Chronic diseases of aging have over the past century taken over from infectious diseases as the predominant causes of death and suffering. The science of aging has shown over the past few decades that certain slow biological changes collectively underlie most (if not all) chronic diseases. The aging/longevity field---the understanding of these slow changes and how to interfere with them, is currently a small part of the overall medical/healthcare/biotech spaces, but the efficiency of targeting the underlying causes of multiple diseases will rapidly cause aging to grow to become a much larger portion of biotech/medicine/healthcare.

The aging/longevity field has recently grown to the point where it is difficult to follow important developments, even for insiders. There are books, journals, and blogs, but few sources of structured information to refer to for broader context or to consult for targeted inquiries, particularly few focused narrowly on aging defined as the underlying molecular causes of multiple age-related diseases.

As an especially important example, the internet previously had no reasonably comprehensive and precise list of companies with therapies or diagnostics for underlying aging in the above sense. For a comparison of this site’s list of aging companies vs others around the web, with direct links to these others, see the “Other lists of aging companies” sub-sheet/tab of the Companies table.

Some argue that aging will be a scientific, commercial, and cultural revolution to rival any others. What is even more certain is that the field is important and of interest to many, so concise ways to pay attention will be useful. This will be a living site with ongoing updates. Focus will be on content, not flashiness, with the goal being utility for the community, those interacting with it, and the wider interested public.

Karl Pfleger, 2019

Disclosure Statement: I am an investor in several companies tracked by this website. The list is maintained on my AngelList profile. The goal of this website, however, is to be a public good: to collect, synthesize, & summarize objective, unbiased, public information already openly available on the internet.