Welcome to the rule book for PrismForge! We appreciate you taking the time to read through and understand each of the rules posted here.
Please do note: Rules are subject to change at any time, and you are expected to follow them no matter the rhyme or reason.

We have 2 categories where we will be separating rules,
In Game and Discord


Preface: Discord is the area where we connect with the community, whether it’s joining calls, participating in events, or just having a great time. We try to keep rules chillaxed, but will enforce them if needed!

  1. Don’t ping Admin’s, Developer’s, or Owners. (example: @DeathMercenary#0001 help)
  2. Keep all content PG - 13 (Yes swearing is ok, sexual content is not)
  3. Absolutely no use of Sexual Content. We have a 0 tolerance policy for it. Pictures, lore, nothing.
  4. IP Grabbing Links and / or Malicious Links are prohibited.
  5. Links/Images that advertise another server are prohibited.
  6. Trolling staff by requesting assistance, but wasting their time is not allowed as well

All punishments in regards to discord rules being broken can range from a warning in game, to a ban from the discord server.

In Game

Preface: In terms of rules, I would love to think we’re pretty relaxed about what is expected, but of course there will always be those who want to see chaos in a server. So here we are with the rules. If you have a question about them at any point, please talk with a staff quietly about it. If you break the rules while asking, in a public chat, you can/will be at fault.

Trolling Staff:

All of the staff team, are helping because they want to, they are a volunteer service that want to make the community better. As such they assist any and ally players that need assistance in game or on discord. If you are found to request for help from a staff member, and then kill them, trap them ETC. You will be punished. If you ask for them to teleport without any mention of needing assistance, it is free range. If a staff member asks you a question, you are expected to answer truthfully. You are always allowed to request help at any point. If you think a staff isn’t doing their duties, you can report them on discord through the ticket system with sufficient evidence.


Harassment is very rare, as players will generally be toxic towards each other, but if you are found to be constantly trash talking a player, without general reason, it can/will be handled as harassment, and punished as such. It never hurts to be nice to people, you should give it a try!


Anything said that suggests harming or hindering someone or their friends/family/dog etc. is not allowed. Do not threaten players apart from stuff in game. Even then be sure to keep all other rules. (With this we mean you can threaten you will raid them but don't threaten to bug into their base etc.) Don't tell someone to die even if you mean in game, this will often be taken the wrong way.


Personal information is well... personal. And it should stay that way. Don't release anyone's personal information from their name to their house address. Giving through what they themselves have said is fine but if they decide they don't want that information shared you're punishable. Releasing stuff like IP, Address, Full names etc. can lead to higher tiers of punishments.


Public chat is for everyone and not just you and your friend. Any spamming or excessive usage of CAPITAL letters will be punished. This includes iteming your whole set in the chat with [item] Please try to not send more than 3 messages after each other in chat without anyone else speaking in between.


Advertising another server or service (through IP Address, Links, Discord invites etc.) in chat will result in a ban. We will not look into if this is an actual working server and please don't joke about "Hey everyone come play on" because everyone here really doesn't need to be caught up in your joke.

NOTE: If the rule breaker is obviously trying to make people play on another server or obviously not a regular player of PrismForge (say they're below level 5 etc.) we will immediately go to a permanent ban.

Abuse of bugs/glitches/exploits:

Abuse of anything that's clearly not intended to be a thing (we assume you can figure this out with common sense) will result in us taking action. Before recreating any bugs please contact a staff member about it to ask for permission (if this is not granted obviously don't do it). If you're granted permission this is for the reason of finding the cause and helping our staff fix it. Any abuse of the glitch will result in a ban. So do not keep any glitched items etc. after testing it for us. Possession of any clearly glitched items may result in a ban as well.

Offensive/Inappropriate Names/Skins:

Any user with a name or skin that clearly isn't something we would promote will be perm banned till this is changed. This is however stated as a tier two offense as we don't think it's worth posting this as tier 3.

External Trades:

Not to be confused with advertising servers or services this is about trading. We can't guarantee your goods whenever trading your gear for an itunes card. Therefor we ask of you do attempt these trades. Any items lost in such a trade will not be recovered and no compensation will be given. We will however ban the users who complete these deals.

Inappropriate Content:

We are pretty relaxed about this, however sexual conversation is strictly prohibited. As well as discrimination based off of race, religion etc.
“Hey nigga”, “You’re gay!” is all fine, but saying “You dirty nigger” “Gas the jews.” “Fucking faggot” is all prohibited. If you have questions regarding this, make a ticket, asking in chat with phrases that are considered inappropriate, will get you punished.

NOTE: We have a /chatfilter plugin that censors everything you may not like. Use it as much as you’d like!

Chargeback / Refunds:

Any attempt to refund your money after buying something of our store will result in an immediate removal of the rank/item. Buying on someone else their name then charging back will result in an immediate perm ban for the buyer.

NOTE: If you have an issue with a purchase, whatever it may be, make a ticket on our discord. DO NOT CHARGEBACK

Malicious Links:

As said below, links are not allowed if not of videos of PrismForge. If you are found to be posting video links that IP Grab, or download unwanted programs, it can/will result in permanent ban.


Links in chat aren’t allowed. Only exceptions is to a livestream, and/or a video that is of PrismForge. Anyone is allowed to advertise their content if its related to the server. However we ask that you do not spam the chat, and keep to the rules in regards to it.

Dos/Dos Threats:

Dos/DDos or Denial of service. Not only is it ILLEGAL it is strictly prohibited on our server. Threats or the action as such, there is a strict 0 tolerance for such actions, which can/will lead to a permanent ban from our network.

Scamming IRL money

Much like Ddosing, it is illegal to scam someone IRL Money. Not only that, but it makes you a massive prick. Doing such can/will get you banned from the server. So be nice when it comes to IRL money!

NOTE: Scamming items that were purchased from the buycraft, is not the same as an IRL Scam. Unless the buyer bought the package on/for someone else’s account, it is not accepted as an IRL Deal/Scam. Contact Staff if you have any questions.


Preface: There are some things that other servers allow, that we do not. We disallow these things to make the gamemode more fair. Thank you for understanding.

Illegal Defenses:

Given we're a 1.9+ faction server (Which is unheard of for a reason) raiding is a bit harder. To not make raiding completely impossible there's a couple of defenses that are deemed illegal. Being caught with any of these defenses will lead to your faction getting a warning and having the defense removed. If you get a second warning that will result in your faction being disbanded without notice. If you find any of these defenses when scouting a base please report them to an admin so they can get rid of it and notify the faction.


To clarify. you're allowed to have up to 2 regen walls surrounding your base. This does NOT include your roof and bottom. We are purely speaking about regens on the side of your base. Minechat Regens are perfectly legal just don't get more than 2 of them as we will remove the one which cost you the most to make (in lava costs). Having fake regens (no actual source blocks apart from the top) will still be seen as full regens for this rule.


Cactus walls & Stone-wall walls are illegal on PrismForge (like more faction servers) due to their insane strength and weird mechanics when it comes to breaking them.
Any form of redstone as a defense is not allowed as well.


Checker boxes are actually fine to have as long as they do not have any redstone involved. You're not allowed to have any redstone lines on your walls for the sake of checking for a raid. On top of that you are not allowed to have any form of automated watering system (such as dispensers hooked up to redstone on a sandwall). Anything that triggers without a player doing so will be seen as automatic.

Unobtainable Spawners:

Any spawner in a base should be theoretically obtainable. This means that a spawner must be able to drop and be picked up by a player if raided. This mainly applies to lava arround spawners making them instantly burn up if destroyed. You may have lava in your IG farms etc. But be sure it's possible for a person to grab the spawner before it's burned (like catching it mid-air)

If you have any defense which you think it literally unraidable please be aware that it might be added to this list and your faction may be striked for using the defense.

Illegal Cannons:
2+ Walls 1 Shot cannons:  Any cannon thats capable of blowing up multiple walls within the same button press (or timer cycle assuming you're following the rule above) is not allowed

Lagg Cannons: Any cannon that exists purely for the sake of causing lagg or will result in doing so even if not intended is not allowed. This also means any wall removers apart from a simple nuke or psuedo nuke is NOT ALLOWED. You should never need more than 300 sand in any shot either.

Cheat/Abusing Cannons: Any cannon that bypasses game mechanics is not allowed. This mainly refers to cannons shooting above the build limit however any other cannons bypassing our normal mechanics aren't allowed either. If you're wondering if your cannon is legal please ask our server team via a discord ticket about this.

There are only a couple cannoning mechanics which are not allowed on PrismForge. Using any of these will result in your faction or whatever faction you're an alt faction from being striked and the players involved being banned for 30 days. Please read this if you're a cannoner or have any interest in raiding. Cannons that are automated more than 10 blocks above the ground

For clarity the ground is defined as how the raid zone is found upon starting a raid (assuming it reset properly) Any automated cannons above this are not allowed and will result in it being deleted and you being striked with one exception found in the following note

NOTE: Slimecannons (assuming they're firing one sand at a time) are allowed to be automated at any height

NOTE 2: Keeping the button down is fine. We just mean no automated process as in redstone or other timers

Immunity Grinding:
Any form of grinding immunity time for your faction is illegal. This will land your faction a warning. Do not raid your faction with alt factions to gain immunity or other advantages. (Also /f log exists so we can easily check your faction logs. This command might gain the possibility of being /f log [faction] so hiding this from other's will be hard too)

Elo Grinding:

Not to be confused with legitimate wars we do not allow grinding ELO with a friend, ally or anyone really. With this we mean the act of constantly going to war with the intention of finding the same player over and over again to gain ELO. Do not use any alt factions or other strategies to gain ELO. If your faction has a war faction please do not queue both for a faction war at the same time.

Basically there are many ways of cheating and being found doing any of them will result in an instant faction disband and a ban for the players involved. We simply don't know how to list them all as they're all essentially the same.

ScreenShare Policy

Yes, we do Screen Share when we suspect you of hacking.

There are 3 different punishments when a staff member requests to ScreenShare
If you admit to hacking = 3 Day Ban

Comply With ScreenShare, But hacks are found = 5 Day ban

Refuse to Screenshare/Log out = 9 Day Ban

Comply with ScreenShare, but with no hacks found = Nothing!
Of course, if you are banned for hacks, you get your money, level, prestige, and items reset (pv’s, enderchest, inventory) Any attempt to hide your items can result in an 18 Day Ban.

During Screenshare procedure, we will request that you download and install it a safe program to use.

You will be requested to send your 9 digit number to the staff member, and they will conduct the screenshare. If you do not wish to be screenshared by that specific staff member, you can request a higher ranking official, no one of the same rank. However if no staff are present, continue the screenshare until you feel uncomfortable, be sure to record everything. If you have to get banned, take the ban. Submit the recording in full to an Admin+ Later.

Evasion Policy

Although this should mostly be common sense here is a quick rundown anyway. This post is regarding ban, mute and other punishment evasions. In every case evasion will lead to your current punishment becoming refreshed and unappealable and possibly lengthened (depending on severity). In no case should you evade. If you're not agreeing with the punishment you've been given DO NOT go on an alt to tell us about how you feel cheated. Please DON'T... (thanks) If this for whatever reason seems to be the case create a ticket in our discord.  Any evasion will be seen as evasion even if it's you saying your mute is not right

Definition of Evasion:

Incase of a ban

For a player to join our server or other services while one or more accounts under their ownership are banned for any reason. Ownership is determined by the IP-Address or any noticeable connections such as matching usernames please do not use VPNs as these might lead to a ban-evasion ban.

Incase of a mute

For a player to talk or communicate with other players while one or more accounts under their ownership are muted for any reason. Ownership is determined by the IP-Address or any noticeable connections such as matching usernames. So again please do not use VPNs as you might get a mute for it.

NOTE: You're allowed to play on alts while muted but just don't talk when one or multiple accounts on your IP Address or of similar naming are muted.


Our server is very unique due to our RPG factors. One of our big features is the leveling system. We do not tolerate ANY cheating in this. If you're caught grinding levels while not personally doing so you will be banned and your progress will be reset completely. This includes any useage of autoclickers. Please make sure you can reply to our staff team if they confront you about this. This can be in the form of us moving you, Breaking blocks, Hitting you or simply MSGing you, You're expected to reply to staff in these cases. Failure to reply in any way (moving, msging back, stopping with grinding etc.) will result in a punishment.

Client Modifications and Rules

We want to keep our game as fair as possible for all our players. Therefor we have put up a couple of rules regarding clients & other modifications. This list is to be used as an example and is a NON-EXHAUSTIVE list of modifications considered allowed and not allowed. Please be sure to think and/or ask a staff member if something is allowed or not. If they don't know ask a higher up. Do not use any modification till permission of such is granted. Any attempt to fake any of these (fake-hacking) will result in a punishment as if you were actually using them

Legal Modifications & Clients

- Optifine

- Badlion

- Damage Indicators

- Schematica

- 5zig mod

- Better sprinting (why in 1.9+? idk)

- Any mod that's purely cosmetic

- Not Enough Items & Too Many items

- Any HUD that is not a clear advantage

- Minimaps (with no entities displayed)

- Replay mod

Illegal Modifcations & Clients

- Any hacked clients

- Any ghost clients

- Scripts, Macros / Machines

- Tracers, Chest ESP, Player ESC etc.

- Inventory Tweaking mods

- NoFall

- X-Ray

- Derp

- Player entities on minimaps

- Auto Anything (feed,fish,armor etc.)

- FastPlace

- BetterPvP

- WorldDownloader

- AutoTool

- Macros

- Autoclickers

- Zyin's HUDs

- Holo Inventory

- Anti-AFK Mods

- Spammers / Bots

- Printer

- Fly boost

- Raid Alerts


- Laby Mod

Laby mod is a use at own risk. We do not ban it in particular

But labymod has had a background of sending malicious packets.

Our anticheat might find these packets and flag you for it and possibly ban.

We recommend you do NOT play with Laby Mod given it's background

even if everything is presumably fixed and fine now and patched by mojang.

To be SUPER CLEAR this is NOT a full list of what is and isn't allowed on our services. If you have any questions please contact a staff member or higher up about it. DO NOT ASSUME SOMETHING IS ALLOWED. Ask a staff preferably a moderator or higher about this. Just because you didn't know something was illegal doesn't mean you will not be punished for it