Philanthropiece Foundation

Advisory Board Retreat

Creating an Inclusive Organization

Friday, 08.24.2018


At Philanthropiece, we envision a world in which all individuals realize their full potential and act on their capacity to create positive change in themselves and in their communities. We are seeing this vision play out via our programming and collaborations in México, Guatemala, and here at home in Colorado. However, we are also waking up to structural inequities that are inherent in our world, nation, state and communities that create significant obstacles for all people to live a fulfilling, healthy, resilient life. As a team at Philanthropiece, we are asking ourselves what role we already play - and might play - in dismantling these systems, participating in actions, and working directly with community members.

Through community-based workshops, collaborations with coalitions and grassroots movements, learning gatherings, and resource-sharing, we are learning more about racism, oppression, power, and privilege. Jake describes this further in the summary of our 2018 Organizational Review:

We are learning that even the best of intentions can lead to harmful consequences. The dominant culture and narrative in our society has led to a lot of ignorance around such themes and left us often without even the right language to describe or understand what is happening. It is clear that Philanthropiece is now ready to go deeper into these issues. It will not be an easy journey, but we are committed to reflection and change. We want to create an organization that is safe, honest, and brave. We want to root out oppression in society, and know that has to start with ourselves.

We embrace inclusion as one of our key values at Philanthropiece, and we believe that embracing this value is a way to intentionally make space for our mission to flourish in local and global communities. We are asking ourselves: What does inclusion look like for us? How are we - or aren’t we - actively living up to this value? Why is inclusion necessary for realizing our mission? How can we make Philanthropiece an organization that truly lives up to the value of inclusion?

Via our retreat resources, morning workshop with Regan Byrd, activities, and discussions, we’ll address the essential questions of:

The overarching goals of our annual retreat will be to continue to build relationships within our team (Advisory Board and staff), to create common language to guide our conversation and decision-making, and to vision a path forward for our foundation. As always, we so appreciate your dedication to piecing together a better world.

Pre-Retreat Resources & Preparation

Please engage with the following resources in order to provide some context for the theme of our retreat, and to support you in preparing for our time together:

  1. Why Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Matter,” Monisha Kapila, Ericka Hines, and Martha Searby [Independent Sector, October 2016]
  2. Collaborating for Equity and Justice: Moving Beyond Collective Impact,” Tom Wolff, Meredith Mikler, et al  [Nonprofit Quarterly, January 2017]
  3. Reigniting Leaders’ Passion to Advance Equity,” Michael McAfee [Stanford Social Innovation Review Podcast, December 2017; 42 minutes]
  4. Want to Support Communities of Color? Stop Trickle-Down Community Engagement,” Vu Le [video of presentation at the Grantmakers for Effective Organizations conference, June 2016; 24 minutes]

In order to catalyze our discussion and activities, please come prepared to share:

  1. Your definition of inclusion as it relates to the work of Philanthropiece.
  2. Quotes and notes from the resources that resonated with you in relation to the work of Philanthropiece. These can be related to what we are already doing, what we are missing, challenges to your assumptions, an opportunity for us to learn/grow, etc. (try for 2-4 quotes/notes).
  3. A list of ways that Philanthropiece already practices inclusion (try for at least 3-5 statements).
  4. A list of ways that Philanthropiece can incorporate practices of inclusion (try for at least 3-5 statements).


8:30-9:00AM        Light Breakfast & Welcome

Enjoy some coffee, tea, and nutritious eats, say hello to one another, and settle in for our day together in the Philanthropiece Barn.

9:00-9:30AM        Opening Activity

Let’s reconnect as a community via an activity that will allow us space to share how we are doing, tell some stories, and prepare us for the day.

9:30-12:30PM        Workshop with Regan Byrd

We’ll welcome facilitator Regan Byrd to lead us in a 3-part workshop that will explore: (I.) The 4 I’s of Oppression; (II.) The 4 I’s as sites of organizational, interpersonal, and internal change; (III.) The 4 I’s as an organizational framework for anti-oppressive strategic goals.

12:30-1:30PM        Lunch

Let’s keep the conversation going while we enjoy lunch...please expect a guided activity!

1:30-2:30PM                Mission, Values & Impact 2018

Taking into consideration our mission statement and values, we’ll present and discuss the impact that we have made thus far in 2018.

2:30-4:00PM                Exploring the Value of Inclusion

We will take a look at how we are incorporating the value of inclusion into our organizational culture, programs, and approach to collaboration and community engagement. As well, we’ll examine where we are falling short and where the opportunities lie.

4:00-5:00PM                Visioning a Path Forward

Let’s talk about what’s next for Philanthropiece, with an emphasis on our local programming as it relates to the value of inclusion. We’ll define clear action steps that may be taken by our Philanthropiece staff, Advisory Board, and/or community partners.

5:00-5:30                Reflection & Closure

                        Let’s honor our time together, and this community that we share.

We hope you will all stay for a cocktail hour and social gathering,

to take place immediately following our retreat!