WSCA Annual Board Meeting

State shoot 2017 Granite Falls

September 9, 2017

Board Members in attendance: Scott Muirhead, John Headley, Jim Darby, Dave Hamilton, Dean Cornelison, and Linda Henson

Members: Melinda Van Den Top, Jeff Spivey, Bernie Foster, Greg Willis, Chris Klein, Nick Klein, Richard Hoyt, John Thorpe, Kim Forhart, Lin Currie, Dorie Van Den Top (I may have missed people)

Elections: First order of business was elections for VP and Treasurer. It was unanimous that Jim Darby (VP) and Dave Hamilton (Treasurer) retain their positions.

Budget:  Dave passed out information on the budget and explained that the board purposely drives down the budget to provide prizes at the state shoot each year. No real plus or minuses in doing this except that the money goes back to shooters in the way of prizes and give-aways. WSCA will most likely be in the black at the end of the year (TBD). Dave also explained that the trend since 2014 is that monthly shoot numbers (dollars) are falling. WSCA board will address ways to increase shooters at a future board meeting. If you have any suggestions, please contact a board member.

Tour: Scott explained the purpose of the tour was to get shooters to all of the clubs (including Eastern WA). We will be promoting having the two EA WA shoots on the same weekend again in 2018. Dean Cornelison is working on that with Landt Farms. The 2017-2018 tour starts in October at Evergreen on Oct 15.


State Shoot: It was voted on and passed unanimously that the 2018 state shoot will be held at our newest shoot venue Lost Pair Ranch in Cle Elum September 13-16, 2018. It you want to check out the venue there is a fun shoot September 30th, 2017. Contact

Youth Shooting: Starting January 2018 the money designated to support youth shooting will be going to WAYESS (

Condolences:  It was announced that Pete Strobel (Evergreen Sporting Clays) passed away September 4th. WSCA will send flowers to his wife, Marie, from all WSCA shooters.

Meeting was adjourned