Here are some suggested activities...

5 minute Brain Break Activities

15 minute Brain Break Activities

Home Based Creative Learning Tasks

GoNoodle Videos

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Sidewalk Chalk

STEM Challenges:

Play-Doh sculptures

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Watercolour painting

Imaginative PlayImage result for dress up

  • Build a Fort
  • Dress Ups
  • Make a shop
  • Puppet Theatre
  • Make playdough

Sketch and colour a picture

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Play outside


Dance Party to your favourite song

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Ride a bike

Make a diorama or digital presentation for a topic of interest

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Cosmic Kids Yoga YouTube videoImage result for cosmic kids yoga

Play hide and seek


Hour of Code

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5 Minute Move Kids Workout by the Body Coach

Build a LEGO sculpture

Art & Craft


How to Draw result for art and craft

Read your favourite picture book

Take turns telling silly jokes with your family members

Cardboard box construction

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