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22-2-22 Biblical Foods Executive summary
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Executive summary - Biblical Foods Limited

Market opportunity

For many Jews & Muslims, there is no way to buy meat that meets dearly-held ethics, produced without factory-farming, cruelty to animals, pesticides, or artificial additives.

There are :-

c. 4m UK Muslims. An estimated 0.5% would buy Organic halal meat weekly = 20,000 people.

c. 250,000 UK Jews. An estimated 2% will buy Organic Kosher meat weekly = 5,000 people.


The business will wholesale to retailers and deliver own-brand produce to households. It will purchase animals from Organic farms, process at Organic abattoirs and packing plants.  Proven traction: it has previously sold in 16 stores, proving that the market will pay for the solution. All produce will be certified Kosher, Halal and Organic.

Competitive positioning and uniqueness

There is no certified Organic, Kosher or Halal meat on sale. Standard Kosher and halal meat is from factory farms. Following extensive market testing, almost 1000 clients have asked to buy.

Barriers to entry

The terms “Organic” and “Kosher” are protected; both require strict, expensive and comprehensive certification protocols, requiring commitment, understanding and trust. No-one else has successfully undertaken this, except Mr Pein.

Management team including prior experience

Leon Pein is the founder. He has accumulated a wealth of knowledge about the production and certification requirements over the years, which he will leverage to grow the Company.

Leon is joined by Eyal Gold, owner of Flax Delicatessen in Bushey, Hertfordshire. As a long-standing retail client of the business, Eyal previously invested £5,000 for market-testing and to research the most suitable business model. He has now agreed to join the company as Chairman and Lead Investor, after being  impressed with the results of the market-testing.

Biblical Foods possesses a large network of contacts in the food industry and Jewish community, including a database of nearly 1,000 potential clients. Abattoir and butcher managers will be employed.

Product and go-to-market plan

Production will commence monthly, quickly graduating to weekly, to maximise sales, as clients become accustomed to buying regularly. Vertical integration will increase profits substantially.


A Year 5 EBITDA of £3.4m is forecast.

Capital raised to date

£10,000 from Lead Investor, Mr Gold, of Flax Foods, Bushey, Herts, a stockist of the produce.

Amount being sought and timing of close.

£1.2m to cover Yr 1 cost of meat and poultry abattoirs and processing plants, by April 5, 2022.