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RLS Parent Involvement Policy 2021-2022
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R.L. Stevenson Primary

Title 1 Parent Involvement Policy 2021-2022


Alvin Independent School District’s vision is “Alvin ISD is a dynamic learning organization committed to excellence for all students and every program.” This vision reflects Stevenson Primary’s goal of working together with parents, staff, and community to grow lifelong learners in pursuit of excellence. Stevenson Primary staff is committed to the success of all students. We encourage families to visit our school and to become involved in their child’s education.  

Campus Parent-Community Committee:

Stevenson has a committee called the Family and Community Involvement Committee. This committee plans, organizes, and implements family and community events. A volunteer program is an avenue for parents to become more involved in their children’s school experiences. Every fall, each teacher will conference one-on-one with each student’s parents to inform them of the opportunities to become more involved in their child’s education. If parents are unable to attend the conference, the teacher and the parent may speak on the phone or a home visit may occur.

School Parent Compacts:

At Stevenson Primary, each teacher, student and parent sign a compact which states the student and family form a partnership to improve the child’s performance at school. The compact outlines the staff, parents and students’ responsibilities for  promotion of high student achievement.

Parent Communication and Notification:

A newsletter and E-News will be sent home weekly with dates of upcoming events such as picture day, ceremonies, field day, testing, etc. Parents of English Language Learners, parents of students with disabilities, and parents of migratory children are provided information, school reports, and newsletters in an understandable and uniform format. We communicate with our parents through newsletters (campus and individual classroom), calendars, announcements, phone calls, campus marquee, campus committee meetings, E-news, and our district and campus websites.

Parent Involvement Activities:

Parents are given the opportunity to participate in the following:


A parent survey distributed in April/May will be used to evaluate the success of Stevenson’s Family and Community Involvement Policy. The parent survey will also be used to set goals and objectives for the coming school year.

(Revised Jan, 2021)