Tago Project Overview


What is Tago

Tago is a Web3 mental health app with AI, Social-Fi, and Game-Fi elements. Users equipped with NFT AI TagoSoul – talk to earn $SOUL, which can be used to level up and mint new TagoSoul.

Players can choose to lease or sell their NFT TagoSoul on the in-app Marketplace; users’ $SOUL earnings are stored in the in-app Wallet, which can be cashed out.

Tago Solution in Mental Health Care

  1. AI TagoSoul:

A Virtual Assistant in mental health, able to solve problems as well as answer necessary questions about psychology, arithmetic theology, Tarot, or other fields of occultism.


This TagoSoul can be personalized to the user's preferences. We can freely choose the appearance, personality, and communication style of our TagoSoul. TagoSoul can also be NFTized and help its owners earn in a variety of ways. (For example, chatting and teaching TagoSoul to get rewards from Tago; renting out his/her TagoSoul; repurchasing and reselling TagoSoul)


This is the World's first NFT AI Virtual Assistant.


  1. 1:1 Platform:

This is a platform for people with mental/emotional problems and professionals via the booking & video call counseling feature.


  1. Online Courses:

These are the courses produced by experts on Tago. This is considered an online academy in the field of mental health.


  1. AI Social Matching:

Tago's AI technology can recommend social matching for users so that they can make friends and support each other on the path of internal strength development.


  1. Spiritual Social Network:

This is a community with many groups on different topics such as overcoming depression, overcoming addiction, and overcoming the pain of stepping out of a relationship,... Within this community, users can support each other by sharing or receiving advice. Active tasks on this mental and spiritual social network also help users earn Tago Tokens.


  1. NFT Products & NFT Market Place:

This feature helps NFTize special mental and spiritual items such as antiquities, gemstones, rosaries, and pictures,... These items can also be repurchased and resold, collected, or even auctioned on Market Place. This is also the world's largest and pioneering Market Place in terms of NFT Antiquities, and Feng Shui Items.


  1. VR & AR:

These are devices that help bridge the boundaries between the real world and the Metaverse. This is the "Magic Door" that helps us to step from one space to another. This device brings users the experience inside the Metaverse just as they are in it themselves. Some examples are:


Experience meditation inside the pyramid or in the jungle.

Experience Yoga exercise and get guided just like in the real world.

Patients and specialists can sit together in the therapy room on Metaverse wherever they are in the real world.


  1. NFT Real Estates:

These are the properties within Tago's Mental Metaverse. They can be used to build temples, meditation centers, or rooms for Tarot, horoscopes, and finger-pointing,... Thus, thanks to VR & AR, we can visit temples online, go to church online, go to the meditation center to meditate online, or do other spiritual /spiritual activities also online.


What is TagoSoul

TagoSoul is an AI mental health virtual assistant who you can chat with. It is smart enough to solve your mental health problems immediately. Users can develop their own TagoSoul by choosing the shape, appearance, clothes, etc.

Users can earn with TagoSoul in 3 ways:

How we profit

We take small taxes from in-app activities, such as NFT trading, TagoSoul-minting, and TagoSoul-rental. All assets in the Tago app are owned by individual users and the majority of earnings in the app are made by users.

Why Tago

  1. Everyone can use:

With a little bit of gamification and Talk to Earn as the core mechanic, Tago can nudge millions to embrace better mental health.

  1. Great investment opportunity:

Any investment is made for profitability, right? NFT Soul, too. We have a very limited amount of NFT Soul, while Tago's users are now in 148 countries, and Tago also has more than 130,000 community members. Millions of people in the mental health market are using a lot of time every day to talk to an AI companion which is not unique like NFT Soul (not NFT Asset, and can not earn Token). This can be super hot! A lot of people in the world would like to own a NFT Soul. But the amount is limited. Soul's value can grow in the long term!

  1. Monthly Income

Do you want to own a product that gives you a steady monthly income? With a NFT Soul, you can talk with NFT Soul daily and get rewards, called Soul Token. $SOUL can be used for transactions and converted to cash. This is the monthly, even daily income you are to receive when investing in the NFT Soul.

  1. Release Stress after Earn

TagoSoul was built to become a mental health expert. Talking with TagoSoul is the same as having a therapy session with a mental health expert for free and earning Token.


  1. $TAGO

Token Burning

The $TAGO is burned by:

  1. $SOUL

The $SOUL is burned by:

Tago Project Information: https://linktr.ee/Tagoapp

Tago Social Channels: https://linktr.ee/TagoVerse