OCD Volleyball 4’s League Rules

Modified from USA Beach Volleyball Domestic Competition Regulations

Changes Highlighted

Format: All matches will be 3 games to 21 with a 2 pt. cap. In August, 3rd games will be played to 15. Format subject to change due to weather and daylight.

Timeouts: 1 :60 timeout per game

Team Composition: Each team must contain at least one male and at least one female


Net Contact: Contact with the net by a player between the antennae, during the action of playing the ball, is a fault. The action of playing the ball includes (among others) take-off, hit
(or attempt) and landing safely, ready for a new action. Contact with guy wires/pole will not be considered a fault unless the contact interferes with the play

Pursuit: Players cannot cross the centerline in or outside of the court to play a ball. Players may not run onto an adjacent court, including the serving area to play a ball or after playing a ball.

Centercourt Violations: Crossing the center line is only legal if you do not contact a player on the other side of the net or in any way impede an opponent’s attempt to play the ball.  Contact does not need to be made to constitute interference.

Serving Rules:

Let serves are allowed  

Kick serves are not allowed

One toss per serve  

No penalty for incorrect server. Make the change to the correct server when error discovered.

Serve Receive

Open hand receive/contact with fingers is not allowed  

On opponent’s request, a player must move or bend over to prevent screening  

You cannot attack or block a serve


The ball cannot be lifted or doubled  

1.5 Spin Rule - set balls that spin more than 1.5 rotations are considered violations

Balls set into the opponent’s court must be square

One handed sets contacted with “finger tip action” are not allowed


In defensive action of a hard driven ball, the ball can be held momentarily overhand with the fingers. A “hard driven ball” is defined as a ball attacked above the height of the net with speed and downward trajectory.


A block does not count as a touch  

Blockers can redirect any ball crossing the plane of the net

Men are not allowed to block or contact the ball in a blocking motion if any part of the ball is above the height of the net


No open hand dinks or tips

In coed, men are considered back row players. Back row players must take off from behind the 10 ft. line if attacking the ball. When attacking a ball in front of the 10 foot line, some part of the ball needs to be below the height of the net.


Only teams with 5 players on their official roster are allowed to to sub during the match.

Only 4 players are allowed per game.

There will be no in-game subbing except in the case of injury or sanction. This injured player may not return during the match.

Forfeit Procedures

At the start of each match (6:10 and 7:15), a late or incomplete team forfeits set 1. The late or incomplete team will have 20 minutes before forfeiting set 2 and the match. If the late or incomplete team arrives with sufficient players before the 20-minute period has elapsed, they will be allowed to warm up during the remaining time.

*If you have a rules related dispute during a match and cannot come to agreement to replay, please see the League Director for an interpretation immediately.