All-inclusive Ocean View Vacation Resort


Retirement Condominium

Las Vegas, NV

SunKlub International

[ Example of the man-made beach & ocean pool ]


An affordable or free retirement is a true retirement. Retirement should not be a time of stress and financial problems. The SunKlub International all-inclusive retirement living membership program is based on having an all-inclusive vacation resort pay for your retirement lifestyle.

The plan is to build three (3) low-rises and one (1) tower on the same property, with the low-rises being the all-inclusive vacation suites, and the tower will be the all-inclusive retirement condo suite. The low rise vacation suites will face the man-made ocean beach pool, with a lazy river flowing from the pool to the pool bar. The center area between the suites and the tower will feature restaurants, a fitness center, banquet hall, bank, insurance, pub/bar, two pools, and medical offices. The revenue from the all-inclusive vacation suites and leases for the offices will pay all expenses, including that of the member retirement condo suites. When a member retires, they can live in their SunKlub International condo suite, dine at the restaurant, use the fitness equipment, pool, and enjoy drinks at the bar. Free*. With no additional charges.

QUESTION : How the heck in blue Jupiter does this membership get me free all-inclusive retirement living?

ANSWER : Membership allows you to participate towards owning your all-inclusive retirement lifestyle. The area ambassador explains the benefits of your membership. One of the key features of membership is as you vacation at the resort, you can pay for it monthly without any interest charge. As it is part of your membership fee, you also receive points towards your retirement living lifestyle. Full details are offered by emailing your inquiry to: 


Invest in yourself. Be a SunKlub International member. The project will be funded by member programs designed to reward membership. Nevada offers the climate, politics and people to make SunKlub International a premium all-inclusive vacation destination, as well as make retirement living consistently affordable. Many destinations outside North America offer all-inclusive vacations, some prices are reasonable for the vacation offered, and some offering premium vacations with high-quality food, accommodation, and service. SunKlub International will be offering a premium all-inclusive vacation at a reasonable price. SunKlub International Nevada USA is best positioned to serve all with the best of California-grown food, beverages, Las Vegas entertainment, and American service.


[ Example of man-made ocean, shaded pool bottom & sand beach ]

Concluding Remarks

Our mission is to offer a realistic, simple path to retirement. Retirement, for many, has been a disappointment. It has been a period of financial surprises, family adjustment and health problems. SunKlub International has a solution to your retirement living, at the all-inclusive resort in Nevada. The dry climate and resort amenities give a healthy lifestyle advantage. The SunKlub International membership offers you realistic options to live free* of rent/mortgage, living fees and meals. Retirement is and should be a time of life rewards, a time of choices and personal discovery. By removing the problem of affording a place to live in retirement, the more time you can enjoy living life.