1.        Purpose

The Board believes every effort should be made to meet the educational needs of all children. In this regard, the Board annually authorizes the administration to file a Title I application to the state for federal funds made available under the Education Consolidation and Improvement Act.

Funds are allocated to be used for the special needs of educationally disadvantaged children residing in areas with the highest concentration of children from low-income families. The funds received will be used to provide supplemental reading instruction to children in grades Kindergarten through 6, and to eligible children attending nonpublic schools, depending upon the grade levels that demonstrate the greatest need.

2.        Authority

The Title I program is governed by federal regulations and state guidelines, to which the District subscribes and complies. The program, as submitted in the application, will be implemented and carefully documented. Fiscal responsibility and management will be strictly maintained for accountability. Fiscal reconciliation reports will be filed quarterly.

3.        Delegation of         Responsibility

Title I will be evaluated through the submission of the Annual Performance Report, the Pennsylvania Department of Education monitoring team, and the audit.

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