Annual Fee

Alsager Runners is funded from members fees. Fees are £10 payable in July each year and members can benefit from additional club discounts for products and gym membership.

New members will get a month free which includes insurance when running with the club & use of the website. After the free month new members will be notified by the website & will need to pay £10 to join the club. Then £10 Every July to renew membership.

Club accounts & a breakdown of costs are available on request.

We have tried to keep the fee as low as possible and based on the current numbers of runners it should just cover the costs of running the club. However, in the event of there being any surplus funding it will go back into the club to fund events, club equipment, coaching qualifications & club kit subsidy for runners.

Payment to be paid by bacs to our club bank account.

Account name: Alsager Runners

acc: 25392131

sc: 01-01-38

Please leave your name as a reference

Please email any questions or comments to