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4's League Rules
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4’s League Rules

Modified from USA Beach Volleyball Domestic Competition Regulations

Alcohol Policy

Collins Park is an alcohol free park. Exceptions are only made when an alcohol permit has been applied for and granted. Alcohol is not permitted at League. If alcoholic beverages are found to be present, the event may be immediately shut down and all field use permits may be revoked by the Village of Scotia. In addition, any attendees found possessing an alcoholic beverage may be cited under the Village Code and applicable State laws. OCD Volleyball will not offer refunds if an event is canceled due to a violation of this policy by a player or spectator. Additionally, anyone who's actions cause an event to be shut down will not be allowed at any future OCD Volleyball event.



Team Composition 

Net Height

1. Most net bags have blocks to rest the poles in that will bring up the height

2. Sometimes the net may appear lower at parts because the ground is not even

3. The guy wires attached to the net should form a skinnier V rather than a wide V to get the most tension on the poles.

The net height should never be adjusted using the C-clips at the top of the net.

Net Contact


Centercourt Violations

Serving Rules:

Serve Receive


Defense on Balls Coming Over the Net (non serve receive) 

  1. Must be contacted above the height of the net
  2. Have downward trajectory
  3. Be hard driven




Forfeit Procedures

*If you have a rules related dispute during a match please see the League Director for an interpretation immediately.