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BIM Art Installations Details
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BIM Art Installations Details

Description: Street / Wall Murals: Murals on the streets themselves or those on the walls of buildings are an opportunity for a community to come together and put a message on the streets, something that lasts for years to come.

Why to choose this type of event: 

Size of event: This depends on what kind of art mural one is going for: Is it a single artist’s undertaking (with possible art assistants?) or is it a collaborative contribution from a community that’s temporary like sidewalk chalk?

But I don’t do art or am not creative? If you aren’t fluent in artistic skills, but want to make an impact on your community, first reach out to artists in your community to see if there is interest and support for this type of event. You can help organize and support the event even if you aren’t creative yourself!

Logistics / What you need:

Promotions: If you are planning other actions as well as the mural, you can gather at the sight of one of your art installations. If you have many planned, you could provide a map view so your parade or community could do a tour of them.

If you are planning on doing an Art Installation please keep Income Movement informed - we would like to highlight and promote your achievements and try find ways to support at least some of the costs.