The 2019-2020  PARKVIEW HIGH SCHOOL WRESTLING season is here!  

The Panthers have a very exciting schedule planned this season, aimed at giving us strong competition as we strive for a culture of excellence.  Our team of young men is very talented and hardworking! We will build off this talent and hard work as we climb to the top of the state rankings where Parkview Wrestling belongs! Local businesses and individuals have the opportunity to sponsor our team by purchasing “Ad Boards”  and/or “T-Shirt Sponsorship”.

The T-shirt will be worn at all 20 tournaments, both Varsity and JV,  around the state. As well as when the team wears it to school and throughout the community. We will put your business name and logo in black and white on the back of the t-shirt. The size of your logo will be about 2-3 inches depending on your logo. The Ad Board that will be placed in Parkview’s gymnasium.  The 18”x 24” Ad Boards will be displayed for an entire calendar year and be visible by participants attending all events that take place in the gym (basketball, wrestling, volleyball, ROCT events, and school assemblies).

Additionally, sponsors will be acknowledged on the Parkview Wrestling Facebook and web pages. Sponsors will also be acknowledged during home tournaments taking place during the 2018-19 season. In addition to being a great advertising opportunity for your company, purchasing an Ad Board and/or T-Shirt Ad is a way to invest in your community by supporting young athletes. The funds raised will help to cover expenses for the season such as tournaments, travel, uniforms, and the awards banquet.  

Your sponsorship support will help Parkview Wrestling once again become one of the best programs in the state of Georgia. We look forward to seeing you at our matches and the state tournament in February.

Thanks for your support,

Matt Elakatt

Head Coach, Parkview Wrestling