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GrabFood Documents Requirements (2024)
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GrabFood GrabMart GrabPay Document List

Please prepare the following documents to become a Merchant-Partner:

To enlighten the process, please merge the documents below according to each category.


  1.    Copy SSM Business Documents (Company Profile/Business Info/LLP)

    I. Type of Business : Sole Proprietorship or Partnership (3 pages or more)
     (SSM must be current and not expired) Sample Form D:

Business Details Page & Owner’s details.

*Please rename your file as SSM

II. Type of Business : Company (Sdn Bhd/PLT)
Sample: Company Profile

Where to purchase the latest SSM Certificate?

*Please rename your file as SSM

*Please compile all your SSM pages into one file before uploading.
Refer to
THIS LINK to know more about compiling files*

Iii. Type of Business : LLP

LLP Current Profile
A current information that contains basic information of a LLP (such as LLP name, LLP registration number, LLP registration type & LLP registration date), LLP status, declaration dates, registered office address, business address, partner(s) information, compliance officer(s), nature of busin​​ess and contact details (e-mail).


*For more information or buy LLP Current Profile, please refer to this link

 *Please rename your file as LLP

2. Copy of Identification card (IC) / passport of the Director
(Colour, Front, and Back)

I. NRIC for Malaysian                                    ii. Copy Passport for Foreigners


*Please rename your file/picture as Director IC

*Passport Copy needs a top and detail page.

3. Copy Bank Account Statement Header
 * For Company bank account (ensure copy of Business ID number and Name belongs to the bank account)
***For Personal bank account (ensure copy of IC/Passport number and Name belongs to the bank account)

Public Bank

* The Bank Logo, Account Holder Name & Account Number must able clear and able to read

*Please rename your file/picture as Bank Statement Header

4. Brand Logo
(requirement min. 40kb)

*Provide a clear logo JPEG format / PNG Format

*Please rename your file/picture as Logo

5. Delivery Menu (with Price)

**for menu more than 50, please provide Menu Template Excel given

5i. Excel Format Sample

*Please ensure Menu Name must be in alphabetic letter (A-Z).

*For multiple pages of the menu, please compile into one file. Refer HERE for more info*

**Please provide picture of hardcopy Menu & Softcopy in Excel/Word Format

6. Menu Item Photos

*required to submit min. of 5 menu photos

 Submitted images will be reviewed & selected by the GrabFood team.

Refer here for the images guideline: Help Centre

7. Store Front Photo

*Store Front photo, shop name must visible*

*The store name on Grabfood platform must be the same as the signboard*
*Please rename your file/picture as
Storefront Photo


8. Store Environment/Ambience Photo (x2)

Provide the pictures of your dining seating & ambience.

*Please rename your file/picture as Ambience 1 & 2

9. Copy of SST Certification (if applicable) 

*SST Registered Merchant may check your SST Registration Status at MY SST

*Please rename your file/picture as SST Certificate

10. Copy of Halal Certification (If applicable) 

*Please rename as Halal Certificate

11. Copy of Alcohol License (If Applicable)

Additional Samples
Copy of Business License (If applicable)
I. Example for Semenanjung/peninsular Malaysia

Ii. Business License Kota Kinabalu

Iii. Business License & LHDN for Kuching

*Please rename your file/picture as
Business License

Documents List

  1. Copy of Business Documents - SSM Form (Company Profile
  2. Copy of Identification Card (IC) / Passport of the Director who is signing the agreement (Colour, Front & Back).
  3. Copy of Bank Account Statement Header
  4. Copy of Brand Logo (JPEG or PNG File)
  5. Delivery Menu (With Price)
  6. Menu Item Photos
  7. Store Front Photo
  8. Store Environment Photo (x2)
  9. Copy of SST Certification (If Applicable)
  10. Copy of Halal Certification (If Applicable)
  11. Copy of Alcohol License (If Applicable)