Experienced Freelance Content Writer ♦ Content Marketer ♦  Technical Writer

Accomplished visionary and freelancer with over 800 completed projects. I have spent the past three years as a freelance content writer for some of the largest brands and startups around the world.

After graduating from Cal State Long Beach, I pursued a Master's Degree in Northern California's Cal State East Bay. While studying for my Master's Degree, I founded a small agency called Bay Area Dealer Services. It was this experience as the owner and operator of a sole proprietorship that I learned the power of persuasive messaging and engaging content.

Just when business was getting good, I received an offer from a competing business to buy me out. As a young, eager postgraduate student, I accepted the offer and received a check for what would become the foundation that the rest of my life was built on.

My business wasn't successful because it was unique or innovative. It was successful because I had unknowingly tapped into a messaging that customers resonated with.

I took that knowledge and began helping other clients find their messaging as a content writer. Three years later, I’m still a content writer with over 800 completed projects, a beautiful son, a lovely wife and passion for doing what I do best, WRITING!


Content Marketing                     

Technical Writing                              

SEO Website Content                                              

Content Strategizing                           

Research Papers                                

 Wordpress Development & Mgmt

Article Writing                   


Keyword & Competitor Research

● Branding & Rebranding  

Financial Copywriting                       

Link Building & Guest Blogging


Freelance content writer, 2016-2019

Customer Testimonial:         “Ishmael was great! His communication was really good and is very easy to work with, any changes that I asked him to do, he did with a smile without making any fuss. I will definitely place more orders with him and recommend very strongly..” –Vinuten Digital Marketing

Founder, Owner & Operator of Bay Area Dealer Services, 2015-2018

Customer Testimonial:        “Bay Area Dealer Services offers many different services to help with anything DMV/dealer paperwork related, so make sure you hit them up for your needs. Let him know that Winnie recommended you! Support your local business and it's a great service to invest in because who wants to line up at the DMV or do anything related to that? Haha!” –Yelp Review From Winnie G

General Manager, Maliks Bookstore, Los Angeles, California, 2008-2015

A family-owned bookstore that specializes in cultural literature from around the world. As the general manager, I was responsible for the day to day operations and the presenting of financial reports to the owner. –


Master Degree, Public Administration (MPA)                                   Cal State University,  East Bay

Bachelor of Arts, Anthropology    

Cal State University,  Long Beach


120 TEFL Teaching Credential

Wordpress Developer