Our technicians help keep you, themselves, and your home or office safe from Covid-19 by doing the following before entering your premises:

  • Washing and/or sanitizing hands
  • Putting on Vinyl gloves
  • Sanitizing the gloves

And while on your premises:


By following these procedures, we can help avoid spreading covid-19 inside your premises.

If you require additional safeguard procedures, please discuss these with your technician during the messaging session before the technician begins traveling to your location.

Your personal safety, as well as the protection of your network, home, business, devices and data has been a top priority to us since our conception.  

Not just a one-list background check. 

Background checks vary widely in scope, quality and cost, and sometimes, smaller, local criminal history doesn't make its way into National Criminal Screens.

 .com's thorough background check includes the National Criminal Screen, plus Progressive, Single-County, and 7-Year All Counties of Residence checks.