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Final Range View Elementary Student & Parent Handbook 21-22
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                              Range View Elementary | An IB World School

Student & Parent Handbook


Welcome to a new school year at Range View!  We look forward to all that this school year will bring.

This handbook is designed to provide critical information for our Range View community. Please review this handbook with your child and keep it as a reference.

Thank you for your collaboration and continued partnership. We look forward to working with you this year.

Contacting Range View:

Main Phone Line        970-833-7300

Attendance Line        970-833-7305

Please leave a message that includes

student name, grade level,  teacher, and a brief reason for the absence.

District Office        970-686-8000

Transportation         970-686-8060

School Office Hours:

Monday - Friday

7:30a.m. - 4:00p.m.

Range View Website

School Hours

½  Day Kindergarten   

 AM: 7:55a.m. - 10:55a.m.

  PM:  11:45a.m. - 2:55p.m.


Full Day Kindergarten - 5th Grade

7:55a.m. - 2:55p.m.

Soft Start:  7:45a.m. - 7:55a.m.

First Bell: 7:55a.m.

Bus Dismissal:  2:45p.m.  

Walkers/Riders/Parent Pickup Dismissal: 2:50 p.m.


                                                                                                                                                                                   August 2018

Our Mission

Inspiring Innovation, Empowering Success

Range View is a collaborative community dedicated to inspiring and

empowering internationally minded citizens who are inquiring, knowledgeable, caring, and prepared to play a meaningful role in an increasingly dynamic and interrelated world.

Our Focus

We focus on learning, collaboration, and results. The five questions that guide our work are…

  1. What do we want to know and be able to do?
  2. How best will we learn?
  3. How will we know if we have learned?
  4. How will we respond when learning has not occurred?
  5. How will we respond when learning has already occurred?

Who We Are

  • ALL Students, ALL Staff!
  • We are principled; what we say, we will do.
  • We cooperate; We  instead of me without competing.
  • We communicate with integrity; we talk to people, not about people.
  • We bring enthusiasm and positivity to our teaching.
  • We reflect on our practice to continuously improve.
  • We collaborate by listening, contributing, supporting, & being open-minded.
  • We encourage all voices to be heard & share in decision-making (fist-to-five).
  • We honor our time by being efficient, professional, present, & productive.
  • We value balance.


Our staff, students, &  families work together to help us all reach our potential.


We seek healthy & respectful relationships through building trust with one another.

Safe Environment

We are committed to maintaining a physically, mentally, & socially safe environment that promotes high levels of academic growth & achievement.


We utilize our decision-making matrix to determine how decisions are made. We arrive at consensus decisions when all voices have been heard & the will of the group is evident.

General Information

We take pride in being a community school. We have a dedicated staff.


We believe that attendance at school is integral to the success of your child. Students are expected to be in attendance at a rate equal or greater than 95% of each grading period. This percentage averages two excused absences per quarter for Weld RE-4 students. Administration will work with the student and family to increase attendance rate when the absence rate is significant. Please expect to be contacted directly after 5 days of absence. A doctor's note verifying illness may be required with repeated absence.

If your child will be absent from school, please call the school attendance line (970.833.7305) before school starts. Please include the following information in your message: Child’s name, teacher, date of absence, and reason for absence. As a safety precaution we will call home, a parent’s place of employment, or emergency contacts if we do not have confirmation of absence. Student absences are divided into two categories: excused or unexcused. The determination of an absence as excused or unexcused ultimately rests with the building principal or designee. See the following guidelines:

Student Behavior


Weld RE-4 Student Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct and Annual Notifications (English)

Code of Conduct and Annual Notifications (Spanish)

Range View uses a Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) philosophy. The key features of PBIS that assist in creating a positive learning environment for all are:

Students and/or classes are recognized for outstanding behavior through receiving a Trailblazer Ticket. Tickets are collected in the main hallway and accumulate toward a schoolwide goal. Once this goal is reached students achieve a schoolwide reward.  This system creates an environment where academic and behavioral success is achieved by all.

Range View also uses a Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) approach for behavior as well as academics. MTSS is a systemic, continuous-improvement framework in which data-based problem-solving and decision making is practiced across all levels of the educational system for supporting students academically, socially, and behaviorally.

At the beginning of each year, our teachers establish fair and consistent expectations called “Essential Agreements” with students and review school expectations/Essential Agreements. Each child knows and understands the expectations and is aware of incentives & consequences for behavior.

Student behavior violations that constitute an office referral involve:

*Definition of School Bullying: Any written or verbal expression, or physical or electronic act or gesture, or pattern thereof, that is intended to coerce, intimidate, or cause any physical, mental, or emotional harm to any student.                           

We believe that every opportunity at Range View Elementary School is a learning opportunity. Students will be given opportunities to problem solve, discuss, and make positive behavioral choices. We believe that students are responsible for their behavior and how they restore the outcomes of their behavior. We provide them with active coaching to support their behaviors through conflict resolution strategies. If necessary, consequences for inappropriate behavior or violations of the student code of conduct can include:

Before & After School


Gates are unlocked and the first bell rings at 7:45am. Students enter campus and walk directly to their classrooms or line-up spots and enter the classroom to begin morning work. The tardy bell rings at 7:55. If your student is late to school please have them enter through the front office and we will get them to their classroom.

Parents walking their child(ren) to school, we ask that you keep any animals at home. Please do not bring any animal, even leashed, onto school property. Thank you for keeping our students and your pet safe. The exception includes licensed guide animals.


The bus bell rings at 2:45 pm for those students riding the bus. The walker/rider/parent pick-up bell rings at 2:50 pm. Kindergarten through 2nd grade classrooms exit to the playground and wait for siblings to pick up if necessary and then proceed to the east parking lot for parent pick up. Students in 3rd-5th exit through the gate on Finch Drive. If they pick up a younger sibling they will then exit through the Finch Dr. gate as well.

Range View  students need to be picked up no later than 2:55 pm. Students not picked up by that time will go to the office and wait for a parent or emergency contact to come into the building and check them out. For safety reasons students are not permitted to stay after school and play on the playground. Students must go home first. Please make sure your  student knows their pick up plan for the day and follows through with the plan. If situations change, we ask that you call the school office no later than 2:00 pm and we will get a message to your student. Please do not email your child’s teacher with changes to transportation. They may not receive it in time. Please contact our school office at 970-833-7300.

Parents walking their child(ren) home from school, we ask that you keep any animals at home. Please do not bring any animal, even leashed, onto school property. Thank you for keeping our students and your pet safe. The exception includes licensed guide animals.

If you need to check out your child before the end of the school day, please bring your  ID with you. After your ID is checked, our office staff will contact your child’s teacher to send him/her down to the office to be picked up.


Students will go outside for recess except during extremely cold weather, rain, or snowstorms. Even during cold weather students may be taken outside for a shortened play period. Students should be dressed appropriately for weather conditions. Please send them to school with boots, hats, scarves, mittens, warm coats, etc. when necessary.

Bus Conduct

Bus Safety Conduct Rules and Infraction Guidelines

Bus Safety Conduct Rules and Infraction Guidelines - Spanish


Parties and Holidays                        

Party and holiday celebrations will be scheduled around instructional priorities. Birthday celebrations need to be scheduled with the classroom teacher and they will communicate classroom policy for treats, etc. If classroom teachers would like to have party volunteers, they will directly contact families. Parties and holiday celebrations during the school day are designed for students only. Range View will host family events after school hours throughout the school year in order to provide opportunities for Range View families to come together.


Students are asked to pass out party invitations outside of the school setting unless they are inviting the entire class.

Dress Code

We believe that students are successful when they feel comfortable and empowered. The following are dress code expectations:

Students may be sent home to change if their dress is not in accordance with these expectations. We ask parents/adults/volunteers/visitors to be good role models for students and honor our above guidelines when on school grounds.


Your child’s health and the health of all students is important to us. The following guidelines are recommended when you have questions about sending your child to school:

How Sick is Too Sick?

Lost & Found

Lost and Found is located in the central hallway at the main entrance of the building. Every effort will be made to return lost items to our students. It is important to mark your child’s name on clothing and lunch boxes/water bottles. Unidentified/unclaimed lost and found items will be donated to a clothing bank at the end of each trimester.

                                            Parent Information                                                

Visiting School                                                

We believe in a positive relationship with our families and community. Parents shall have reasonable access to activities and functions at the school upon advance notice to, and authorization by, the school administrator's office. In order to assure that no unauthorized persons enter buildings with wrongful intent and that the educational process or other school operations are not disrupted, all parents and visitors to the school shall report to the school office when entering, and must receive authorization before entering other parts of the building. Please have your I.D. with you at every visit.                        

Younger siblings and friends are not permitted to visit the classroom for the day.

If you would like to eat lunch with your child you may check them out for lunch.                                                 

All visitors shall sign in at the office and receive a visitor badge to wear in the building. This procedure ensures a safe environment for our students and gives visiting parents instant recognition in the building.                                                

Parent Volunteers and Involvement                                

One of our goals is to maximize academic success for every child in a safe and orderly environment. To accomplish this, teachers need your help when you are visiting and helping in the classroom. Please observe the following guidelines:


To and From School

The safety of students coming to and from school is very important to us. Here is what you can do to help:


Safety Protocols                        

Our district adheres to the Standard Response Protocol developed by the i love u guys Foundation for safety response actions and procedures. Our students and staff are explicitly taught the procedures. For more information visit                        


To help ensure the safety of all students, we ask that if riding a bike, skateboard, or scooter to school, walk it while on school property. “Walk your wheels.” Bike racks are available for student use. Students need teacher approval to store rollerblades in their classroom.

Electronic Devices & Valuables

Personal electronic devices such as cell phones, smart watches, handheld gaming devices, and music players can be a disruption to the learning environment and are not permitted at school unless the device has been approved by the teacher as an educational tool. Cell phones should be turned off and placed in student backpacks during school hours. If you need to change a routine, please call the office at 970-833-7300 and we will deliver the message to your child. If a student needs to contact home, they can let their teacher know and arrangements to use a school phone can be made.

Students should not bring large quantities of money, valuables, or toys and trading cards to school.




RV Student & Parent Handbook