#227 - The Angry Chicken: “Please get weird”


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We’re assuming patch day

Nope, nevermind... moving on

At an end Synergy Picks rule are,

And not short enough it was.

Mike Donais took to reddit to announce that Synergy Picks are getting the axe.

“This won't be removed in the Balance patch as that was added as a quick bonus patch.

It will be removed in a patch after that though.”


Highlander Priest



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Hello, Huffy Hens!

It's turn 15, I have 2 health and my priest opponent has 32 damage on the board. I'm all outta ice blocks.

But I've managed to get to 5/6 of my quest and I have 4 apprentices in my hand. I can draw a Coldlight and lose, or draw one of two Tomes and hopefully win.

I draw a tome, and play my four apprentices, and the tome and get a Counterspell, so I pop that up and kick open Open the Waygate.

Blam, Antonidas and the Blizzard the Tome gave me and I start tossing Fireballs like Tim the Enchanter. I'm mostly just throwing them face, but that one minion there has six health, maybe I'll take out that one, what's a few extra fire WHAT THE HELL JUST HAPPENED?!

So that minion? Turns out it was an Obsidian Statue. Do you know what they do as a deathrattle? They kill an enemy minion. There went an apprentice.

I sit there, stunned at my stupidity as Medivh says "That was folly".

I can't cast my last fireball, but I take out a Tar Creeper with one apprentice and go face with the remaining two. Priest is at 6 hp.

I can't believe I lost like this.

He casts a Blizzard he got from a Shifting Shade, but it pops the counterspell and does nothing. A heal and a Northshire later it's my turn and I carefully place two fireballs on his face and win.

And I learned to never, ever do that again.

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Cheers, Churlish Chanticleers!

I was just listening to your discussion of the latest nerfs, and I think I have some justification for why Blizzard only wants to move cards into the Hall of Fame once per year: the dust. With your normal nerf, of course, we have the full dust refund, but remember that with the Hall of Fame, we get full dust value without having to actually dust the cards!

When that was originally announced, I recall you reacting exactly how my friends and I did, by immediately crafting up golden versions of as many Hall of Fame cards as possible. This is a really great way to scrounge up some extra dust while also crafting a card that is -- by the very fact it is going into the Hall -- virtually guaranteed to be very strong in Wild, but it comes with the catch that you need to be able to craft the cards in the first place. By keeping the Hall of Fame inductions to a very fixed schedule, it gives us more ability to plan ahead and save our dust so we can cash in as much as possible; if Blizzard were to move an epic to the Hall of Fame right now, even on a couple of weeks' notice, I would never be able to find the dust for two golden Ice Blocks.


Hi, comedic cluckers!  

I'm listening to your discussion on the nerfs and I think you missed some important points:

On Fiery War Axe: So here's the thing that I would like Team 5 to explicitly say: Is Warrior a control class or not?  Control Warrior has existed since vanilla HS with Fiery Win Axe costing 2 and has never been a problem. However, the current iteration of Warrior is not a control deck, but an aggro deck.  Important to note is that, while Fiery War Axe is in the deck and is an important part of the deck, Fiery War Axe has been proven to be fine if Warrior is working the way Warrior is supposed to work. While I'm glad they nerfed something out of Pirate Warrior, Fiery War Axe is the literal bottom of the list of cards in that deck I would have chosen, due to the fact that nerfing that card hurts control warrior so badly.

On Murloc Warleader: If you recall, all the Murloc buff cards used to say ALL Murlocs. They were changed to only affect your stuff sometime around MSG, but the buffs they gave were not changed accordingly.  So Murloc Warleader went from +2+1 to everything (assuming your opponent has Murlocs) to +2+1 to only your team, which is obviously a significant buff, and also why Warleader was not in line with Southsea Captain (because Pirates never had the ALL text, so Southsea Captain was balanced to be one-sided while Warleader was not).  It was only a matter of time until Team 5 realized this and nerfed Warleader, although I'm somewhat surprised it took them this long.

Keep up the good work, I really like the cast!


Hi angry chicks,

I have just almost smashed my phone against the wall so i have decided to share my frustration. Today I have faced exodia mage on ladder with my highlander priest. Tough match i thought, but what the hell, lets try. The mage finished up his quest, played 5 apprentices, took an extra turn, played Antonidas, brought me to 2 health, popped my (stolen) ice block, killed all six of my minions on the board, played another cheap spell to get an extra fireball so he had two in his hand and passed the turn.

With saving the coin I had a perfect solution in my hand to remove his whole board, heal myself back to 16 and pop his block again.

But I found this time the quest almost read like take TWO turns instead. Because his turn took so long queuing all the actions he made, I watched in horror as my turn came up and I started to rope immediately. I did not have enough time to remove his board and heal myself up. I was cheated of my carefully planned win by a horrible roping bug.

Did this happen to you too sometimes?


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