Arkansas Armory Frequently Asked Questions

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1. What are your hours of operation?

We are open Monday - Saturday 10:00 AM until 8:00 PM and Sunday 12:00 PM – 6:00 PM. On any day, we will take our last shooter on the range an hour before we close.

2. How much do you charge for shooting on the range?

We charge a daily fee of $15 and additional shooters can join you on the same lane for only $8 more apiece.

3. I can shoot all day? Seriously?

YES, as long as we’re not busy. During busy times, we may need to limit shooting to 1 hour at a time to allow others a chance to get on the range. Feel free to come in the morning, shoot, leave, go get lunch, come back, and shoot some more as long as there is an empty lane. Just save your receipt! If we have to bump you after your hour, feel free to get back onto the list and wait for another lane to open up.

4. What all do you sell?

Guns, Ammunition, Accessories, Holsters, Optics, Classes, Range time, gun cleaning services, and more!

5. Is the range open to the public or members only?

Open to the public!

6. Will you have memberships?

We do not have traditional memberships, where you pay to shoot all month or year; however, we pre-sell range time and offer special guest loyalty programs to help you earn free range time.

7. Are you hiring?

We are currently staffed, but we are always taking applications. If you’re interested in applying with us, fill out an application at the bottom of our “Contact” page, and drop it off at the store or send it and a resume to

8.  Are there any training or background requirements?

We require all staff members to have a high school diploma or equivalent, be drug free, and be able to pass a background check. All staff members are also required to obtain their Arkansas Concealed Handgun License (we would love to teach you this class). Additional certifications are valuable and will be considered in the hiring process. Most importantly, this is a family business and we’re looking for the right fit within our family.

9. Can I shoot rifles?

Rifles, up to 30-06 in caliber, will be allowed on Thursdays and Fridays only. Suppressed rifles and pistol caliber rifles may be shot at any time. 90% of our guests are looking for a comfortable place to shoot handguns. The increased muzzle blast from rifles is uncomfortable for other shooters. That being said, we are tactical rifle people, so we will definitely make time for everyone to get their rifles out on the range and have fun!

10. Can I shoot shotguns?

No, We currently do not allow shotgun shell fire inside the range. This includes shooting .410 shells through a Taurus Judge or other similar pistols that can fire shotgun shells.

11. Do you allow full automatics?

YES, as long as we verify that you have all the requisite paperwork and that you can keep your fire through the target and into the backstop. Muzzle rise on full auto fire can damage the ceiling and target carriers. We want to make sure that isn’t going to happen. Rifle calibers share the same ammo and day limitations as their semiautomatic brothers.

12. Will you allow muzzleloaders on the range?

Unfortunately, we do not. Too much un-burnt powder causes safety concerns for the facility. Sorry!

13. Are you a Class III dealer?


14. Will you have police or military discounts?

We will offer a 10% discount on range time for individual police officers and active and retired military with ID.

15. Can I draw from my holster on the range?

No. Because of the setup of our shooting stalls, we cannot allow holster draw on our range.

16. Are there guns available to rent? How much does it cost?

For $20, you can shoot as many guns in our rental case as you’d like. That’s not $20 per gun, that’s $20 for ALL the guns ALL day. Shoot a 9mm for a while then swap to a .45 if you’d like. Insurance requires that you shoot our ammunition through our rental guns, which is purchased by the box. We also have a “10 for 10” program for those who are focusing on just a few guns.  For $10 you can choose one gun from the rental case, we will supply you with 10 bullets and a target to go shoot on the range.

17. Do you have any age restrictions on the range?

Anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a paying adult and have written parental consent along with a copy of the parent or guardian's photo identification before they are allowed to enter the range. Children 12 and under are FREE. Use your own judgement to ensure your children are mature enough to handle the responsibility of handling a firearm. That is different for every child, and you know your child best. To rent handguns and purchase ammunition from us you must be 21 or older.

18. Do I need to fill out paperwork every time I come to the range?

No, the first time you come to the range you will watch a video, go through the rules, and fill out paperwork. After that, we can use your phone number to look up your information. After your first visit we can also issue you a card that makes it even easier to check in to the range. The next time you come in, present your card and driver’s license and you’re good-to-go.

19. Will you have some place I can store my gun?

At this time, no, but we are working on finding a convenient storage solution for the public.

20. What brands of guns / holsters / products will you carry?

There are too many to list them all. Glock, Smith and Wesson, Springfield Armory, Ruger, Kel-Tec, Comp-Tac Holsters, Blackhawk, Birchwood Casey, and MagPul just to name a few. We have literally thousands of products available either in store or available for order. We’re focused on popular brands and quality products.

21. Will you allow reloads on your range?

YES, but not in our rental guns. They will eventually be sold to the public and shooting reloaded ammunition through them will void their manufacturer warranties.

22. What ammunition limitations are there for the range?

Caliber limit is 30-06 on rifles. No steel core, armored piercing, incendiary, tracer, exploding, or gas ammunition is allowed. These limitations are in place to keep our range clean and working and to keep everyone safe while shooting in our facility.

23. Am I required to buy ammo from you?

Only if you are shooting our rental guns do we require you to shoot our ammo, but I would greatly appreciate it if you did! Unlike a local small business, the internet and big box retailers do very little to invest back in the people they serve. Our prices are competitive and range fees alone will not sustain the business.

24. Will you allow people to collect their brass on the range?

YES. You may collect your brass that is behind the firing line. You may not collect brass already on the floor, brass belonging to other shooters, or brass (even your own) that goes past the red firing line.

25. Will you have an archery range?


26. How much are your transfers?  

$40 for Firearms / $125 for NFA items.

27. What kind of equipment does the range have? Heated / Air Conditioned?

State of the art, clean, comfortable, and safe. The range is heated in the winter and cooled in the summer. The targetry has full digital controls. We keep it clean and well lit.

28. How long is the range?

25 yards. Perfect for zeroing a rifle (on Thursday & Friday) out of the sun, wind, and rain, and a tough shot for most pistol shooters.

29. How clean is the range?        

Very. Our backstop is a rubber berm system that keeps lead from vaporizing like what you find on ranges with steel backstops. Additionally our cleaning processes involve daily HEPA vacuuming of the range.

30. How good is the ventilation / air handling system?

The system is specially designed to be negatively pressurized from the rest of the building with 50 – 75 cfm of laminar airflow across the firing line. This ensures the range is safe and comfortable for you and our staff. We will not recirculate any air, which while more costly to heat / cool, it ensures your safety.

31. What forms of payment do you take? Do you have layaway?

We accept Cash, Debit, and Credit.  Layaway – 90 days with 25 percent down and one payment per month.

32. Will you be having events? Competitions? Etc.

YES. We are working on getting some future events lined up. Just a few of the ideas so far are couples / date nights, ladies nights, bowling pin shoots, zombie shoots, the Winchester Marksmanship Program, and more. The range can be a place that’s about serious training, but it’s also a place for serious fun!

33. Will you host IDPA events?

We would really like to, but we don’t know how at this point. The design of the range requires that all firing be done from the firing line. There are several reasons. Most importantly the baffles in the ceiling are designed to deflect errant bullets towards the backstop. If you advance on the backstop, you run a risk of bullets passing between these baffles. We are open to suggestions.

34. How are you catering to women?

First and foremost, by welcoming them into our facility! Many women and new shooters are made to feel uncomfortable in a gun store by unfriendly staff. That’s not us! Our passion is helping people, especially those who are new to firearms. We will offer women only classes taught by women NRA and CHL instructors. We have women on staff that regularly carry a firearm for personal protection, and we understand special concerns that women shooters have.

35. Will you be carrying things for hunting?

Maybe a few common calibers, but honestly, we don’t really feel like this is our strong suit. We have such respect for several other local small businesses that focus on hunting and do that really well, that we would be more comfortable referring you there for your hunting needs. We can order things for you if you’d like to do that business with us.

36. What classes do you offer? Basic? Advanced? CHCL?

The list is ever growing and at any time you can find our updated class list on the main page of our website.  

37. Do you allow CHL holders to carry into your store?

YES, please do. If you are not carrying in my store, see me. We need to fix that.

38. Do you allow other instructors to use the range for their classes?

YES, we treat instructors and their students just like any other shooter. We alternate charging $15 and $8. Therefore, an instructor with 3 students would pay a total of $46 to qualify on the range.

39. Is the range available to rent out for special events?

YES. Call us to set something up.

40.  Do you clean guns?

YES, we do. Save yourself time and money and keep from stinking up your house. For $20, we will clean your handgun for you.

41. Do you have a gunsmith?

At this time, we do not, but we have Smith and Wesson M&P Armorers and GLOCK Armorers on staff. We do minor work on guns including installing some sights when purchased from us.