Mike Bobak - Research-Programmer / Knowledge-Engineer

704 Fairway  Champaign IL 61820  |  415-894-9724  |  mike.bobak@gmail.com | @MBstream


NCSA.uiuc.edu Sr Research Software Engineer 2019-present

Bringing my background to cropsinsilico.org and earthcube.org

AlohaHealthNet Sr Knowledge-Engineer 2017-present (remote)

Advising early stage startup built on the topic of my ucsf research.

Agrible/Nutrien Sr Software Engineer 2018-19 (Champaign Il)

Planned & guided reworking the main simulation, & ML/verification


Freelance: Knowledge-Engineer/Ontologist 2011-2018 (San Francisco)
Semantics/data-sci consulting, including. IoT, CMS, pharma-ontologies.

Apollo Group: Architect, Adaptive Learning Platform 2010-11 (San Francisco)
Semantic annotation of tests and related study materials so needs could be surfaced.


UCSF: Programmer/Analyst III 2007-10 (San Francisco)
Semantic annotation of clinical trial entrance descriptions to automake induction.


Freelance: Knowledge-Engineer/Programmer 2001-07 (Chicago/Boston)
Brightware-like follow on rule-based consulting, including  Verizon and others.


Beckman Institute: Research Programmer 1998-2001 (Champaign)
Coordinated software teams to make an immersive intelligent simulation tutor.


Brightware: Knowledge-Engineer/Programmer 1996-98 (Chicago)
Helped design and did first install of an automated email answering system & more.


Institute of Learning Sciences: Lead Programmer/Analyst 1996 (Evanston)
Extended a model-based explainable simulation/Intelligent-Tutoring-System.

Argonne National Lab: Software Engineer 1993-96 (Argonne)
Wrote expert-system for EPA, then knowledge-guided distributed eco-simulation.


University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign — MS Biophysics/Combio/AI
Wrote well-used molecular viz/minip package. Thesis: Knowledge-Guided Simulation.

University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign — BS Physics, BS Biophysics
Included work at an allied lab, writing acoustics simulation, taking data & more.


Semantic:Web, Search Information Access/Extraction/Retrieval