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Monday  8/29/22

Ms. Teri (4:30pm Session)

Title: The Frail Snail on the Trail

Author:  Brian P. Cleary

Materials:  paper, markers/crayons

Description: Today we will read our Frail Snail book.  Our focus will be rhyming words.After each page we read, we will try to think of more words that rhyme with the words on those pages.  I will make a list of those words and then the children will try to write at least one of the words, more if they are able to.

Development Area: language and literacy

Objective: To compare words and learn what rhyming words are, as well as trying to make some of our own rhyming words.

Ms.Lina (10:45am Session)

Title: “It’s a firefly kind of night”


Materials:Paper & Colors

Students will read the book, and talk about their favorite number, they will make a drawing of whatever they like but it has to be the number they chose for ex:

My favorite number is 8

so I will draw 8 summer dresses.

Wednesday 8/31/22

Ms. Teri (4:30pm Session)

Title: Newton and Me

Author: Lynne Mayer

Materials:  paper, markers/crayons, ball, car/truck, blocks, something to make a ramp

Description:  In today’s story we will begin to learn what force is.  We will try to predict why things are rolling or moving, before we hear the answer in the book.  When we are done with the book, we will try to see if we have the same results with some of the same objects.  We will record that data on a bar graph.

Development Area: language and literacy

Objective: To begin to learn what force is and to record our data on a bar graph, comparing it to the results in the story.

Ms.Lina (10:45am Session)

Title: Harold and the purple crayon

Author: Ethan Long

Materials: Paper & favorite crayon color

Description: Students will learn about Harold and how he makes his whole story with one line, students will be encouraged to make a drawing with THEIR favorite crayon using only line