Volume 19 / Issue 2        

Board of Directors

Shane Marquardt (President)

608 607 3594

LeRoy Welter (Vice President)

608 234 0607

Woody Steinhoff (Secretary)

813 735 9817

Bruce Weyh (Treasurer)

608 981 2582

Troy Bartz

608 279 9362

Jeana Welter

608 354 1188

Larry Lietz

863 517 1280

Dan Denzer

390 394 3265

Bill Voigt

608 547 2578

Barb Calkins

608 617 5567

Jeremy Peterson

608 588 5998

Steve Strand

920 344 3142

Jim Hinickle

608 742 8258

Bob Corning

608 617 8388

Jim Kostinek

608 617 7084

Presidents Message         

Shane Marquardt

The summer shooting schedule is well underway and there are lots of activities happening at the club.

There are many benefits to being a member of the Rod and Gun club. The rifle and pistol range are open most days from 8 am to dusk. Be sure to check the calendar just in case there is an event scheduled that day. 

The summer trap League has started, but there is still time to join a team or form your own.

There is a skeet range available. There is a high school trap team called the Claybusters who shoot here too.  In fact, I understand they have just become Conference Champs!  Congratulations to the shooters and the coaches involved in that program. We have a Trap Shooting Fun Day planned for August 3rd.  This is something new we are trying to gain some interest by getting together to shoot just for fun.

There are hunter safety classes offered at the club. The archery range is open year around.  As an active member, the property is available to you as well. The club house is open on Wednesday mornings, Wednesday evenings, and Saturday afternoons all summer long and also available for event rentals.


The June board meeting will include election of board members. Please show your support and attend if you can. We are always looking for new ideas and input as to the direction you would like to see "your" club continue to improve. If you or someone you know is interested in becoming more involved, this is a great way to start.  There are 15 board members with 5 positions up for election every year.  The officers are elected at the July meeting.


 We are including a partial list of projects that need completing at the club.  These are some of the ways you can fill your work requirement as a member.  If you have specific skills and are able to help with these projects, please let us know. If there are specific leagues or events you would like to see held at the club, we would love to hear your ideas.


Woody Steinhoff

Summer trap leagues are underway and the targets are flying! We would like to thank Hooper, Zinke Dray Line, Weyh Welding, and Rileys for supporting our trap league. Please consider frequenting these businesses if they fit a need for you. We also would like to thank the members that pulled together a team on their own. As of this writing we have nine trap teams in the 16 yard league and one team in the yardage league. We have teams looking to fill spots, if you’re interested in shooting trap this year – stop by the club.

The club is participating in the Quad County shoots throughout the winter, please support the club and this fun shoot. The club will host ATA shoots on June 23rd and July 7th in 2019. Please consider supporting these events by participating or volunteering to work. These events help raise money for the club.

Summer Gun Raffle Tickets are For Sale

Portage High School Claybusters

Bill voigt

We won our conference!!  Along with that we placed very well as individuals.  Portage Highschool Claybusters scored 12,518 tru-score points. Second place was Royal High School with 11,611.50 points. All four of our young ladies placed in the top eight females in our conference. Halie Maier and Emma Ashbrook tied for eighth, Maya Schroeder was fourth, and Gretchen Georgeson was Second.

In the boy’s division, we placed five in the top twenty-five for our conference. Michael LaBelle ranked twenty-third, Braden Schaller ranked twentieth, Jacob Van Wormer ranked thirteenth, Colton Kapel ranked seventh, and Gaje Tessmer was sixth. Gretchen's performance ranked her 24th in the girl’s division for the entire state. Gaje ranked 94th overall in the state out of the 2300 youth shooters in Wisconsin.

Addendum to Bill’s comments from the Board:

This is an exciting time for the club and our youth shooters. If you happen to see any the following coaches or youth shooters, please take the time to congratulate them on a stellar performance. Our club is fortunate to have Coaches willing to dedicate time and effort with the youth team. We’re even more fortunate to have a youth program with inspired trap shooters that are in the sixth grade through high school.

The Coaches

Bill Voigt

John Center

Jason Stenberg

Ted Leonard

Bill Schaller

Jim Brancel

Ron Thompson

Jackie Walker

The Claybusters

Emma Ashbrook

Hunter Davis

Thomas Gawel

Gretchen Jo Georgeson

Kenneth Georgeson

Branden Hall

Isaiah Hoege

Maxwell Johnson

Wyatt Jost

Colton Kapel

Deagen Krueger

Michael LaBelle

Cameron Lee

Halie Maier

Ryan Maier

Luke Paulson

Bennett Schaller

Braden Schaller

Maya Schroeder

Jordan Starr

Andrew Steinle

Jack Stevenson

Dayton Tessmer

Gaje Tessmer

Jackson Trimble

Jacob VanWormer

Levi Wood

On Point…

Woody Steinhoff (Editorial)

The following is my opinion and not necessarily the opinion of the gun club.

Spring is in the air…Dixie and I have been to a coupe more NAVDHA training sessions, she’s making improvements with each session. She’s doing well with tracking birds and locating a scent cone in the field when she comes across one. When she does get a whiff of a bird, she gets very excited and wants to rush in and catch the bird.  We’re working hard on building patience to get to a solid point and believe me it’s hard as Dixie is a very bouncy dog. We’re going to start attending training sessions twice a week at the Mazomanie training grounds.

Our main goals for the foreseeable future are to build to a solid point, work on swimming and general obedience in the field (heel, fetch, drop, and here commands). Dixie loves the water, as long as her feet are on the ground. I’m sure with the right encouragement, she’ll be swimming laps around the pond in no time.

In closing, I had the pleasure of working my first NAVDHA Natural Ability test for the WRC NAVDHA Chapter in mid-May. It was very exciting to watch these dogs execute the things that Dixie and I are now working on.  My plan is to test Dixie for Natural Ability in August. Wish us luck!

Board Meeting – June 17, 2019 @ 6:00pm

Do you have the skills?

Board of directors

Listed below are some projects that we would like to complete at the gun club.  We would like to reach out to our membership and ask for volunteers to help check things off this list. Do you have a skillset that could help us reduce this project list?  If you think you do, please contact your favorite board member to see how you can help.

Projects needing attention:


Pistol and Rifle Ranges need constant clean up on targets and garbage

Trim Trees along driveway

Trash cans on the ranges can be emptied

Empty and haul burn barrel contents to the dump

Door frame repairs completed last fall need painting

Edge Sidewalks on trap range and around clubhouse

Repair warehouse roof with patch and sealant

Finish cleaning up pile of timbers off parking lot - Save 3 - 20' long timbers for spares

Lights to be installed on Skeet Range

Trim Brush and Trees from below Trap 1 (there is also a pile of black dirt available there)

Driveway Gate and Lock installation

Redesign Parking Lot to avoid run off onto Pistol range and stop eroding the hill near the pistol shed

Straighten poles on Skeet range

Fill in and seed washout area near Pistol shed

Pistol range Brass canister (like in the rifle building)

Build the shooting bench roof and new benches on the pistol ranges

Install Surveillance System on grounds

Pistol Bay Drainage (drain tile) and Cut Stump off flat in Bay #4

http://portagerodandgun.org/images/2b57ba7ee82646a887933d8a1dac8bef_imi0.pngGRAB YOUR GUNS      http://portagerodandgun.org/images/2b57ba7ee82646a887933d8a1dac8bef_imi0.png



August 3, 2019

10am – 6pm


Portage Rod and Gun club

Highway 16 West


Trap - Skeet

Maybe try shooting Trap Doubles


$20.00 for Members

$25.00 for Non-Members


Paddle raffles and drawings all day.

Kitchen will be open for food and beverages all day!


Contact: Steve Strand


Rain date: August 4, 2019


General Club information

Woody Steinhoff

ATA Shoot June 23, 2019!

Important Dates

Woody Steinhoff

Listed below are some important dates the Fourth and First quarters of 2019:



Membership Application


By accepting this membership,

I agree to abide by all rules of the club.


Name: ____________________________________________

               Last                                   First                            M.I.

Address: __________________________________________

City: _________________State: __________  Zip: _________

Date Sold: _______________    Sold By: _________________

Email Address: _____________________________________

Activities you’re interested in participating in:

___Rifle Range

___Trap Shooting

___Sporting Clays

___Pistol Range

___Skeet Shooting

___Archery Range

Volunteer Help is Deeply Appreciated