Stonestreet II - Advanced Curriculum

For students who have completed Stonestreet I and wish to continue their study and application of screen acting, this curriculum provides the additional opportunity to shoot professionally lit, directed, and edited original short works, from pre-production to post-production. Students develop and edit their own screen acting reels with the films they do in Stonestreet II.  These film and pilot projects are showcased to the professional world, via stonestreet’s platforms and often premiere in major film festivals around the world.

The semester is balanced between advanced work and film production, applying screen acting skills to fully produced projects.  Actors work on developing characters for screen production that stretch their boundaries as actors, to bring compelling, believable and interesting interpretations to the original screenplays and series being shot.  All work is produced to the fullest extent, from pre-production to post-production. The actor learns from the entire process of production - how to work with or without rehearsal and on different types of film sets. Watching dailies, rough cuts, and final cuts of their work is an important part of the learning process. Finished material is submitted to festivals and other professional venues as well as made available to be put on individual reels.

Stonestreet II is offered in Fall, Spring, Summer I, and Summer II for 8 Credit Hours.

Classes Offered:


Directors:  Gary Bennett, Alyssa R. Bennett, Geoffray Barbier, Alana Barrett-Adkins, Alex Berg, Kate Baggott, Pamela Berlin, Guest Directors

This class is a continuation of work accomplished in the previous semester, concentrating on character work in a medium shot. In addition, there is an emphasis on getting an organic and interesting result more quickly, by challenging students to confront pressures placed on actors in production settings. The pressures on a production set often intimidate even the best actors, causing them to forget their craft and/or rely merely on the sometimes-inadequate eye of the director. Actors become viscerally aware of the level of their own performances in order to take control of their creative space and deliver their best work. The scenes in this class are lit and edited with the object of reviewing and showcasing each actor’s work to be incorporated into each actor’s reel as well as showcased on Stonestreet’s internet sites, ShortsHD, and domestic and international film festivals.


Instructor:  Angel Desai & Ariel Safir

This class is an advanced screen study class where pushing an actor’s boundaries and range on screen is one of the two goals.  In contrast it is also designed to help actors prepare for and further their ability to do screen auditions from cold to self-tapes.  The semester, offers specific forays into the various aspects of what makes a solid audition that best represents you, your skills as an actor, and your skills as an interpreter of text.  Each week, students are asked to either bring in screen study work or prepare sides chosen specifically for them from network series, pilot scripts, indie films, feature films, and commercials. Students work on all types of roles, including featured principals, guest stars, and under-fives. This course gives actors a better understanding of what to expect from casting directors, directors, producers, and writers, as well as how to build a solid foundation on which to prepare and execute a confident and memorable audition.  Students can culminate their screen study work done in this class into a directed production experience that can become part of the reel.


Instructor:        Jen Sukup / TBA Industry Guests

An in-depth class that prepares actors to audition for and work in the voice-over, animation and the audio book field. The reality is that every actor will find his or herself in a voice over booth at some point for animation, commercials, film, television, audio book or even stage. Applying technique and finding your vocal range are focused on while doing practical work in both areas during the semester. Audition situations are set up where students have to truly apply what they’re learning while still garnering the coaching, feedback and direction from Stonestreet faculty.


Instructor: Brian Baer

This advanced class that takes off from Directing the Actor I. It has an emphasis on Screen Acting and performance, working on continued challenging and varied material from both a genre and character perspective.  Different directing and shooting styles are embraced and while working on bring work to performance level, a deeper understanding on new tools, growth and technique will be addressed while pre-production is happening for the next piece.  Production value is high without slowing down to full pace of MicroMovies.  Approximately 3-4 scenes shoot per class.  Actors are encouraged to work with different partners each time they work.  


Faculty: Frye-Behar, Bluestone, Zabarsky

This is a place for actors to create their own material with a faculty, staff and studio support to create, collaborative and actualize their goals for screen.   Faculty  ‘facilitate’ within the context of the semester, with equipment available and what each class and/or groups within class would like to create.  Each group or section may be markedly different as to where they may want to focus on script development, adaption ideas, improvs, monologues, short pieces, music videos, PSAs or whatever creative storytelling they may want to put their focus and energies on as a group and/or as individuals.  This is a playground and place with support and assistance to develop and/or make their own work and exercise both their screen acting skills and production skills.  Projects that are finished during and shortly beyond the semester, often go to festivals and platforms that then feature actors and collaborators.  Subsequent seasons or episodes often carry actors and creatives involved beyond the semester into the profession.


Faculty: Patrick Kenne

This class is to help theater and film actors feel comfortable improvising on screen in a wide variety of outlets from, sketch comedy to dramas, film and commercials. Actors focus on skills that translate for screen in a grounded way while still utilizing the imaginative, playful and unpredictability aspects of improv. This is a practical class that will help actors think on their feet, create and utilize defined characters, and approach on screen acting in new way and more confident ways. As the semester evolves there will be development towards a comedy salon presentation which can be live and/or recorded and become material for an actor’s reel.


Instructors: Guest Talent Agents, Casting Directors, Managers

Students continue to perfect their business and audition skills with the guidance and coaching of faculty, as they continue to meet additional new agents and, now, casting directors, in a more intimate one-on-one basis. This class is monitored by Stonestreet faculty, connecting what is learned in their respective classes to the real environment of an audition. Students always meet new and different guest agents and casting directors from semester to semester.


Instructors:   Guest Artists

Guests from the industry work with students in a master class situation from Voice-overs to auditions, sit-coms, series and film work to how to maintain a healthy and creative life with guests from our Behind the Scenes at Stonestreet Series such as Susan Sarandon, Kevin Bacon, Edie Falco, James Earl Jones et al.

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