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2021 Student & Parent Technology Handbook
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WSHS Student and Parent Technology Handbook

Updated August 2021

WSHS Student and Parent Technology Handbook        1

Technology Staff        2

Digital Citizenship        2

Access        2

Account Login Information        2

Zoom Access Tips        3

Laptop/Device 101        3

Student Login Instructions        3

Instrucciones para los estudiantes para el acceso a los computadores        4

Laptop/Device Checkout Agreement        4

Device Issue Troubleshooting/PWCS Helpdesk        5

Ipads        5

iPad Reset        5

iPad Apps        5

Office 365 Downloads        5

School WIFI        6

Communication        7

Student Email        7

Receiving PWCS Communications        7

Social Media        7

Classroom and Learning        7

Canvas        7

Parent Canvas Account        8

Clever Apps        8

Naviance App in Clever (video directions)        10

Other Apps for School        10

Grades & Schedules        11

StudentVue        11

StudentVue Login        11

Student Password Expiration        11

StudentVue Mobile App        11

ParentVue        11

Logging into ParentVue        11

Editing Student Information in ParentVue        12

ParentVue Mobile App        12

Naviance/Transcripts        12

Technology Staff

Ms. Fielding, Instructional Technology Coach

-Can help with Student account issues

-Need to meet with Ms Fielding?

Mr. Mammen, TSSPEC

        -Can help you with hardware issues (computer function issues)

Digital Citizenship 

ISTE  outlines the following Standards for Student Digital Citizenship:

Digital Citizen Students recognize the rights, responsibilities and opportunities of living, learning and working in an interconnected digital world, and they act and model in ways that are safe, legal and ethical.


a. cultivate and manage their digital identity and reputation and are aware of the permanence of their actions in the digital world.

b. engage in positive, safe, legal and ethical behavior when using technology, including social interactions online or when using networked devices.

c. demonstrate an understanding of and respect for the rights and obligations of using and sharing intellectual property.

d. manage their personal data to maintain digital privacy and security and are aware of data-collection technology used to track their navigation online.

Please see the PWCS Internet Responsible Use Policy for full expectations on using school network and resources.

Parents, are you looking for ways to talk to your students about their digital lives? Common Sense education as a variety of tips to help you out.


Account Login Information

Microsoft 365/StudentVue/Canvas/Zoom

Google Drive

Visit to reset this password.

See one of your teachers to have your google password reset.

Microsoft 365:




Zoom Access Tips

To get into your zoom account visit:

On your computer:

Log into things in this order:

1. log into the computer

2. log into Office365

3. log into zoom

4. log into canvas 

5. Click the zoom link in Canvas

If you are using a personal computer make sure you have downloaded the app:

On the App:

1. You need to make sure to click "Sign in with SSO"

2. Enter pwcs-zm-edu has the "company domain"

3. Then log in with your email and password.

Here is a helpful video that will show you how to log in via the desktop or mobile app. (Spanish Version:

Laptop/Device 101

Here is a video for common troubleshooting laptop issues:

Student Login Instructions

1. Power on the system and press Ctrl-Alt-Delete at the same time on the login/lock screen.

2. In the Username Field type: Student Username

3. In the password field type: Student Password

4. Press enter.

5. You will now be logged in. Please know this may take a few minutes.

6. To access your email and other Office 365 resources you can go to

7. You will be prompted for your PWCS email address (that is the one that ends Click next.

8. If prompted for account type, choose a school account. Click next.

9. Then enter your PWCS password and click next. If you need to reset your password because you don't know it, please go to

*For additional information on instructional resources and password reset options, visit:

Instrucciones para los estudiantes para el acceso a los computadores

 1. Prender el computador y presionar Control Alt y Delete al mismo tiempo en la pantalla de acceso (login/lock screen)

2. En el espacio de la casilla para el nombre del usuario (username) escribir:. El nombre del usuario (el punto y la barra diagonal invertida necesitan ponerse exactamente igual a como está escrito aquí.)

3. En el espacio de la contraseña (password) escribir.

4. Presionar Enter.

5. Ahora se inicia la sesión. Este proceso puede demorar algunos minutos.

6. Para acceder al correo electrónico y otros recursos de Office 365, visitar el siguiente enlace:

7. El sistema pedirá que se coloque la dirección de correo electrónico de PWCS. Hacer clic en Next. 8. Si se solicita un tipo de cuenta de usuario, elegir la cuenta escolar. Hacer clic en Next.

9. Luego, ingresar la contraseña de PWCS y hacer clic en Next.

Student Login Instructions - Arabic

Student Login Instructions - Spanish

Student Login Instructions - Vietnamese

Student Login Instructions - ZH-CN

Student Login Instructions - Farsi

Student Login Instructions - Korean

Student Login Instructions - Urdu

Laptop/Device Checkout Agreement

1. Parent/Guardian and student will review all aspects of the Prince William County Public School's Acceptable Use Policy for Computer Systems and Network Usage, Regulation 295-1.

2. Accessing the Internet via the Student Device shall be used for instructional purposes and not for recreational or employment activities.

3. Once the Student Device is returned, data the student may have stored on the device will no longer be accessible.

4. The Student Device and accessories will be surrendered immediately upon request of the instructor or school official.

5. Parent/Guardian will reimburse Prince William County Public Schools for the cost of a replacement should the Student Device be lost, stolen, or damaged. The costs incurred will not exceed the original cost of the device and its accessories. In the case of lost, stolen, or damaged equipment, parent/student agrees to contact the school within five business days so that appropriate procedures can be put into action to ensure replacement. If a device is lost or stolen and the replacement cost creates a financial hardship, the parent/guardian must contact the student's counselor to determine a solution to this difficulty.

Device Issue Troubleshooting/PWCS Helpdesk

See this document for common device troubleshooting issues.

If tips on that document don’t work contact the PWCS Help Desk by calling 703-791-8826 or by emailing

Help Desk Hours of Operation: The Help Desk is staffed Monday–Friday, 7 a.m.–4:30 p.m. when schools are in session and 8 a.m.–4 p.m. when schools are not in session. The Help Desk will not open whenever schools are closed on a Code Red. Hours may vary on Code Green days based on weather conditions

Office 365 Downloads

All students attending Prince William County Public Schools are allowed 5 downloads of Microsoft Office for the devices that they use for schoolwork.  Students will need to log in to their Office 365 account.

Download includes Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook and OneNote.

Students should go to and log in with their and password (same as StudentVue).

To install, click “Install Office” in the top right corner of the screen.

Shows the apps as they are layed out in the Offiec365 screen.

Note that as soon as a student un-enrolls or graduates the product becomes inactive and will no longer work on your machine.  

School WIFI

Username: PWCS-WSHS

Password: FourMyd3v!ces

The diagram which lists what can and can't be done on the guest wifi.


Student Email

Students, whenever you email a teacher or administrator you should use your verified student account. Please make sure to email teachers from your Microsoft (  If you email from your personal account teachers can’t be sure you are who you say you are.  Your confidential academic emails should happen in your professional school accounts.

Receiving PWCS Communications

Parents, if you are not receiving the email message from PWCS and your email is in the system it is likely that you have blocked emails from PWCS.  You have two courses of action to receive the emails:

  1. Add and to their contacts list.
  2. Email to have their email address unblocked.

Social Media

Please follow these social media accounts to get updates on school events.

Please share your school stories with #ThisIsUsWSHS

Classroom and Learning


This will be the primary learning management system for 2020-2021.  Login with your address.


In addition to their classes all students will be enrolled in the following classes:

-New Student Orientation

-WSHS Library

-Class of 202_

-Classroom of their Counselor

Parent Canvas Account

To create a Canvas Parent Account visit:

Your child will need to log into their account to get an observer code for you. Here are the directions for that:

After they get their code you should follow these directions to set up your account:

Another great source of information is the PWCSBackpack Site: There are videos that will show you how to setup your accounts.

Clever Apps

Clever brings all K12 applications into one secure portal and provides single sign-on for everyone in the district.

Log in to Student Login Information:

Students: You can reset your Office365/StudentVue password at

Click on the “Waffle” in the top left corner.

Click on “All Apps”

Select Clever App From the list

Click login “With Office 365”

Once logged in you will find the apps that you need including:

Naviance App in Clever (video directions)

Other Apps for School

Here is the list of FREE apps that will be helpful for students to download to their device.


Use In Class

Desmos Graphing Calculator

Create graphs, no need for a handheld calculator.

Book Creator

Create digital books.

Create digital graphics and posters for classroom projects

Adobe Spark

Create digital graphics, videos, and small webpages for class projects.

Grades & Schedules


StudentVue Login

Student passwords expire each year. Make sure to reset your password yearly. Students should log into StudentVue with their email address. Their password is the same as their computer login.

Here is a video I made about some issues I have seen when students try logging into StudentVue

Student Password Expiration

Students your Computer/Microsoft/StudentVue password expires 1 year after it was created. If you have an expired, or soon to be expired password a notification is automatically sent to your Microsoft email.

StudentVue Mobile App

The mobile app will ask for a district address. It is:


Logging into ParentVue

Usernames ARE case sensitive. Make sure to follow the username exactly as you received it with your activation email.

If you have not received an email with an activation code you can contact your child's administrative secretary and they can help you get your activation code and make sure you have a correct email in the system. The secretaries assignments are listed below:

Please contact the alpha counselor of your student from the list below for help with ParentVue:

Email Ms. Guevara at

A-Boj - Wooten-Mitchell

Bol-Dej - Roberts

Email Ms. Johnson at       

Del-Go - Gettis

Gr-Kie - Swanson

Email Ms. Zizzo at

Kif-Mis - Falkenstein

Mit-Ram - Lederman

Email Ms. Chinchilla at

Ran-S - Eaton

T-Z - Edwards

Sullivan: IEP/504 Plan Students, email Ms. Tunki at

Editing Student Information in ParentVue

Parents you can edit your student information on the web, but not in the mobile app.  So if you want to edit your students' information please visit on a computer.

ParentVue Mobile App

The mobile app will ask for a district address. It is:


Students, you will now access Naviance via Clever in Office365. See above Clever directions for how to access this resource.

Here is a video showing you how to log in.

Ms. Ackins is the point of contact for Naviance issues.