Seventh Grade Bulldog Pride Newsletter

From the leadership team

Larose Cut Off Middle School Cellphone Policy During State Testing


Everyone is encouraged to leave all cellphones, SMART watches, FITBITS, and/or any other electronic devices at home on the days of State Testing.


If any of these items are brought to school during testing, the student will be given an individual zip-lock bag to place their items in before testing begins. These items WILL NOT be returned until the end of the day.


This policy and procedure is set in place for test security reasons. Violation of this policy can result in testing irregularity which can cause the student and school to receive a score of 0.


Thank you for your help in following this policy!


LCOMS Administrative Team


Focus: This week we will be completing our learning of statistics. Students will not be tested in Module 5, which is statistics and probability until after LEAP testing in May.


Focus for the week will be test prep: reviewing fiction and nonfiction genres and test structure


Monday- Friday= Asexual and Sexual Reproduction

**TM test April 30**

Social Studies

Monday -- Immigration

Tuesday -- Social and Religious Reform

Wednesday -- Educational Reform

Thursday/Friday -- The Abolitionists

girls Health and Pe

Physical fitness testing

boys health and pe

Physical fitness testing


Mon. - Fri. - ABC’s of FACS Book Project - (Test Grade - Due April 18) Students will create a book using each letter of the alphabet.  Each letter represents a topic we learned about in FACS this year.  The booklet will have one letter per page with two sentences describing the topic for that letter and a picture illustrating the word.  (Ex.  A is for Appetite.  Appetite is the desire to eat.  Hunger is the need to eat.) Look for the Directions and Rubric for the project.

Students are making a pillowcase.  They need 1 yard of cotton fabric, ⅓ yard of cotton fabric, ¼ yard of cotton fabric, and a spool of all purpose thread.  The 3 pieces of fabric should coordinate together (match).  Material needs to be 45 inches wide or larger to complete the project.



  1. All Band Classes are working on new music for the end of the year concert.
  2. Spring Concert is May 15th.  
  3. No after school practices this week.  
  4. If you still have candy money, please send that in to me so we can wrap up this sale
  5.  We still have a lot of candy money out If you still owe any fees such as instrument rental, please also take care of that as well.


Fri, March 30-Fri, April 6:  Spring Break

Tues. April 10-FACS Meeting @ Skinny

Wed, April 11-FACS Cupcake Sale $2.00

Wed, April 11-LEAP 2025 Testing 6th Grade ELA/MATH Session I

Thurs, April 12:  Yearbook Snowball SAle $3.00

Thurs, April 12:  LEAP 2025 Testing 6th Grade ELA/MATH Session II

Thurs, April 12: Female Athlete Expo Wellness Center 5:00 PM-9:00 PM  Must have registered by April 5

Fri, April 13: PBiS Jean Day $1.00

Fri, April 13:  LEAP 2025 Testing 6th Grade ELA/MATH Sesion III

Mon, April 16:  LEAP 2025 Testing 6th Grade Social Study Session I & II

Tues, April 17:  LEAP 2025 Testing 6th Grade Social Study Session III

Wed, April 18:  LEAP 2025 Testing 7th Grade ELA/ Math Session I

Wed, April 18:  Stu Co Popcorn Sale $1.00

Wed, April 18:  BETA Mtg. Skinny

Thurs, April 19:  LEAP 2025 Testing 7th Grade ELA/ Math Session II

Thurs. April 19:  Snowball Sale $3.00

Fri, April 20:  LEAP 2025 Testing 7th Grade ELA/ Math Session III

Fri, April 20:  PBiS Dress Down Day $1.00

Sat, April 21:  MK5K

Sun, April 22:  GKTW Cake Bingo

Mon, April 23:  Progress Reports

Mon, April 23:  LEAP 2025 7th Grade Social Study Session I & II

Tues, April 24:  LEAP 2025 7th Grade Social Study Session III

Wed, April 25:  Stu CO Mtg @ Skinny

Wed. April 25:  Yearbook Pickle Sale

Wed, April 25:  LEAP 2025 8th ELA/Math Session I

Thrus, April 26:  Jean Day proceeds go to Choir Club $1.00

Thurs, April 26:  LEAP 2025 8th ELA/Math Session II

Fri, April 27:  Redemption Friday

Fri, April 27:  LEAP 2025 8th ELA/Math Session III

Sat, April 28:  Cheer Tryouts