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Spring 2019 Consulting Team

Table of Contents

  1. Team Introduction                                                                          
  2. Client Background                                                                              
  3. Deliverables
  4. Kenyan Media System Guidelines        
  5. Social Media Guidelines
  6. Sample Social Media Posts
  7. Fact Sheet        
  8. Conclusion                                        

Team Introduction

Sophia Nitsolas,  Director of Consulting

Sophia is a senior majoring in Advertising with minors in Digital Media Trends and Analytics, Business, International Relations and Psychology. This is her third year with Happy Valley Communications. Sophia’s interest in public relations consulting grew after the summer of her freshman year when she interned for Philly PR Girl as a social media coordinator. Sophia recently returned from study abroad and has a huge passion for travel. In the future, she has a growing interest in doing in-house advertising and public relations work for a global organization.

Liam Datwani,  Account Associate

Liam is a senior majoring in Advertising and Comparative Literature with a minor in Psychology. This is his third year with Happy Valley Communications. Liam’s interests in advertising and media planning grew as he took more classes and interned with different agencies. Liam spent last summer studying abroad in the Czech Republic, learning about the international media system and the world at large. He is hoping to work for a major media agency in New York City when he graduates this May.

Annalise Mara, Account Associate

Annalise is a freshman majoring in Advertising and minoring in Spanish and Digital Media Trends and Analytics. This is Annalise’s first year with Happy Valley Communications and she is looking forward to continuing her participation in the club. She is also very passionate about her dance club Volé and she is beyond excited to study abroad in the future! She’s hoping to live and work in New York City or Philadelphia one day.

Gwen Nathan ,  Account Associate

Gwen is a junior majoring in Public Relations and Economics with minors in Digital Media Trends and Analytics. This is her first year with Happy Valley Communications and she looks forward to furthering her participation in the club next year. Gwen found an interest in public relations after taking classes her freshman year, and continued to pursue this interest through involvement in clubs on campus. In addition to her public relations based clubs, Gwen is involved in her business fraternity and her sorority. In the future, she  hopes to continue her passion for Public Relations interning with an agency in New York City this summer.  

Megan Magee, Account Associate

Megan is a junior from Berkeley Heights, NJ majoring in Digital and Print Journalism, pursuing a minor in Media Studies and receiving certificates from the Smeal College of Business and the John Curley Center for Sports Journalism. This is her second year with HVC and will be the Director of Staff Relations next year. Outside of HVC, she is involved in the Association for Women in Sports Media and is the Social Media Coordinator for the Penn State Sports Business Conference. Megan hopes to pursue a career in sports media after college.

Client Background                        

Kijenzi is an initiative created by the students of the Penn State HESE program to foster solutions to the issue encountered by isolated, rural medical facilities in Kenya. By incorporating a 3D printing solution and an efficient and effective supply chain, Kijenzi is able to aid those rural medical facilities. Their computer-less, CAD-less printer systems includes libraries of appropriate designs that are being used to enable local entrepreneurs to supply rural health care networks with replacement parts, medical devices, anatomical models, and occupational therapy devices        


Our team provided Kijenzi with research on the Kenyan media landscape. We also provided them with examples and guidelines for posting on social media as a humanitarian organization.  To guide them in spreading their mission as a general company, we also made them a generalized information sheet.

Kenyan Media System Guidelines

The Kenyan media system is complex, but not very different then the United States media. While language is more diversified and the cultural context is different, the avenues are very much the same. Here are a number of different articles and links to very well done social media and communications in Kenya.

Study of Media System Usage

Kenyan media has led to a number of different issues. It has sparked violent protests and a number of different ideological conflicts. Journalism has driven a lot of ideological changes overall and after 2007’s presidential election has been in review and revision. To simplify, Keyan media has caused a lot of controversy, so careful wording must always be considered in every post.


Kenyan media is driven by middle class advertising and is operated in a number of different nations. The media systems in Africa are interconnected with the many other nations. A lot of the media in Africa is driven through TV and Radio in multiple languages. It is all heavily regulated through to try and control economic involvement of foreign bodies. So, always be sure to focus on Kenya, but be aware it will impact of nations nearby.


Media in Kenyan, like media in all of Africa, has deep colonial roots. Media regulation and content is still controlled heavily by government and more. Overall, Kenyan media has a lot of old school journalistic practices that rely on print media and radio distribution. So, do not avoid newspapers or TV or radio, use it all to your advantage.


Social Media Usage in Kenya

Facebook is very big in Kenya. It is one of the most used social media in Kenya with Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, and snapchat going behind it. This makes sense due to the format of the social media site.


Social media has a massive political presence. Social media apps allow for unheard of forum discussions that let the free flow of ideas pass more easily.


Case Study on Company

Here are a number of different scientific articles that detail social media usage and communications in Kenya. The first is very short and summarized easily, but the other article is longer. However, they are both very good resources for understanding the Kenyan media system better.

Social Media Guide

Good Humanitarian Company Example:

Social Media Cheat Sheet


Best times to post for non-profit organizations:

Best Times:

Most Consistent Engagement:

Best Day: Tuesday

Worst Day: Saturday

Helpful Tips:


Best times to post for nonprofit organizations:

Best times:

Other notably high engagement times:

Safest times to post:

Least engaging days:

Sample Social Media Posts

Fact Sheet


Kijenzi is already greatly impacting the communities in which it operates and those efforts alone will have a great effect on the establishment of their brand. Furthermore, through an understanding of the media market within the parameter in which they operate, they will be able to succeed in growing their business.After reviewing the case studies of other successful humanitarian organizations and the content collected by the videographer and photographer joining the team on their next venture to Kenya, we are thrilled to see the progress they will make in establishing their mission and brand throughout their market and the rest of the world.