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Using a hotspot
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Using a South-Western City School District Hotspot

One Hotspot and a charger are being lent to the student and are in good working order.  This equipment is and at all times remains the property of South-Western City School District.


Student Hotspot Expectations


How to get Hotspot Help

How to Use the Hotspot

  1. Power on the Hotspot using the power button if it’s turned off.  The power button should have a logo on it that looks similar to this -  
  2. You will need the Wifi name and Password that you see on your hotspot after it’s powered on.  
  1. The Wifi Name for your hotspot is __________________________
  2. The password for your hotspot is ___________________________
  1. Your student will log into their Chromebook. 
  2. Click on the bottom right side of the screen.  Choose the Wi-Fi symbol and click on it.
  3. It looks like this
  4. Find your hotspot name and click on it.
  5. Type in the above password.
  6. Then click connect.