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Vic Iglesias - Resume
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Twitter: @vicnastea

GitHub: viglesiasce



A hands-on technical leader with a decade of experience in cloud product and engineering. Bridging the gap between aspirations and outcomes by designing, building, and evolving cloud platforms.


Group Product Manager, Developer Experience, Google Cloud

Goleta, CA — 2022 - Present

Created the strategy to tackle the key gaps for GCP customers looking to build internal developer platforms.


  • Developed UX research plan to get insights into where customers are feeling the most significant pain and cost in building and maintaining internal developer platforms
  • Built up strategy, product taxonomy, competitive analysis, roadmap, and critical user journey maps
  • Led cross org and cross functional working group to prototype end-to-end experience
  • Initiated strategy and received funding to augment GCP’s 3rd party internal developer platform ecosystem in Backstage

Staff Product Manager, Compute Platform, Twitter

Goleta, CA — 2021 - 2022

Led the strategy and execution for Twitter’s internal computing platform that served its most business critical workloads.


  • Define the multi-year vision and path to migrate from the existing Aurora/Mesos based computing environment to a Kubernetes-based platform.
  • Pivot team mentality from statically managed infrastructure to dynamic, software driven infrastructure.
  • Set company wide strategy for onboarding new workloads in the cloud to unlock the potential of cloud managed services and on-demand capacity.

Senior Product Manager, Developer Experience, Google Cloud

Goleta, CA — 2019 - 2021

Define and execute on the vision to unify experiences for developer and operator personas across the Google Cloud portfolio of tools including IDE plugins, configuration management tools and CI/CD products.


  • Crystalized an end state vision to align engineers and product managers across 3 organizations and 5 teams.
  • Worked with teams to define cross team responsibilities to ensure cohesiveness across the end-to-end journeys and to de-duplicate existing workstreams.
  • Managed deep customer relationships to ensure product direction and vision can properly scale across an enterprise organization.
  • Set vision for the open source Skaffold project which is at the core of the Cloud Code product offering. Defined the adjacent use cases that should be captured in order to facilitate long term vision of the overall portfolio.

Senior Staff Cloud Solutions Architect, Google Cloud

Goleta, CA — 2015 - 2019

Hired during the infancy of the Kubernetes project, worked with customers across the globe to create scalable and secure best practices for continuously delivering their production workloads to Kubernetes Engine. Worked as a rotational product manager to build customer focused tools and integrations that helped scale our go-to-market activities.


  • Primary product manager and advocate for Jenkins on Google Cloud. Worked cross functionally to ensure that Jenkins users had a top-tier experience by creating new functionality, maintaining existing plugins, and documenting best practices through tutorials and reference architectures.
  • Scoped the design and requirements for a plugin offering that would streamline the experience for GCP’s Jenkins users and then worked to get alignment and prioritization of the effort from the OSS Tools team. Brought to market the Jenkins GCE plugin which now accounts for millions of core-hours monthly. Produced reference architectures and documentation to ensure a smooth onboarding and trial experience.
  • Led the design and go-to-market for the Jenkins GKE plugin which enabled a streamlined, declarative, and idiomatic mechanism for GKE users to deploy from Jenkins.

Director of Quality, Release and Tools Eng, Hewlett-Packard (via Eucalyptus acquisition)

Goleta, CA — 2011 - 2015

Began as the only full-time quality engineer at Eucalyptus Systems, built out the process, team, tools and frameworks for how the Eucalyptus product was qualified and used both internally and by our customers.


  • Over a 3 year period re-architected and deployed to production a quality engineering platform using Jenkins, Chef, and Python frameworks.
  • Created Eutester, a test framework enabling a unified testing abstraction for the AWS API
  • Forked AWS ElasticWolf to create EucaLobo which provided a GUI for services that our internal team had not yet implemented in the native UI.
  • Reimplemented Eucalyptus FastStart to leverage our Chef cookbooks in order to reduce the ongoing maintenance of the product
  • Created load testing framework for Eucalyptus built on Eutester and Locust and deployed with a CloudFormation template
  • Architected Calyptos, the distributed installer CLI for Eucalyptus


University of California, Santa Barbara

B.S Computer Engineering — 2004-2008



  • English
  • Spanish (fluent)