He personally gifted three divine items to His Divine Holiness. The President of the Shri Sathya Sai Trust, Sri Srinivasan along with a group of devotees of Bhagavan Sathya Sai Baba, visited the Bengaluru Aadheenam, Nithyananda Peetham and reverentially performed homa (ceremonial fire ritual) and Pada Puja (ceremonial worship to the sacred feet of the Guru), and made the divine offerings of two Swarna Padukas (sacred golden sandals) and Kirita (the divine golden crown).

By this ceremonious offering of divine items, Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba formally recognised His Divine Holiness as The Avatar, the direct physical manifestation of Divine Superconsciousness. In Sanatana Hindu Dharma (Hinduism), the formal offerings made by an enlightened being or an Incarnation to another, is very rare and holds not just the traditional significance of honoring the Divinity, but also holds the cosmic significance of declaring to the world the spiritual legacy and unbroken lineage of Avatars in Hinduism.

Following are the pictures taken on 12th June 2004 on this divine occasion of coronation of the Avatar.

Left: President of Sri Sathya Sai Trust Sri Srinivasan seen with Sathya Sai Baba, who visited and coronated His Divine Holiness Bhagwan Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam.

Right: President of Sri Sathya Sai Trust Sri Srinivasan and his wife, offer the Swarna Paduka to His Divine Holiness and while He wore it, they offered Paada Puja (the traditional worship offered to the sacred feet of the Avatar) to His Divine Holiness

(Left) : President of Sathya Sai Trust Sri Srinivasan offers pattabhishekam, sacred ritualistic bath during the formal coronation ceremony as ‘The Avatar’ (Right): His Divine Holiness Paramahamsa adorns the Kirita, the sacred crown, the gift offering from Sri Sathya Sai Baba

Representatives of Bhagavan Sathya Sai Baba perform pada puja to His Divine Holiness (ritualistic offering to the sacred feet)

Lifestyle and principles of the Adi Shaiva Tradition which His Divine Holiness teaches the world:


Living with the truth: “You are Consciousness. You cannot be violated by anything”, and establishing oneself in true non-violence (Ahimsa) with the self, with every living being, and with the world.


Not consuming any animal meat or using any item made with animal hide or body, in any way.

Worship of Nature and all living beings

Loving nature and animals as the extension of one’s own self; not cutting trees; revering and

worshipping plants, animals, trees, nature.

Organic Lifestyle

The diet is completely organic and natural, with the food ingredients grown without pesticides or any genetically modified products.

Temple based Lifestyle

Living a temple-centric lifestyle which includes: ritualistic daily worship of deities through chanting of vedic mantras (sacred energy syllables), sacred fire rituals (homas), celebration of deities through various festivals, study of ancient spiritual texts - VedaAgamas and more

(Left) His Divine Holiness offers prayers to the sacred Banyan tree in the Bengaluru Aadheenam. The tree is considered to be ParamaShiva Himself. (Right) Cows of the Bengaluru Aadheenam, adorned with sacred pastes, before they are worshipped

(Left): Monastic disciples of His Divine Holiness offer daily ritualistic prayers. (Right) : A homa kunda (sacred fire ritual altar) at the Bengaluru Aadheenam

Nithyananda Yoga

Lifestyle of Yoga as per original core scriptures (shastras), with ancient yogic practices such as Shivastambha (Pole Yoga)  and Kundalini Rajju (Rope Yoga).

A balasant (child saint) from Nithyananda Gurukul (traditional Hindu education system which is a knowledge transmission system) practices yoga on the shivastamba as prescribed in the ancient scriptures.

Yogic Sciences

Living and radiating the extraordinary spiritual powers and energy of the ancient Yogic sciences, as a lifestyle

A Gurukul balasant demonstrates “spiritual power manifestation” by blindfolding himself completely and reading only through the Third Eye (an energised intra organ and energy center located between the eyebrows).

Starting His Divine Mission in the year 2000

From the age of 22, His Divine Holiness Bhagwan Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam started to create His own temple monastery complexes and teach the Science of Superconscious living. He was supported monetarily through contributions from His own home town and others. The monasteries were built as non-profit entities.

In 2001, He built the first ever temple monastery complex in Tiruchengode in South India.

14 April 2001,  His Divine Holiness established and inaugurated a humble structure, the first temple established by Him, in which He lived before He moved to Bengaluru, where He established the worldwide headquarter-temple-monastery complex

In 2003, His Divine Holiness inaugurated His headquarter-temple-monastery complex in Bengaluru, Karnataka in South India. The land was donated by a devotee.

In the picture on the left is from a ritual in 2003 where His Divine Holiness ceremoniously breaks the land, traditionally marking the start of construction at the spiritual headquarters in Bengaluru, South India

5 January, 2003 - Formal inauguration function of the Bengaluru Aadheenam – spiritual headquarters of the worldwide mission. Former Indian Prime Minister Sri Deve Gowda  (honouring His Divine Holiness) and Hindu leader His Holiness Sri Sri Shivapuri Mahaswamji of Omkara ashrama Mahasamsthana are seen

Mission spread to spread 33 Countries in 5 years

His Divine Holiness with Former President of India Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam

Former President of India, Late

APJ Abdul Kalam said thus to His Divine

 Holiness Paramahamsa Nithyananda

during  a meeting in Delhi, North India,

when His Divine Holiness presented him

with a flagship book He had recently


“Swamiji, it is such a joy to experience

your blissful smile. When we were

 children we lived blissfully, smiled a

lot and were really happy and fulfilled.

 But as we grow we lose our smile.

Yet when I see you, I see you carry

and radiate such a divine bliss. If

I could ask you for something Swamiji,

I would request you to spread the same

 bliss that you carry inside you to the

entire world. If you could do that,

I would be very happy.”

Message from Former President of India, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam to His Divine Holiness Bhagwan Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam

Royal History & Lineage

As the world moves increasingly towards the separation of spirituality and culture from politics, political decisions are increasingly becoming inhuman. Any decision made from the space of lack of Oneness will always propagate the problem even further, and not lead to a solution.

For time immemorial, in the Vedic civilization, in ancient India enlightened masters were the state heads. They were called “Raja Rishi” (Regal Seers) and they were given the highest seat in the court because only they have the capacity to make decisions based on Oneness, without fear or greed as a motivating factor. The only motivating factor for the enlightened masters was enlightenment for all, so all socio-political decision were based only on making humans experience the highest consciousness and reach their highest potential.

The ancient south Indian kingdom called Pandyas with Madurai as its capital, was one of the most culturally and spiritually advanced civilizations. It always considered its spiritual head as it political, economical and cultural head. The political rule (Arasatchi) could not be separated from the economic rule (Porulaatchi), and neither of these can be separated from the core principles of the land. The Pandyas considered Kamika Agama (scriptures on the science of living an enlightened life) written by Paramashiva (who is the original author of Yoga) as the core spiritual guide for the people and the kingdom. Thus, the political understanding of the people and the nation could only be made with someone who was a master of the Kamika Agama, who understood its principles deeply.

Madurai Aadheenam Guru Maha Sannidhaanam has always been considered as the incarnation of Paramashiva. His Divine Holiness 293rd Guru Maha Sannidhaanam Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam is the 293rd successor of Paramashiva on this earth. As an Avatar of Paramashiva, he exists in the same space of Paramashiva and reveals the Agamas from the original space that created it. He is able to reveal the deep truths from the Agamas relevant to every new situation – as the world changes, He reveals new truths which continue to be relevant to this world.

The Madurai Aadheenam Guru Maha Sannidhaanam was also the default political Head of State of the Pandya Kingdom, which used to be a Hindu Monarchy. Even in its original “Document of Incorporation”, the appointment of the Guru Maha Sannidhaanam is referred to as “Pandiya niyamana murai” or the “Pandya Coronation Procedure” (Figure 1). The next Guru Maha Sannidhaanam is coronated with a ruling staff and a crown and is given the right to conduct all administration “sakala nirvagankalyum vagikkirathu” (refer to the second red box in Figure 1).

Figure 1. Madurai Aadheenam document of incorporation showing that the coronation of the next Guru Maha Sannidhaanam is referred as “Pandya Coronation Procedure”

The Story of Meenakshi & Sundareshwara

One of the most famous spiritual head / rulers of Pandya kingdom is Queen Meenakshi, who is the incarnation of Devi Parashakti, the consort of Paramashiva. According to the legend, Pandya king named Malayadwaja Pandya and his wife Kanchanamalai performed a yajna (sacred fire ritual) seeking a son for succession. Instead a daughter is born who is already 3 years old and has three breasts. Paramashiva intervenes and says that the parents should treat her like a son, and when she meets her husband, she will lose the third breast. They follow the advice. The girl grows up, the king crowns her as the successor and when she meets Shiva, his words come true, she takes her true form of Meenakshi [1]. According to some scholars, this may reflect the matrilineal traditions in South India and the regional belief that “penultimate [spiritual] powers rest with the women”, gods listen to their spouse, and that the fate of kingdoms rest with the women [1]. But another hidden aspect of this story is the fact that the spiritual and royal heads were often the same.

Both Meenakshi and her consort Sundareshwara (the incarnation of Paramashiva) are coronated as both the spiritual heads of Madurai Aadheenam and King/Queen of Pandya Kingdom. He rules for 8 months in a year, and she rules for 4. This practice was revived again during Thiru Gnanasambandar’s reign in Madurai when he revived Madurai Aadheenam and served as the spiritual head of the Aadheenam as well as the Raja Rishi – the royal saint Head of State.

British Government Recognition of Madurai Guru Maha Sannidhaanam as Heads of State

There are many examples in recent history where the Madurai Aadheenam was considered as a State, and the Guru Maha Sannidhaanam was considered as a Head of State.

Treatment as the Reigning Monarch

The Regency Acts are Acts of the Parliament of the United Kingdom passed at various times, to provide a regent in the event of the reigning monarch being incapacitated or a minor (under the age of 18). Prior to 1937, Regency Acts were passed only when necessary to deal with a specific situation. A regent is a person appointed to govern a state because the monarch is a minor, is absent or is incapacitated.

When 289th Pontiff of Madurai Adheenam left his body in 1904, His successor was only 11 years old. The British Empire, who were the rules of India at this time, invoked the Regency Act, normally used for Kings, in this situation. At the time of British rule, the age when a child became a major was 12. So, 1904 the British invoked the Regency Act to take the 11 year-old pontiff under their protection. Then, in 1905, when the child turned 12 and became a major, His coronation was performed by the District Judge of the Government, and the kingdom of Madurai was handed back to the Pontiff. This story is narrated in Figure 2 in an extract from the book on Madurai history.

Figure 2. The extract from Madurai Aadheenam History showing that the British Government applied the Regency Act to the 290th Guru Maha Sannidhaanam, proving that the British Government treated Guru Maha Sannidhaanam as Head of State

This clearly proves that British Empire respected the Pontiff of Madurai Adheenam as reigning monarch of the Pandya Kingdom.

Immunity as the Head of State

Typically, people who are Heads of State are granted what is called a “functional immunity”. For example, the Queen of Britain, the President of the United States and other world leaders are immune from prosecution when they are in office.

One such recognition was given by the British Government to the Guru Maha Sannidhaanam of Madurai Aadheenam. According to the Judicial Department Proceedings of Madras Government, in Order dated 15th September 1880, No. 2240, it says “Under Section 641 of the Code of Civil Procedure, the Governor-in-Council is pleased to exempt Saiva Samayachariar Tirugnana Sambanda Pandara Sannadhi Avergal, the Saiva High Priest of Madura from personal appearance in the Courts of the Presidency”. This is signed by G. Stokes for Chief Secretary (see Figure 3).

This shows that head of the Madurai Aadheenam is also recognized as the head of the State and is not subject to prosecution, or appearance in front of a court.

Figure 3. Government order in 1880 exempting the Madurai Guru Maha Sannidhaanam from personal appearance in the Courts

Honor as Head of State

Rao Bahadur, abbreviated R.B., was a title of honor bestowed during British rule in India mainly to Head of States (Kings, Governor). Translated, Rao means “prince”, and Bahadur means “brave” or “most honorable”.

Some of the Key Rules/ Politicians who received this title are:

The picture (Figure 4) shows Rao Bahadur title, which is conferred only to Rulers of the Kingdom, being conferred to 289th Pontiff of Madurai Aadheenam thereby confirming the fact that Pontiffs of Madurai Aadheenam were respected, treated and revered as Rulers of the Kingdom of Madurai even during British Rule.

Figure 4. Rao Bahadur title, which is conferred only to Rulers of the Kingdom, being conferred to 289th Pontiff of Madurai Aadheenam

Protection and Immunity as a Traveling Head of State

The British also accorded the head of Madurai Aadheenam protection equivalent to a Head of State while traveling to other states and back. This is shown in Figure 5 in an extract of ruling in 1827 granted by R. Peter, the Magistrate. This clearly states that while the head of Madurai Aadheenam travels to Salem and Coimbatore he is accorded complete protection.

Hence, there is no question that for the entirety of history – from Meenakshi’s rule to the British government – governments held and treated the Madurai Aadheenam as the Head of State, and granted him/her all the status, rights, immunity, honor and protection as a Head of State.

Figure 5. British government offering the head of Madurai Aadheenam immunity and protection as a Head of State while traveling.

Leading the Apex Body of Hinduism: Akhadas

If at all an amorphous living group of Sampradayas can be said to have a structure, that structure in Hinduism comes in the form of the Akhadas or Apex bodies of Hinduism. These bodies constitute a loosely knit federal structure that was created by Adi Shankara in the 8th Century AD – one of the more recent incarnations – to give stability to Hinduism. The Akhadas were ascetic warriors who for the longest period in the history of the country protected Hinduism from the invaders from the west. The 13 Akhadas of today are headed by a committee called the Akhil Bharatiya Akhada Parishad.

Sri Narendra Giri Maharaj with His Divine Holiness Bhagwan Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam in 2015

The head of this organization, Sri Narendra Giri Maharaj, in the recent Kumbh Mela praised His Divine Holiness Bhagwan Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam as the backbone of Hinduism and as Bhagwan – the highest honor in Hinduism. In his talk during the Kumbh Mela in 2015 at Nasik Mahant Sri Narendra Giri Ji said:

“One week before India news, IBN7 and other news channels came to me and asked about Swamiji. I said to them that Swamiji is the backbone of Sanatan Hindu Dharma. We went to Swamiji’s room now and they brought two children there. Their eyes were blindfolded and when I gave them my Visiting Card and mobile they were clearly able to read everything.

I was initially surprised but later Swamiji explained that when Mahabharata was fought, Sanjaya was sitting at a remote location and was able to see everything happening on the war field. Same way even we can see things which are far off. Swamiji has entered the inner space of these kids through the power of his penance and awakened their third eye. Our scriptures say that Bhagwan Shankar had a third eye, all this is not fraud. When a person has the power of penance then he can do anything. So I believe that Swamiji has such a power of penance through which he can teach anyone this science. Even I will be sending 11 of my students, who will learn from Swamiji. I welcome such great Swami and congratulate him for this breakthrough.

Today, after seeing the sadhna, tenacity and strength of respected Nithyananda Swamiji, I truly felt that I have arrived at the Ashram of some divine being.

I am the head of 13 akhadas, but today I am so happy to be with such a great Saint – Paramahamsa Nithyananda! When the media came and asked me, I said, “Swamiji is the backbone of Hinduism!” The media people asked me, “You have made such a huge statement! How are you able to say that Paramahamsa Nithyananda is the backbone of Hinduism?” I said, Paramahamsa Nithyananda Swami has not only done the work of Hinduism here, but he has taken the respect and honor of Hinduism all over the world. A human being cannot go forward or achieve big things in his life without tests and without hard work. Swamiji was put under so many attacks, but still he is untouched and is established in enlightenment. One day Paramahamsa Nithyananda is going to be the Guru for the whole world!

~ Sri Narendra Giri Maharaj

Many leaders of multiple Akhadas have openly acknowledged and extolled the divinity and matchless contribution of His Divine Holiness Bhagwan Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam.

In the Kumbh Mela at Triambakeshwar near Nasik, Sri Ravindrapuri Maharaj, Sri Panchayati Akhada Mahanirvani, was pleasantly surprised at the expression of divinity of His Divine Holiness expressing as the amazing manifestation of spiritual powers by the students of his traditional school Nithyananda Gurukul.

Coronated as Mahamandaleshwar of Mahanirvani Akhada

The Kumbh Mela – which happens once every 12 years in each of 4 locations – is a great fair where all the groups of Hinduism come together. Close to hundred million people attended the Kumbh Mela in 2013 in Prayag in the state of Uttar Pradesh. That is 1/10th of the population of India and is larger than the population of most countries in the world. In the Kumbh Mela in 2013, the largest gathering humanity has seen ever in its history, His Divine Holiness Bhagwan Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam was anointed as the Mahamandaleshwar or spiritual head of the Mahanirvani Akhada – the oldest and most authentic of the 13 Akhadas of Hinduism.

The coronation ceremony or Pattabhishek of His Divine Holiness Bhagwan Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam as the 1008 Mahamandaleshwar of Sri Pancayati Akhada Mahanirvani, with the spiritual leaders, sadhus of the Akhada in February, 2013

His Divine Holiness Bhagwan Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam hails from the South part of India in the spiritual town of Thiruvannamalai which has been the home of unbroken lineages for time immemorial. For a long time in the history of Hinduism there has existed a divide between the Hindus in Northern India and those in the south. This divide had been aggravated by the political parties in the South that used differences in languages to divide the people. His Divine Holiness Paramahamsa Nithyananda’s coronation was the first time in many years that someone from the South of India had been conferred  this very prestigious honor from the Akhadas that were mainly based in North India. Not only that, His Divine Holiness Bhagwan Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam was one of the youngest persons to receive the title of Mahamandaleshwar in the history of Hinduism.

Appointment letter by Sri Pancayati Akhada Mahanirvani in February, 2013 declaring His Divine Holiness Paramahamsa Nithyananda as the ‘Mahamandaleshwar’ – head of the Sri Pancayati Akhada Mahanirvani

Coronation invitation letter by Sri Pancayati Akhada Mahanirvani

Conducting the Kumbh Mela Around the World

As the Mahamandaleshwar of the Mahaniravani Akhada, His Divine Holiness brought the core traditions of Hinduism out to the whole world. The traditional Kumbh Mela was not only celebrated in the traditional grandeur of yore in India but also was taken for the first time outside India in its full glory and tradition to USA, Australia, and other countries. His Divine Holiness Bhagwan Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam and his organization are the only ones authorized by the Akhil Bharatiya Akhada Parishad to conduct the Kumbh Mela officially all over the world.

Declared as the Acharya Mahamandaleshwar of Atal Akhada

In 2013 His Divine Holiness Bhagwan Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam was declared as the Acharya Mahamandaleshwar and successor by the current head of the Atal Akhada Mahant Sri Sukhdevanandji Maharaj. Speaking on the occasion of His Divine Holiness Bhagwan Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam’s Avatara Dina Brahmotsava (Celebrations) he said:

Atal Akhada Mahant Sri Sukhdevanandji Maharaj speaking on the occasion of His Divine Holiness Bhagwan Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam’s Avatara Dina Brahmotsava

“The Guru who disperses the darkness leads us towards light. Such Guru is higher than Paramatma because we do not know Paramatma (Supreme) we have not seen Paramatma we have not recognised Paramatma, but guru is in front of us. The Holiest being who is present here has come out of you. Lotus borns out of mud only. But the smell of mud is never there.The lotus has divine beauty and smell. So today I had the direct darshan of Satyam (ultimate Truth), Shivam (auspiciousness) and Sundaram (eternal joy). The other thing is that I am very happy to say this I am the Atal Peethadheeshwar, possibly in the womb of the future it is already stored but I announce that in the near future Swami Nithyananda ji will be felicitated as Acharya Mahamandaleshwar of Atal Peetha.”

~ Atal Akhada Mahant Sri Sukhdevanandji Maharaj

The Atal Akhada is the source of all the 13 Akhadas of which the Mahanirvani Akhada is also one. Acharya Mahamandaleshwar is the person who sets direction for the Akhada. His Divine Holiness Bhagwan Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam being declared as the successor to the Atal Akhada makes him perhaps the only person to head not just one but two of the 13 major Akhadas.

Successor to the Oldest Monastic Order: The Madurai Adheenam

In the year 2012, His Divine Holiness Bhagwan Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam was appointed as the successor to the Madurai Aadheenam in the southernmost and ancient city of Madurai. The Madurai Aadheenam – the oldest monastic order in the world – traces its origins to more than 3000 years ago to Meenakshi, the Enlightened Warrior Queen of Madurai. Revered as an incarnation of mother goddess she created a lineage of Siddhas – or mystics – who explored and mastered various mystical sciences including healing sciences, manipulating matter and physics and the science of enlightenment or living life in fulfilment and excitement.

The Madurai Aadheenam was revived 1500 years ago by another great incarnation called Thirugnanasambandar. Thirugnanasambandar who became a saint at the tender age of 3 through a divine vision of the Bhagawan Shiva and Devi Parvathi revived Hinduism – which had decayed over the millenia into unthinking superstitious and atheistic practices – across the country and re-established the Madurai Aadheenam as the seat of excellence.

The current 292nd pontiff of Madurai Aadheenam, on 27 April, 2012, formally announced His Divine Holiness to be his successor and the 293rd head of the prestigious Madurai Aadheenam. In the coronation function, he declared:

“We hereby declare 293rd Guru Maha sannidhanam Srila Sri Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam Sri Gnanasambhandha Desiga Paramacharya Swamigal as my lawful successor, descendent, Inheritor of Madurai Aadheenam, Thiruganasambhandha Aadheenam, having all the power duties applications ritual and customary rights being performed enjoyed vested in the Madurai Aadheenam. We hereby declare 293rd Guru Maha Sannidhanam Srila Sri Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam Sri Gnanasambhandha Desiga Paramacharya Swamigal would be competent to function as my lawful successor.”

~ 293rd Pontiff of the Madurai Adheenam Arunagiri Gnanasambanda Desika Paramacharya Swamigal

The current Pontiff of the Madurai Adheenam Arunagiri Gnanasambanda Desika Paramacharya Swamigal in his speech after coronation of His Divine Holiness Bhagwan Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam as his successor extolled his accomplishments for more than an hour. He said:

“The decision of the coronation of the 293rd sannidhanam is also the decision of the lord Shiva. Actually it is not in our hands, it was not, it is not in the hands of the 292nd Guru Mahasannidhanam but it is absolutely left to lord Shiva’s activities, action. God has selected a dynamic person for me. Dynamic, not only dynamic person but also gigantic person. A young person; the greatest propagandist of Hindu religion in this world. Sri Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam Paramacharya Swamigal is one of the grand leaders in Hindu religion. We are very glad and proud that we are finding out a successor who should be appointed after a long time. As far as Madurai Aadheenam is concerned, the 291st Guru Mahasannidanam, 290th Guru Mahasannidanam, 289th Guru Mahasannidanam, all were genius and sages and saints. Therefore we thought, we had a great mind that our successor should be a genius and a sage and saint. So according to the great grace of the almighty lord Shiva and Parvathi Devi, God has given a very powerful, youngest, youth and a vital person for my successor. It is a noble gift of lord Shiva.

Our 293rd Guru Mahasannidanam Srila Sri Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam Paramacharya Swamigal is also a deep, not only deep, deepest disciple of Saint Thirugnanasambandar. Not only that, he may be called as avathara of Thirugnanasambandar.

He is one of the 100 most spiritually influential personalities is what Mind Body Spirit magazine in London has published.

The 293rd Guru Mahasannidanam, we have coronated him as the Peetadhipathi of Madurai Aadheenam, he will be not only the 293rd Guru Mahasannidanam but also he will be treated as Thirugnanasambandar. It is the traditional customary rules and regulations of the Madurai Aadheenam.”

~ Current Pontiff of the Madurai Adheenam Arunagiri Gnanasambanda Desika Paramacharya Swamigal

The Pontiff concluded saying that His Divine Holiness Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam reminded him of the great Saint Thirugnanasambandar and that his advent too was to bring  spiritual legitimacy back to Hinduism and make it relevant to the modern world.

The Pontiff has also on multiple occasions in the ensuing months after the coronation expressed his awe and admiration of the sublime combination of power and responsible compassion of His Divine Holiness Bhagwan Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam

Successor to Prestigious Aadheenams

Successor to the Prestigious Ancient Thondaimandalam Adheenam

The head of the ancient Thondaimandala Aadheenam Kanchipuram Meykandar Peedam, which has produced the likes of Bodhidharma, 232nd Guru Mahasannidhanam “Loga Guru” Sri La Sri Thiruvambaladesika Gnanaprakashaswamigal has also announced his earnest desire to coronate His Divine Holiness Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam as his successor

Appointed Head Pontiff of Multiple Ancient Aadheenams in South India

On 15 April, 2014, Swami Atmananda, the pontiff of 5 of the ancient mutts/ monasteries in South India, appointed His Divine Holiness Bhagwan Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam as the head of the 5 mutts, namely:

  1. Sri Somanatha Swami Temple & Mutt, Thiruvarur
  2. Sri Arunachala Gnandesikar Swami Temple & Mutt, Vedaranyam
  3. Sri Po.Ka.Sathukal Madam, Vedaranyam
  4. Sri Palsamy Mutt, Thanjavur
  5. Sri Sankara Swami Mutt, Thanjavur

Appointment documents as heads of the 5 mutts in South India by Swami Atmananda

Appointment documents as heads of the 5 mutts in South India by Swami Atmananda

Appointment documents as heads of the 5 mutts in South India by Swami Atmananda

Appointment documents as heads of the 5 mutts in South India by Swami Atmananda

Announced as the successor of Kolada Matha Mahasamsthana

The 2000 year old Kolada Matha headquartered in Bangalore Karnataka named him as the successor in the Kumbh Mela at Nasik in 2015.

Rediscovering the Ancient Authentic Yoga

Yoga is the most widely “practiced religion” in the world – where people chose it rather than do something because they are born into it. It is estimated that there are 300 million regular practitioners of Yoga worldwide and the numbers are growing each year. Originating thousands of years ago from India it has spread farther and deeper than any other philosophy in the world. But the effect of that expansion is that Yoga has been diluted – sometimes beyond recognition. Even in India many practitioners and teachers cannot distinguish what is real authentic Yoga and what are corruptions introduced subsequently for specific purposes. His Divine Holiness Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam has completed the immense task of collecting and compiling the authentic sources of Yoga starting from Paramashiva – the first Yogi who walked this planet.

His Divine Holiness has shown that Yoga is not just for bending the body and achieving flexibility – but is much much more. That is a direct path to the experience of the ultimate. In his system of Yoga he has collected all the Asanas (postures) but added 12 dimensions to each of them including breathing, gestures, visualization, sound (chanting) etc. The effect of this compounded and multiplies the efficacy of each posture bringing tremendous benefits.

Apart from this His Divine Holiness has put together 108 Kriyas – or combinations of postures, movements, breathing – specifically targeted to each major disease or disorder such as diabetes, arthritis, blood pressure, rheumatism etc. The efficacy of these Kriyas has been scientifically validated by doctors and researchers and shown to provide, in some cases, much better relief with no side-effects than the best known modern medical technologies.

While many teachers teach their students to move beyond body postures, the ultimate expression of the Yogic sciences is the achievement of Mystic Powers which indicate the ultimate tuning of the body and mind to the universe. These powers are called Siddhis or Shaktis in the Yogic literature and are extremely rare achievements. History has scattered references to individuals of such Mystic Powers such as levitation, walking on water, mind reading, materialization etc. But What His Divine Holiness has done – for the first time in the history of Hinduism and of Humanity – is to make these into a repeatable and verifiable science. No one else in the world today has come even close to investigating Yoga at this depth.

In 2017 His Divine Holiness was awarded two Guinness World Records® for the largest rope yoga (Kundalini Rajju Yoga℠) & largest pole yoga (Shivasthamba Yoga℠) lessons respectively.

Giving Superconscious Breakthrough to Humanity

Being an adept Siddha who has trained in one of the most secret mystical centers amongst the last remaining true Siddhas of the world,  His Divine Holiness has made the various powers of Siddhas into a repeatable and verifiable science. All religions postulate the existence of something beyond the material world. But Hinduism is the only religion that brings the other-world into this one and allows people to experience the divine as an integral part of creation. His Divine Holiness has not only demonstrated of the 460+ Mystical powers described in the texts of Hinduism called the Agamas – such as ability to see things blindfolded, or to see remote locations, to materialize objects, to teleport, read minds, predict the future, read the past etc., but he has also initiated thousands of his disciples to exhibit these powers. The side effect of this large scale initiation is that these powers can no longer be discarded as one-off freak occurrences or in a period of few decades forgotten or branded as tricks.

His Divine Holiness disciples have been subjected to rigorous scientific tests by many prestigious laboratories and universities. Such studies have never been possible ever in the recent past as persons manifesting these powers were rare and many of them lived away from the centers of modern scientific research.  This work of His Divine Holiness to bring closer the world of science with the world of mysticism is one of the greatest contributions he has done to humanity. No longer does faith and science have to be at loggerheads. No longer do different faiths have to fight each other for the lack of a common scale to work with. With his seminal work to bring spirituality and mysticism within the ambit of repeatability and verifiability His Divine Holiness has given a great united platform to build the next level of human consciousness on.

A Scientist and a Researcher: Bridging the Gap between Modern Science and the Ancient Hindu Science

Apart from bridging  the North-South divide in Hinduism and heading the oldest monastic order, the Madurai Adheenam as well as the largest apex body of Hinduism, the Mahanirvani Akhada, His Divine Holiness is the only Hindu leader who is bridging the gap between modern science and the mystical world of Hindu Puranas and knowledge. The Puranas – which are epics, are the recorded history of Hinduism from many many millennia in the past – extol the great powers that humans lived with. However much of these have been lost to the modern times. What knowledge remains of these has become either superstitious beliefs which can sometimes cause more damage than good or means of exploitation of the gullible who are looking for some miracle in their lives. Alternatively many Hindu leaders have discarded a large part of Hinduism as “myth” or as “allegory” and thus have made Hinduism into an insipid and chaotic version of  modern science.

Revival of Siddha Medicine and Spiritual Healing

The revival of Siddha medicine and spiritual healing is the area where His Divine Holiness Bhagwan Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam’s contribution is unparalleled. Even the people of vested interests who try to take away from his accomplishments do not deny his powers as a spiritual healer. The tremendous effects  thoughts, emotions and spiritual cognitions have on the well being of the body is being undeniably accepted even by modern medicine. But the mechanisms of these effects have not been studied clinically and scientifically to a large extent. His Divine Holiness Nithyananda Paramashivam having conducted programs for millions of individuals has done scientific analysis of the effect of meditation, yoga and the spiritual presence of an incarnation on people and how it affects healing and vitality. Studies have shown that just sitting in his presence for 21 days increases the mitochondrial cell energy by more than 13 times which in turn leads to expression of beneficial DNA genes leading to the cure of so called chronic disorders such as Rheumatism, Diabetes, Cancers and so on.


As of 2018, more than 735 million people worldwide, revere and follow His Divine Holiness.

1.  Hindu University

2. Primary school with highest ratio of children appearing for and clearing high school graduation ahead of their time

3. World’s largest Hindu library, storing,  and collecting all ancient Hindu texts, manuscripts and palm leaves

Nithyananda Jnanalaya (started in 2003)

4. Reviving ancient branches of original yoga - setting multiple Guinness World Records®

He is the Guinness World Records® holder for the largest pole yoga (Shivasthamba Yoga℠)  class - 3 October 2017

5. Spreading original Yoga with its original scriptural references

6. The only reviver of “Spiritual Power Manifestation” on the planet - a Yogic science that was lived as a common lifestyle in pre-colonial India

7. Humanitarian and Peace Efforts

2000 till date – Extraordinary humanitarian services:

and more...

8. Grounded in tradition, Universalist in delivery

His Divine Holiness is grounded in ancient sacred tradition, scriptures and knowledge. When it comes to sharing the traditional knowledge, His Divine Holiness has delivered more than 18,000 hours of spiritual discourses in English and various regional and international languages such as Tamil, Hindi, Kannada, Bengali and French. His talks have been compiled into more than  500 books published in 26 global languages. His disciples are from various ethnicities from 47 countries, who are benefiting from His teaching.

Some of the Recognition of His Contributions by apex ancient bodies and spiritual leaders of Hinduism

Some of the Awards and recognitions to His Divine Holiness by world leaders and organizations

22 March 2007: The California Legislature Assembly, Norwalk, California, USA recognized His Divine Holiness as an enlightened master, modern mystic, and greatest saint of modern India who has taught the science of attaining endless happiness.

09 November 2007: The Senate of the State of California, USA recognized His Divine Holiness for His spirit, dedication, and efforts to raise awareness of the Vedic tradition, and to usher positively on global peace and universal brotherhood.

29 March 2009: California Legislature Assembly recognized His Divine Holiness, of his leadership and outstanding commitment to communities around the world, service and selfless devotion to students of the International Vedic Hindu University.


29 March 2009: Keys to the City, Artesia, California, USA was awarded to His Divine Holiness.

01 September 2009: Hon. Jim Karygiannis, P.C., M.P., Scarborough-Agincourt, Toronto, recognized His Divine Holiness for His contributions as a global peace ambassador.

06 October 2009: Oklahoma City, USA acknowledged His Divine Holiness for His unselfish service to the people of Oklahoma City while serving for their spiritual well-being.

30 April 2016: Postage stamp on His Divine Holiness was released by the Indian Postal Department in the occasion of Kumbh Mela.

24 October 2015: The Senate of the State of California, USA recognized and congratulated His Holiness for highlighting and educating the community on Kumbh Mela.

11 October 2015: Nithyananda University was authorized by Akhil Bharatiya Akhada Parishad as the only organization that can conduct this festival outside India.

October 3, 2017: His Divine Holiness was awarded Guinness World Record for the largest pole yoga (Shivastamba Yoga<sup>SM</sup>) class.

30 September 2017: His Divine Holiness was awarded Guinness World Records for the largest rope yoga (Kundalini Rajju YogaSM) class.

03 October 2017: His Divine Holiness was awarded Guinness World Record for the largest pole yoga (Shivastamba YogaSM) class.

16 December 2017: The largest human OM symbol by His Divine Holiness   (India) and Nithyananda University (USA) at Bengaluru, India on 16 December 2017

18 October 2017: Declared as Paramahamsa Nithyananda Day – by the City of Montclair, California, USA in recognition of His Divine Holiness’ contribution to the superconscious evolution of humanity.

01 January 2012: His Divine Holiness was named among the world's 100 most spiritually influential personalities by renowned esoteric magazine – Body Mind Spirit.

31 May 2018: Conferred with Honorary Doctorate in Humanities by Commonwealth University

29 Oct 2018 : United Nations Global Development Organization  Respectfully Presented to His Divine Holiness for Super Conscious Evolution of Humanity.

Following of His Divine Holiness

His Divine Holiness Bhagwan Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam is the current spiritual leader of Adi Shaivism, the oldest spiritual tradition in the world, dating back to the Indus Valley Civilization, and beyond. With 1.2 billion followers worldwide, Hinduism is the 3rd largest religion in the world. His Divine Holiness belongs to the ethnic subsect of Hinduism - the AdiShaivite Minority Tradition (ASMT), which has 735 million followers worldwide. This document is an attempt to present the verifiable statistics of His following, backed by documentary evidence.

The followers of His Divine Holiness fall broadly within the following demographic distribution:

Worldwide and Digital Online Following


Worldwide followers (millions)

Number of followers (Millions)

Total (millions)


Following at Public satsangs (spiritual talks) - over 2,000 programs and over 17,000 hours



Congregation at key traditional events of the ASMT Community



Nithyananda Hindu University (NHU) student enrollment



YouTube viewers



Viewers of Television shows



Readers of Books



Readers of Magazines



Following at Other Social media platforms



Followers of Websites



625 million

Public Talks and Discourses

His Divine Holiness has delivered over 18,000 hours of talks in the last 18 years, which over 40 million followers have attended.

3-day Mass Satsang in Bengaluru, South India by His Divine Holiness 

Ananda Ula - tour of the State of Tamilnadu, South India in 2004

Mass meditation programs in Engineering colleges in South India

'Shiva Sutras' - Series of talks by His Divine Holiness on the sacred scriptures, 2008 USA Tour


Various healing and meditation programs in 2009

Programs conducted in 2010

Programs conducted in 2011

Programs conducted in 2012

2013 - San Jose, USA - Participants enraptured with the magnetic Divine aura of His Divine Holiness

Programs conducted in 2014

Programs conducted in 2015

Shivaratri Mahasatsang - Guided mass meditation session in 2015

Programs conducted in 2016

Congregation at key traditional events of ASMT Community

The ASMT community is a vibrant cultural one with its ideology lived as a festive celebration of Existence and Oneness with the Divine.  Traditional festivals and huge social gatherings are the hallmark of the ASMT community. Four major ‘Brahmotsavams’ or 10-day celebrations on the auspicious occasions of traditional festivals during the year comprise huge congregations, where ASMT members from all over the world come together to celebrate their culture.

Rudrabhishekam (Holy ablutions offering to the sacred Shiva Linga) and Pada Puja (ritualistic offering to the sacred feet of the Guru) performed once a week 

Dec 2010,  Jayanti (Anniversary day of incarnating) celebrations - Tiruvannamalai, South India

Guru Purnima celebrations - July 22nd, 2013

Mahashivaratri celebrations - 17th Feb, 2015

Nithyananda Global Hindu University (NGHU) Student Enrollment

Number of followers: 0.27 million

Over the centuries, multiple barbaric invasions led to the destruction of our ancient knowledge transmission centres - the Gurukuls and traditional universities, which were epicentres of learning, storage of ancient wisdom, and a place for the cultivation of scriptural expertise. These centres cannot be equated with what we call as Universities today. A knowledge transmission centre is one where a certain understanding and experience is received by the student through a direct download from the Cosmos itself. It is a mystical science which is being revived today by His Divine Holiness Bhagwan Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam.  Nithyananda Hindu University was established with this intention, to make an ancient way of learning available to humanity once more. It was conceived in 2001 and established legitimately as a University in the United States in 2007.

Today Nithyananda Hindu University is the largest Hindu University in the world with the following facilities:

Nithyananda Hindu University (NHU) is recreating the same ways of learning as ancient knowledge transmission centres of the past such as Nalanda and Takshashila. The higher cognitions about life are imparted here through the study of sacred Hindu scriptures such as the Vedas, Agamas and Upanishads. Teaching the science of enlightenment and enriching the masses becomes a natural lifestyle for those enrolled in the Hindu method of education. Nithyananda University is a space to inspire, educate and empower people to live the Vedic truths through the course offerings, workshops, training programs, and scientific research. Nithyananda Hindu University works to:


In social media, Youtube is one of the most popular platforms for learning and exploring spirituality and Hinduism today. His Divine Holiness has a strong presence on Youtube, with a majority of His followers discovering the authentic Hindu teachings delivered by Him through Youtube. His Divine Holiness has made all of His discourses, programs, Satsangs, Yoga classes and other sessions available on Youtube for free and accessible to millions of people worldwide.  

Number of followers in YouTube : 580 million

The teachings of His Divine Holiness have been shared with the world using Youtube through multiple channels. As the spiritual leader of the ASMT community, He has trained several disciples and monastic members of the community as social media ambassadors, who also share the sacred Science of Enlightenment with millions of seekers all over the globe in their native languages.  

The YouTube viewership comprises the YouTube channels of His Divine Holiness, Nithyananda sangha and all the related and affiliate channels.

When examining the YouTube videos containing hate speech or defamatory material against His Divine Holiness, we can see that only 5% of the views on these videos result in likes. 95% of the views are of those followers of His Divine Holiness who watch these videos out of concern regarding the false information or hate speech propagated about their spiritual leader.

Viewership of the official YouTube channel as can be seen below: 44,701,650 (44,70,165 million)

Sample views of some of the other YouTube pages of His Divine Holiness

Sample view of Social Media Brand Ambassadors in Facebook

Other Social Media Platforms - Facebook

His Divine Holiness has a huge online presence on Facebook and other social media platforms. Social media has been an invaluable tool in reaching out to millions of people in an extremely easy and user-friendly way. We live in a world where many third world countries suffer with a lack of basic communities, but can still access Facebook. His Divine Holiness has been able to spread His message of imbibing powerful cognitions to millions just through social media.

Not just through His official Facebook page, but also through those of His social media ambassadors, His Divine Holiness has been able to reach 52.2 million regular Facebook followers who watch His discourses videos and teachings and experience His divine presence and personal guidance on a day-to-day basis. Millions have experienced spiritual hope, healing, powerful cognitions and Divine Presence by staying linked through Facebook, giving themselves a breakthrough path of “enlightened living” just by listening and internalizing His teachings.

View of the His Divine Holiness Bhagwan Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam Facebook page

7.9 M views over two years in His Divine Holiness Paramahamsa Nithyananda

Some of the other pages of His Divine Holiness on Facebook

Social Media Brand Ambassadors on Facebook


Followers: 2.5 M

The websites of His Divine Holiness are knowledge repositories and have solutions from birth to death targeting children, women, social and health issues through the Science of Power Manifestation and Science of holding Powerful Cognitions. These teachings are shared through a number of official websites. Analytics on these websites showed that His Divine Holiness has 2.5M visitors and followers for His website.

Analytics of nithyananda.org

Over 1 year - 435K visitors

Over 3 years- 803K users

Analytics of innerawakening.org

Over one year - 119K visitors

Over three years - 144K users

Analytics of nithyananda.tv

Over 1 year- 32.6K visitors

Over 3 years- 163K users

Analytics of hinduismnow.org

1 year - 96K Visitors

Television Shows

His Divine Holiness Himself has appeared on numerous episodes of the Tamil Television show called ‘Nithya Dharmam’ in 2013. Apart from this, many of His monastic members feature on regular shows on television, reaching out to viewers through dial-in segments, as well as through answering their questions live.


Nithya Dharmam was a segment broadcasted to lakhs of people on a popular Tamil Television channel called Thanthi TV. His Divine Holiness Himself hosted the show, speaking with and solving the problems of guests on the show.


Nithya Dharmam series was spread over eleven episodes over the course of a few months.


His Divine Holiness speaking on Lotus Television on 17th June 2013  

The spiritual discourses of His Divine Holiness were telecasted on Sadhna Television and Ishwar Television, National Satellite Television channels.

Balasanths (young saints) of the Nithyananda Gurukul (traditional residential school) host the spiritual show on Lotus Television 

Below series of photographs are from the television shows anchored by Sanyasis in various channels such as: ARRA Television, LOTUS Television, Tune 6 Channel, Shalini Television

Readers of Books

His Divine Holiness has authored over 500 books in 26 languages, available in print and for free download online. His Divine Holiness has always believed that knowledge is free, and every book authored by Him is available for download online. These books have been read by and benefited millions of seekers worldwide. These include bestsellers like ‘Living Enlightenment’ which had pre-sales bookings of 1 million, and ‘Bhagavad Gita’ where 1 million books were distributed worldwide in a month’s time.

English, French, Spanish, German, Tamil and Hindi translated versions are available for free download at books.nithyananda.org as can be seen below:



Over the years, multiple print and online magazines were circulated freely to reach the teachings of His Divine Holiness in various parts of India and worldwide.


Readership: 1M

Before 2010, the popular Tamil magazine Kumudam, with a state-wide readership of 1 million, published His Divine Holiness’ teachings in a popular series called ‘Kathavai thira kaatru varattum’.

Religious Congregation



Number of followers (Millions)

Total (millions)

Kumbh Mela




Kumbh Mela




Kumbh Mela




Kumbh Mela


Madhya Pradesh


Koti Kan Rath Yatra


Tamil Nadu


Thane Relief




Kumbh Mela USA


Los Angeles, USA


Kumbh Mela Australia


Melbourne, Australia


Tiruvannamalai Annadhanam


Tamil Nnadu



Kumbh Mela

Kumbh mela is a powerful Hindu Happening, the largest gathering in the planet in the name of Faith. It takes place every third year in turns at Haridwar, Prayag (Allahabad), Nasik & Ujjain. An Ardh Kumbh Mela (1/2 Mela) is held at Haridwar & Allahabad every 6th year. Every 12 years is the Maha Kumbh, the last of which was held in 2013 in Prayag. The rivers at these four places are the Ganges @ Haridwar, the confluence of Ganges, Yamuna & Saraswati @ Allahabad, the Godavari @ Nashik and the Shipra @ Ujjain.


All the Hindu organisations, monasteries, Hindu leaders, Gurus, their followers and followers of Hinduism in general, gather and set up the Kumbh Ghat  (Huge open space officially allotted for the festival) and showcase the Hindu traditional practices and lifestyle for atleast 45 days. All of their deities, they carry out in procession and energise them by immersing them in the sacred river flowing in the city.

It is organised by the Akhil Bharatiya Akhara Parishad (All India Akhara Council - a conglomerate of 13 Akhadas (also called Akhara) or Hindu monastic organisations). The Akhara Parishad is the oldest apex body of Hinduism which has its seat in Haridwar, North India. His Divine Holiness is the youngest Mahamandaleshwar (Pontiff) of the Mahanirvani Akhada (one of the thirteen akhadas).  

Kumbh Mela 2007 in Prayag

Kumbh Mela in Prayag - 2013

More than 25 million followers of His Divine Holiness attended this Maha Kumbh Mela which happens once in 12 years.

Kumbh Mela in Nasik - 2015

Kumbh Mela in Ujjain - 2016

As per Government Intelligence, 25% of the population who attended the Kumbh Mela in Ujjain, came to His Divine Holiness’ camp for His Darshan (a glimpse of Him).

BELOW: English Daily, Times of India reports on the endless queue of people waiting for darshan of His Divine Holiness, almost obstructing the city traffic : “Swami Nithyananda brings City to Standstill”


A local Hindi Daily reports on the everyday count of people inside the camp of His Divine Holiness waiting for darshan: “Everyday, there are more than 1 lakh gathered here”. In the 40 days that His Divine Holiness stayed in the camp, more than  40 lakh people received darshan.

A local Hindi Daily reports on the unprecedented crowds gathering everyday at the camp of His Divine Holiness: “His Divine Holiness Paramahamsa Nithyananda Broke all the Records of Devotees Gathering and waiting for His Darshan”

A local Hindi Daily covers with pictures, His Divine Holiness at the Kumbh Mela and reports on the overwhelming gathering in the camp of His Divine Holiness: “Over 1 million devotees from 71 Countries followed His Divine Holiness Paramahamsa Nithyananda for the Shahi Snan (Royal Bath) and had a Sacred Dip”

Another local Hindi Daily reports again on the overwhelming gathering at the event:  “From 71 Countries Devotees Gathered to Attend Kumbh Mela - 2016 in Nithyananda Peetham”

     English Daily Deccan Chronicle reports on His Divine Holiness’ camp being the center of center of attraction of the entire Kumbh Mela event: “Simhasth’s (meaning  the maha kumbh mela that happens once every twelve years specifically in Ujjain) center of attraction “Nithyananda Peetham””

Local Hindi Daily in Ujjain reports: “1 Million Local Ujjain Devotees and other Followers of His Divine Holiness joined the Peshwai Procession (Grand entry in the form of a procession, of the participating Monastic organisations into the city of Ujjain)”


Millions of Devotees waiting for darshan of His Divine Holiness

ABOVE: Mahanirvani Akhada Sadhus (monks) participated in a Bandara - traditional feast - organized by His Divine Holiness

Grand Procession carrying deities in Ujjain City and Shahi Snan (Royal Bath) procession

The ASMT community in USA celebrating the Kumbh Mela -2016

The ASMT community in Australia celebrating the Kumbh mela - 2016


Thane cyclone relief work for the Puducherry following in Tamilnadu

Religious food offering and Medical services for a huge following of people

Religious food offering: Free food was cooked and served to victims of the THANE cyclone in Puducherry. Raising a huge relief work area from bare ground, His Divine Holiness personally stood and served the people who sought Him out for relief from the damage caused to their life and property.

Vegetarian, sattvic food was cooked and offered first to the Divine and then to the lakhs of people 24x7.

Undaunted food, religious and spiritual services to the large following in Tiruvannamalai, South India

In the Tiruvannamalai Aadheenam (temple monastery complex) in Tamilnadu, South India, three free meals is cooked and served by the Sanyasis (monks) everyday to the local villagers and visitors visiting Tiruvannamalai. Further, every month, thousands of people are fed every full moon night while they circumambulate the sacred Arunachala Hill. The devotees circumambulating the hill, stop over at the Tiruvannamalai Aadheenam for food and blessings every month. The Tiruvannamalai Aadheenam is located in the mountain path and in the entire circumambulation circle of hill of 14 km, it is only here in the Aadheenam of His Divine Holiness that food and shelter is provided untiringly round the clock to the lakhs of devotees who converge for the full moon night. Till date, over 15 million people have been fed in Tiruvannamalai alone. The people who partake the food, are also given various free religious and spiritual services for advancement in their journey of enlightenment.

Tiruvannamalai - Anna daan (free food offering) on the Auspicious Occasion of Kartikai Deepam - 2018

Initiated Bala Sants (Child-saints) of the Nithyananda Gurukul (Traditional resident school) reveal akashic records from the cosmic archives to the individual devotees in response to their questions on their own life struggles. The revealed Truths give them alternate powerful cognitions with which they are bailed out of their life struggles and move forward to the next level.

Devotees offer ritualistic worship in the form of abhisheka (sacred bath) to the Shiva Linga and rid themselves of their karmas (unfulfilled actions and incomplete cognitions from their past), and resume life afresh.

Initiated Bala Sants (Child-saints) of the Nithyananda Gurukul (Traditional resident school) reveal akashic records from the cosmic archives to the individual devotees in response to their questions on their own life struggles. The revealed Truths give them alternate powerful cognitions with which they are bailed out of their life struggles and move forward to the next level.

Devotees offer ritualistic worship in the form of abhisheka (sacred bath) to the Shiva Linga and rid themselves of their karmas (unfulfilled actions and incomplete cognitions from their past), and resume life afresh.

Spiritual and Administrative Head of Various Traditional Monasteries

Shaivism[1] is the source of all further sub sects of Hinduism over the millenia and arguably all other major religions of the world. His Divine Holiness is seen by every Hindu leader today as their possible successor to carry forward their sect or lineage at the end of their term. His Divine Holiness has already been named as the lawful successor of various traditional monasteries.

Tamil Nadu with a population of 70 million people is predominantly Shaivite. The communities collectively known as Saiva Vellalars (fundamentally agriculturists by profession who form more than 80 percent of any population in India) traditionally owe their allegiance and reverence to these two ancient Shaiva Aadheenams[2].



Number of followers (Millions)

Total (millions)

Spiritual and Administrative head of various monasteries

Guru Peetam


Tamil Nadu


Thondaimandala Aadheenam


Tamil Nadu


Kolada Mutt




Mahanirvani Akhada


Uttar pradesh


Manikarnika Ghat Sevashram Samstha


Uttar pradesh


Madurai Aadheenam


Tamil Nadu


Somanatha Swamy Temple, Thiruvarur


Tamil Nadu


Pal swamy Mutt, Thanjavur & Shankar Swamy Mutt, Thanjavur


Tamil Nadu


Po Ka Sadhukal Mutt, Vedaranyam & Arunachala Jnana Desiga Swamigal Panchanadi kulam


Tamil Nadu


Atal Akhada


Uttar pradesh


Swargapuram Aadheenam


Tamil Nadu


ASMT Monasteries


Many of the famous Sampradayas (Spiritual Sub Traditions) of Hinduism owe their origins to the Mahanirvani Akhada. Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, who was the inspiration of the Ramakrishna Mission which is one of the largest service organizations of Hinduism with thousands of centers around the world, was initiated by the Saint Totapuri of the Mahanirvani Akhada. Likewise Gautam Buddha, the founder of the Buddhist religion hails from this very same Akhada[4].

The Akhadas conduct the largest gathering in the world in the name of faith, the ‘Kumbh Mela’, that happens every 3 years and a major one once every 12 years. The last Kumbh Mela that happened in 2013 in Prayag saw over 100 million visitors over the 2 month period of the celebrations

His Divine Holiness Bhagwan Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam is not only the Guru for the ancient mystical schools but also for the modern youth who are urgently seeking meaning in the ever-growing complex world and real solution to their complex problems of existence. He is the most watched Guru on Youtube and every day audiences across all age groups and religious affiliations from more than 120 countries tune in to watch His live webinars; which expound and reveal all aspects of human existence and Cosmic Truths. The Nithyananda Community runs more than 100 websites and numerous social media pages and various other social media platforms to reach out and spread the teachings of His Divine Holiness. His Divine Holiness has authored more than 500 books in 26 languages and all of these are freely available online for people looking for solutions to their problems. These constitute the largest repository of Hindu knowledge in the world

1.Guru Peetha

Number of followers:  30 lakh (3 Million)

Isakki Swamigal was a great Yogi and Siddha (mystic expressing Superconscious powers) from Tiruvannamalai, Tamilnadu South India (The Avatar's birthplace). Isakki Swamigal lived with almost no food, water or clothes all his life. He recognised His Divine Holiness at a young age and explored the Science of Vedanta with Him. He stayed at Panchamukham (the sacred spot from where the five faces of the Arunachala Hill in Tiruvannamalai can be seen) on the mountain path. Isakki Swamigal’s great love and belief in Panchamukham - Five Peak Point inspired many of his devotees to develop their own special connection with this sacred spot. Isakki Swamigal initiated Mata Vibhutananda Puri as His only disciple. Mata Vibhutannada Puri in turn initiated His Divine Holiness as her only disciple. After Isakki Swamigal and Mata Vibhutananda Puri left the body, His Divine Holiness became the inspiration for all the followers of the Guru Peetham (the sacred seat of the spiritual master).

Isakki Swamigal (left), Mata Vibhutananda Puri (top right) and His Divine Holiness Bhagwan Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam (bottom right) in the same location  - Panchamukham. The five peaks of the sacred Arunachala Hill can be seen in the background in all three photographs

 The large following in Tiruvannamalai

2. Thondaimandalam Aadheenam

Number of followers - 2 Million

Thondaimandalam Aadheenam is one of the oldest living temple monastery complexes in the world, located in the northernmost part of Tamil Nadu. It was under the rule of Chola dynasty[7], South India during the first century CE. His Divine Holiness Paramahamsa Nithyananda supported the activities of Thondaimandalam Mutt (traditional monastery) right from the year 2003. The community of this Mutt reveres His Divine Holiness as their ‘Kula Guru’ (the spiritual master of the lineage) and worship Him.

Following are the total count of followers of His Divine Holiness from the demographic data as per the communities in South India belonging from the ASMT communities of this ancient aadheenam :

Demographic data on ASMT communities in Thondaimandala mutt

3. Kolada Mutt

Number of followers: 10 Million

The Kolada Mutt is the age old traditional mutt, a spiritual hub for the followers of the Lingayat community, comprising 17% of the population of the state of Karnataka. The Mutt has its headquarters in the heart of the city of Bengaluru and houses the ancient Jalakanteshwara Shiva Linga, which is known to be thousands of years old. The Mutt has hosted the likes of great saints like Thirugnanasambandar.

1 Nov 2014 - Akila Karnataka Dharmika Santara Samaveesha Swamis Meet (A meeting of Karnataka Hindu Seers) in the Bengaluru Aadheenam - spiritual headquarters in Bengaluru, Karnataka, South India. (Bottom right) Kolada Mata Maha Swami Shanta Veerananda Swami with His Divine Holiness.

4. Five Ancient Monasteries in South India

  1. Sri Arunachala Jnandesikar Swamigal Temple & Mutt in Panchanathikulam, Vedaranyam
  2. Sri Po.Ka. Sadhukal Mutt, Vedaranyam
  3. Sri Palsamy Mutt, Thanjavur
  4. Sri Sankara Swami Mutt, Thanjavur
  5. Sri Somanatha Swami Mutt and Temple, Thiruvarur

Number of followers: 3.4 Millio

5. Madurai Aadheenam

Total number of followers: 21.9 Million

Madurai Adheenam is the oldest living sanctuary cloister complex on the planet with a recorded history of 1500 years and an unwritten history of 3000 years established by Paramashiva Himself who is the manifestation of the ultimate superconscious energy in form, resuscitated by the illuminated warrior ruler Devi Meenakshi, the manifestation of Infinite Mother, who at that point led over a vast piece of India. The Adheenam possesses 4 antiquated sanctuaries and was till as of late the proprietor of the world popular Madurai Meenakshi Temple which the Government coercively reallocated. The Pontiff of the Adheenam (sanctuary religious community private complex) has an extraordinary obligation and impact over the general population of Tamilnadu besides the ASMT community members.

His Divine Holiness is the 293rd Guru Maha Sannidhanam (spiritual head) of Madurai Aadheenam.

The total number of followers of His Divine Holiness is from the demographic data as per the communities and is shown below.

6. Mahanirvani Akhada (Sri Pancayati Akhada Mahanirvani)

Number of followers: 20 Million

His Divine Holiness Bhagwan Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam formally accepted the title and responsibility as the 1008th 'Mahamandaleshwar' (spiritual head) of the renowned Mahanirvani Akhada[8] (Sri Panchayati Akhada Mahanirvani), the most ancient apex body of Hinduism founded directly by Lord Paramashiva (super-consciousness personified divinity), the original source of all Hindu spiritual lineages.

It is Mahanirvani Akhada that organizes the most ancient ‘Kumbh Mela[9], the largest spiritual human gathering on earth. As the direct successor of Lord Paramashiva, His Divine Holiness is the youngest elected spiritual head of Mahanirvani Akhada leading 20 million followers, including 1.2 M ASMT monks .

His coronation ceremony was held during the most auspicious Maha Kumbha Mela at Allahabad-Prayag, North India after a democratic election process, where all the 43 existing Mahamandaleshwar unanimously voted for His Divine Holiness.

Mahanirvani Akhada, with more than one lakh (100,000) ASMT temples and monasteries, revived by Mahamuni Kapila, the incarnation of Paramashiva and Vishnu (the Hindu Divinities). It was also revived by the great Hindu incarnation Adi Shankara during the 8th century, with the aim of strengthening and uniting the lineage of warrior ascetics, sages and saints belonging to the ASMT.

7. Atal Akhada

Number of followers: 5 Million

The Atal Akhada[10] is one of the oldest Akhadas, the apex body of Hinduism founded by Lord Paramashiva (the Ultimate Superconsciousness who is the original source of all apex bodies of Hinduism), which is part of the Adi Shaiva Minority tradition (ASMT). It is closely associated with the Mahanirvani Akhada. There are seven Akhadas in Dashnami Sannyas[11] (the monastic tradition of ten names), of which one is ‘Atal’. 

His Divine Holiness Bhagwan Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam has been reverentially declared and honored as the ‘Acharya Mahamandaleshwar’ (the head for all spiritual leaders) of the Atal Akhada, as the direct successor of Lord Paramashiva. He is taken the rare divine responsibility of guiding millions of Hindu monks, ascetics, sages, seers and the followers of ASMT through this prestigious ancient Akhada.  

During the Kumbh Mela in 2013, 5 million Atal Akhada followers were recorded to enter the Akhada premise, all of whom are following His Divine Holiness as their Acharya Mahamandaleshwar.

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