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Partridge Bowl
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Saturday July 23, 2022

SKIPPERS MEETING: 1000 hrs.                         FIRST SIGNAL: 1055 hrs.


GENERAL: The Partridge Bowl is a friendly cruising race to Jemmett’s Landing for a BBQ and overnight stay for many of the fleet.


COURSE: Boats may elect an On Water start or On Land start in the KYC Harbor. Starting times (see table below) will be the same for either option. There will be no flag or sound signals for this race. The winning skipper from the previous year (on whatever boat) will start 5 minutes after her/his boat’s normally rated start time.


For the On Land Start option: Each boat shall leave the dock no earlier than her designated start time. All engines shall be turned off before crossing the line between KYC Racing Marks S and C and its extensions in both directions.


For the On Water Start option: The boat shall cross the start line between KYC Mark V and the Flagpole no earlier than her designated start time. All engines shall be turned off before crossing the start line.


The Finish Line will be between the North End of the KYC Dock and the easternmost KYC Mooring Ball at Jemmett’s Landing. The first boat that started and finished properly will be declared the winner of the Partridge Bowl.


START SEQUENCE: See the table below. Boats with a valid PHRF certificate start according to PHRF ASP (either Flying Sail or NFS depending on your choice for the day). Others must consult with our PHRF-LO representatives (Rob Colwell or Chris Walmsley) before the race.


PHRF separations of 27 points per 5 minutes start time correspond to a race distance of approximately 11 miles.



Overall:               Partridge Bowl





Start Time

PHRF-LO Rating

Typical Partridge Bowl Starters



All Dinghies (Not Multi-Hulls)


PHRF  > 227



Alberg 30, C&C 25, Contessa 26, Hinterhoeller 28, MacGregor 26, Martin 16, Nonsuch 26, O'Day 22, Paceship 29 CB, Shark, Westsail 32 


PHRF 201 - 227



Beneteau 285, Catalina 30, C&C 24, CS 27, Mirage 24, Mirage 27, Newport 27, Tanzer 22, Tanzer 26, Tanzer 8.5, Viking 28



PHRF 174 - 200



Aloha 30, C&C 27 C&C 29, C&C 30, C&C 36 Frigate, Chaser 23, CS30, CS 36,  Hunter 33,

J/24, Kirby 25, San Juan 30, Schock 23, Sonar 23



PHRF 147 - 173



C&C 33, CS 33 SD, CS 36 Merlin SD(NFS), Catalina 320, Catalina 34, Catalina 355, Chaser 29,  J/22, Martin 242, H/R 42



PHRF 120 - 146



Abbott 33, C&C 35,  Hughes 35, Hunter Legend 35.5, Ultimate 20, Viking 34, X-95, J/80



PHRF 93 - 119



Antrim 27, C&C 37, C&C 41 (Incl. Redline), Frers F3, Olson 29, Olson 30, Dash 34



PHRF < 93


Beneteau First 36.7, Farr 38, G&S 42, J/35, Farr 30, IMX-38



All Multi-Hulls