First Published at: on November 20 2017

Details on
LMD/Twitter Reporting Program

We intend to run our loyalty program alongside our LMD/Twitter Reporting Program on a Twitter and Google Doc backbone.

First and foremost:  you must be following @lastminutedeals on Twitter.

Second:  you must report lastminutedeals over Twitter.

Third:  You need to register at

Fourth:  to participate in the Loyalty Program, you need to purchase hotel rooms on our website.  Then you need to report that purchase and trip id on the private personal loyalty spreadsheet you keep with us.  In order to maintain the spreadsheet - you will need a G-Mail account and you should install Google Docs on your computer and on your smartphone.  If you don’t wish to install Google Docs - this may not be the loyalty program “for you”.

Fifth:  rewards for the LMD/Twitter Reporting Program.  We have absolutely no idea how we are going to reward you for submitting great lastminutedeals.  But we are confident that this will work itself out as developers join us to flesh out the program.


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