Gateway Regional High School

Course Information

Art II 


Miss Courtney Baals


Phone Number

856-848-8200 ext. 571

Course Website

Remind 101 code: 81010 @8b93g

Course Description

        In Art II, we build upon the skills learned in Art I. We explore various art media including Drawing, Painting, Printmaking, Ceramics and Crafts. 

Course Expectations and Assessments

T1        Unit 1                Drawing

T2        Unit 2                Painting

T3        Unit 3                Ceramics

Unit 4                Printmaking

T4        Unit 5                Sculpture

        Unit 6                Crafts

T4 Bencmark

Course Policies 

        In Art II, the main goal is to improve one’s artwork from Art I. I look first and foremost for effort. Students who complete work, and try their best are the most successful. Each assignment has clearly defined directions, which should also be followed. In doing that, EVERY student should be able to grow as an artist, regardless of where their artistic skills were at the beginning of the course.

Required and Recommended Materials 


        Students who need extra time or assistance may schedule time with me either during B lunch, or after school. If time is needed after school, I ask for 24 hours notice for scheduling purposes.

Classroom Behavioral Expectations and Rewards/Consequences