2020 NAPPN Annual Survey Notes

 by Darwin Campbell, Program Manager, Iowa State University

The survey was created and executed in Qualtrics through a license available to Iowa State University Faculty and Staff.

Two identical surveys were distributed via email:

  • the first included all NAPPN members and individuals registered for Phenome that were not NAPPN members
    The survey was sent via email on 7 Jan 2020 3:03PM MST to the distribution list.  From the initial list of 664 email addresses 555 were to identifiable NAPPN members and 109 were Phenome registrants.
    Survey reminders to unfinished list members were sent on 14 and 21 Jan, 2020 each at 12:00 AM MST.
  • On January 28th, an updated Phenome registration list was purged of NAPPN members.  An additional 71 Phenome registrants were emailed survey links, with a reminder sent on February 6 at 12:00 AM MST.

RESULTS: 145 surveys started, results were captured from 47 NAPPN and 25 Phenenome surveys contained results. Blank values were omitted from the tabulated results.

The survey results were assembled by Darwin with PII information (name, IP address, Lat/Long, and Optional question 17)  removed.

Supporting files and their locations are below:

File Name

File description


Survey documentation

this file

2019 Survey for 2020 Phenome

Phenome 2020 - Reg List 1.6.20.xlsx

Copied to this sheet:
2020 Survey Distribution List

Phenome registrants as of 1/6

Distribution Lists

2020 Survey Distribution List

Combined workbook, with NAPPN members names and email, along with Phenome registrants.

Distribution Lists


PDF of the survey distributed to NAPPN members and Phenome participants



Qualtrics export of the survey


2020 survey feedback

Comments received about the survey for future consideration

2019 Survey for 2020 Phenome


The qualtrics results .CSV file.



Google sheet where the results were tabulated and grouped by NAPPN membership or Phenome registrant


OpenRefine files is a sub-directory inside the Results directory. In it are a series of files “projects” that can be opened with the OpenRefine application once copied to a local desktop PC