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Medicine + Literature: Mastery Work Pt. 3 (Persuasive Speech)

TASK: Write a 2 minute persuasive speech that takes the same position as your essay.







Created interest quickly; position and topic are clear.

Topic & position are clear. May not immediately grab attention.

Introduction may be dull, confusing.

Body of Speech

Well organized, maintained high interest - opposing arguments presented and refuted.

Ideas all seem to be connected, though may lack sufficient supporting details. Opposing arguments acknowledged but not refuted.

Disorganized, confused. No opposing arguments presented.

Final Impression

Tied up any loose ends - made a clear and specific impression.

Clear that speech was over. Makes a clear impression, but may lack detail.

Trailed off at the end, only indicating that some change or suggestion is needed.

Presentation Preparedness

Spoke with feeling. Strong, purposeful presentation of material created enthusiasm or other appropriate feeling in audience. Pacing, volume, and stance made speech easily understood.

Showed enthusiasm for subject with some expression in the voice. Pacing, volume, and stance were usually good and speech could be understood.

No enthusiasm or too casual. Little to no expression in voice or face. May speak too loud or too soft, too fast or too slow

Met Time & Technique Requirements

Speech is between 1.5 and 2.5 minutes. Minimum of 3 rhetorical strategies are effectively integrated into speech.

Speech may be between 1 - 2 minutes or over 3 minutes. 3 rhetorical strategies are identifiable in the speech, but may be awkwardly used.

Speech is less than 1 minute or longer than 3.5 minutes - does not use enough rhetorical strategies to be persuasive.

Writing Conventions

Effectively no errors.

Small number of errors do not hinder comprehension.

A pattern of errors shows serious lack of editing and may hinder comprehension.

SPEECHES WILL BE PRESENTED AT A SERIES OF TOWN-HALL MEETINGS from Mon 1/14 – Wed 1/17         SPEECH DUE IN CLASS ON MONDAY 1/14 - does not have to be typed


Rhetorical Devices – a VERY partial list

  1. Rhetorical Question

Can we really expect the government to keep paying out of taxpayers’ money?

2. Emotive Language

Imagine being cast out into the street, cold, lonely and frightened.

3. Parallel Structures

To show kindness is praiseworthy; to show hatred is evil.

4. Sound Patterns (alliteration or rhyme!)

Callous, calculating cruelty – is this what we must expect?

5. Contrast

Sometimes we have to be cruel to be kind.

6. Imagery

While we wait doing nothing, we must remember that the fuse has already been lit.

7. The “Rule of Three”

I ask you: is this fair, is it right, is it just?

8. Repetition

Evil minds will use evil means.

I have a dream…

Additional figurative language commonly used:

Allusions                Similes                        Metaphors