GB Finance Officer - Role Description

The costs associated with a GB Ultimate squad quickly mount up.  Each event is expensive: entry fees, accommodation, food etc.  Squads attend a number of training sessions, potentially travel to warm-up tournaments, and may engage various support staff in volunteer or paid roles.  

We need to protect the players and any volunteer team coordinators from financial risks that may arise from their involvement - e.g. paying up-front for an event and not receiving the money back from team-mates; and we also need to make sure that the teams do not create a liability that has to be covered from general UK Ultimate reserves - e.g. due to errors in calculating the full costs of competing.

The structure of international ultimate is such that we always have some active GB teams, and as the NGB we have a responsibility to ensure that the financial arrangements for the teams are well-managed.  In some years, we have as many as 21 GB teams competing internationally, and we believe this maximum number may yet increase further.

Tasks and responsibilities

All of the tools and tasks identified above exist to some extent already; but all would benefit from another “pair of hands” to ensure we keep improving them.

Person specification


Time Commitment

Any expenses incurred will be reimbursed

The position is fixed-term of 3 years(*) but individuals are free to apply for a subsequent term

(*) As we initially create the committee, we will stagger the terms across the group to help ensure continuity in the group as individuals step down / join.

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