1st Quarter                                        

Essentials of Geometry

                Points, Lines, Planes, Angles

                Midpoint and Distance Formulas

                Classify Polygons

                Perimeter, Circumference and Area

Reasoning and Proof

                Inductive and Deductive Reasoning

                Conditional Statements

                Algebra Properties in Proofs

                Proving Relationships

Parallel and Perpendicular Lines

                Transversals and Angles Pairs Formed

              Slopes of Lines

                Write and Graph Lines

                Perpendicular Lines and Theorems

2nd Quarter

Congruent Triangles

                Congruent Triangle Theorems

                Proving Triangles Congruent

                Isosceles and Equilateral Triangles

                Congruent Transformations

Relationships with Triangles

                Perpendicular and Angle Bisectors

                Midsegments of Triangles

                Use Medians and Altitudes

                Inequalities in a Triangle


                Ratios and Proportions

                Similar Triangles Theorems

                Proving Triangles Similar

                Similarity Transformations




3rd Quarter

Right Triangles and Trig

                Pythagorean Theorem

                Special Right Triangles

                Apply Sine, Cosine and Tangent

                Similar Right Triangles


                Angle Measures in a Polygon

                Properties of Parallelograms, Rhombuses,

             Rectangles and Squares

                Properties of Kites and Trapezoids

Properties of Circles

                Angle Relationships with Circles

                Arc Measures

                Properties of Chords, Tangents and Secants

              Write and Graph Equations of Circles

4th Quarter

Measuring Length and Area

                Perimeter and Area of Figures

                Area of Circles and Sectors

                Perimeter and Area of Similar Figures

             Geometric Probability

Surface Area and Volume

                SA and Vol. Of Prisms, Pyramids

             Cylinders, Cones and Spheres

Properties of Transformations



                Rotations, Reflections and Translations