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CrossFit Oahu- Open Gym Info for Off Island Visitor + Drop ins
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CrossFit Oahu - Open Gym Info for Off Island Visitors + Drop ins


Open Gym Info

For Visitors and Drop-ins


We are looking forward to being a highlight of your vacation or trip to Oahu and would love to provide you with a new home to do your training. We have a 13,000 Sqft Facility (Check a 3d Walkthrough here- with one-half just for Open Gym Training and can make most of your Open Gym dreams come true but please check out the info below.

If you have any questions or have suuuuuuuper specific training needs please text us at (808) 215-5144. Anything outside the info below we can probably make happen it just would be extra on top of the normal pass.

If you love your experience a review on Google maps at would mean the world to us! 

                -Bryant Powers, CF-L4

                                                                 Owner CrossFit Oahu

Getting set up for Open Gym

A Visitor Pass is needed for Open Gym

If you haven’t purchased one already here is the link-

Checking in for Open Gym

When you come to the gym just show the pass you will get both in your email and a text to your phone. No need to pre-check into classes or use our Mindbody Online App.

Note on Trades, Comp/Games Athletes, IG Promos, etc

Please still buy the pass. Helping us pay the rent is the most important thing you can help with lol!!!

When Can I do Open Gym as a Visitor/Drop In?

Whenever there are normal Coached Class hours.

See our current Class Schedule here-

Check the above link for the actual current schedule due to updates, holidays, etc but generally, we have regular classes-

Mon-Fri: 6am, 9am, 12pm, 2pm, 4pm, 5pm, 6pm and 7pm.  (No 7pms on Fri)

Weekends: 7am(Masters/age 40+), 8am, and 9am.

During any of those times, you can come in and do Open Gym vs the Class. We open the doors 15 mins before class times if there isn’t another class before.

We cannot promise Open Gym for Visitors outside those times.

If you need a specific block of time please let us know and we can see if a Coach would want to be hired to be there to have the gym open for you.

If Coaches are around (say they teach the 6am + 9am and they are hanging out in-between from 7-9 am) and if they want to have you in there you can do Open Gym but do not rely on this. Coaches do not get paid in-between classes and are allowed to close down the facility.

If you are a long-term visitor (1 month or more) talk to the Coaches about their schedules.

Please do not make the Coach wait for you

Ask how much time you have when you check-in. Please be aware of when the Gym will be closing and plan to have all the gear and area cleaned up by 15 min after the hour. The Coach should warn you 30 mins before if they have to close down but if they don’t please work with us.

You cannot be alone in the facility or have 24hr Access

If the big door is closed it is not time for Visitor Open Gym even if other people are in the gym. We do have 24hr Access for our members by they have to sign extra waivers and do training to have that access. We do not have an option for 24hr Access for Visitors and Drop-Ins. Do not try to have them let you in (Plus the member will lose their Access if they do let you in). Also if a Coach is leaving and thinks you are a member with 24hr access please let them know you aren't and leave when the Coach Does too.

What can I do in Open Gym?

Where do I set up?

 Set up on the Open Gym Side (See the info to the right).

Just Ask the Coach!

If you are doing Open Gym you should know what is what. Check our WOD when you come in and ask the coach.

The Whiteboard Class has priority for space and gear but as long as you stay out of the way you can (within reason aka don't handstand walkthrough class) do what you want. Just try not to make a ton of weird noises so the class has to stop and look over here at you!

Open Gym during Class Hours Best Practices + Rules

Crossfit Classes always have priority on the use of equipment and space

•  Set up on the “Open Gym Side” (by the bathrooms), in the Oly Pit, or out of the way as much as you can.

•  If you want to use something on the class side (like the Muscle-up Rings) just ask the Class Coach before setting up.

•  Subleases like Kenny Patton and Workhorse Barbell have priority when they have classes  

•  For Items that will be used in the CrossFit Class, please note you need to be done with those items (Clocks, Music, etc) 15 min before the class starts.

•  Class Coaches have final authority over space and equipment during class hours

•  If you have run in and out or to other equipment take a way that doesn't impact class

Be Proactive in your setup

•  Try to solve things before a Coach has to ask you

•  During class, always see what the WOD is and the equipment needed.

•  Try not to take or horde equipment that you know the class will need

•  Do not set up in the middle of the class!

•  Busy Times- If you know a time is busy try to make as little impact as possible

Don't be too Weird

•  Pay attention to and limit noises if there is only one Class and the Coach is doing the Whiteboard intro / Instruction

•  The whole class shouldn't look over at you and think "WTF?" are they doing.

Equipment Rules

• Put all Gear Back after use in the correct spot

• If anything breaks put it at the front desk and text (808) 215-5144 with what broke + why

• Turf Rules- No Oly, KB, or other gear. Help us keep it nice

• Don't Drop items that will damage the rubber floors

• Use only what you know

• Use gear only for what it is for

• Don’t Store personal equipment stored in the gym

• Don't move things in general to random spots

• Do not bring in your own Equipment

• Do not take Equipment outside

• Eleiko bars/Kilo Plates/Oly Pit Gear for CrossFit Workouts

Cleaning Rules

• Clean as you would in a group class

• Generally Open Gym uses more space, gear, and has WODs in multiple locations. This means you probably have to mop up more than just your square.

• Mop up any tracks from running in/outside

• Put all Gear Back after use

• Clean Equipment after use including the rig

• Clean all Chaulk

• Throw away all your trash

• For the love of God if you do anything weird in the bathroom please clean it up.