Dear Customers,

We are experiencing uncharted waters in New Zealand and around the world at the moment with Coronavirus/Covid-19 and our business needs to take precautions to keep running in as much safe way as it can.


  1. We will continue to operate and keep our doors open, unless you hear from us otherwise.
  2. There will be the following changes to our practice:
  1. The use of facemasks. This is to protect our staff as much as the safety of our clients.
  2. Hand sanitisers will be available at the reception, subject to availability and we encourage our clients to use them. Also we will be putting restrictions on numbers of customers present at the premises at anyone time. 

This is in keeping with the hygienic and safety practices we have long upheld, please see our Code of Practice

  1. We are not health professionals nor highly skilled in terms of making decisions on your health and this particular virus - but we are seeking advice from the right people and experts and taking our lead from them at this time.


And here's some things we need you to please take responsibility for:

  1. Please read the up to date Ministry of Health information regarding COVID19 
  2. If you or any of your family are displaying any of the symptoms we ask that you please stay away from our premises for the recommended time frame.
  3. We encourage you to use our online shop page for your purchases 
  4. Please contact us via email or call 07 5790080 rather than coming in person. If we can help remotely we will.
  5. If you do not wish to attend your appointment , we understand, but please let us know in good time by calling 07 579 0080.

Keep calm and wash your hands!

Pepa T. Heller on behalf of Bohemian Tattoo Arts, Tauranga