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GrabFood GrabMart GrabPay Document List

Please prepare the following documents to become a Merchant-Partner:

Due to the number of submissions we received, please merge the documents below according to each category.


  1.    SSM Business Documents (Form 9,24,49/LLP)

    I. Type of Business : Sole Proprietorship or Partnership (3 pages or more)
     (SSM must be current and not expired) Sample Form D:

Business Details Page & Owner’s details.

*Please rename your file as SSM

II. Type of Business : Company (Sdn Bhd/PLT)
(Form 9, 24, 49) or Complete Company Profile

Sample Form 9 & 24


Sample Form 49:

Where to purchase the latest SSM Certificate?

*Please rename your file as SSM

*Please compile all your SSM pages into one file before uploading.
Refer to
THIS LINK to know more about compiling files*

Iii. Type of Business : LLP

LLP Current Profile
A current information that contains basic information of a LLP (such as LLP name, LLP registration number, LLP registration type & LLP registration date), LLP status, declaration dates, registered office address, business address, partner(s) information, compliance officer(s), nature of busin​​ess and contact details (e-mail).


*For more information or buy LLP Current Profile, please refer to this link

 *Please rename your file as LLP

2. Identification card (IC) / passport of the director
(Colour, Front, and Back)

I. NRIC for Malaysian                                    ii. Copy Passport for Foreigners


*Please rename your file/picture as Director IC

*Passport Copy needs Top and detail page.

3. Bank Account Statement Header
 * For Company bank account (ensure copy of Business ID number and Name belongs to the bank account)
***For Personal bank account (ensure copy of IC/Passport number and Name belongs to the bank account)

Public Bank

* The Bank Logo, Account Holder Name & Account Number must able clear and able to read

*Please rename your file/picture as Bank Statement Header

4. Brand Logo
(requirement min. 40kb)

*Provide a clear logo JPEG format / PNG Format

*Please rename your file/picture as Logo

5. Store Front Photo

(Optional, unless you are based in a house/apartment/office building)

*Store Front photo, shop name must visible*

*The store name on Grabfood platform must be the same as the signboard*
*Please rename your file/picture as
Storefront Photo


6. In-Store Menu with Price

*Please ensure Menu Name must be in alphabetic letter (A-Z).

*For multiple pages of the menu, please compile into one file. Refer HERE for more info*

**Please provide picture of hardcopy Menu & Softcopy in Excel/Word Format

7. Proof of In-Store Menu with Price

Sample i.

Sample ii.

Sample iii.

*The menu name and prices must be clear and able to read
If you have 10 pages of menu, please take a clear picture of all 10 menu and merge into 1 pdf/work doc.

*Please rename your file/picture as Instore Menu

8. Copy of SST Certification (if applicable) 

*SST Registered Merchant may check your SST Registration Status at MY SST

*Please rename your file/picture as SST Certificate

9. Halal Certificate (*If applicable) 

*Please rename as Halal Certificate

10. Copy of Business License (If applicable)
I. Example for Semenanjung/peninsular Malaysia

Ii. Business License Kota Kinabalu

Iii. Business License & LHDN for Kuching

*Please rename your file/picture as
Business License

11. Copy of insurance Policy (If Applicable)

*Please rename your file/picture as Insurance

Documents List
1. SSM - Forms 9,13,49 (Set of SSM)
2. Director IC -
 Ic Copy/Passport of owner owns more than 25%
3. Bank Statement header
4. Store Front Photo -
with shop name (each outlet)
5. Instore Menu - Menu List & Pricing (Picture of instore menu and Soft copy excel/word)
6. Logo -
Store Logo 
7. SST Certificate (if applicable)
8. Halal Certificate (If Applicable)
9. Business License
10. Insurance (If Applicable)