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September 2018 Newsletter


Important Dates

3 - No School -
     Labor Day

4 - School Board

10 - Late Start

17 - No School -

18 - School Board


24 - Late Start

26 - 3rd & 4th grade


                        from the Principal

                                     Andrea Kammer


We are off to a great start! Your child(ren) has worked with the teachers to know and understand classroom expectations.  Your child has not only spent time in the classroom, but also time in physical education, music, art, and technology.

A reading challenge…

By reading more complex books, your child can learn new words, facts, and ideas. He’ll also be exposed to more complicated plots and will grow as a reader.  Share these suggestions:

*Knowing something about the topic or setting makes a tougher book easier to comprehend. If your youngster is reading a novel set in China, he could talk to someone who has been there or look up the country online (try a children’s site like kids.nationalgeographic.com)

*Encourage your child to look at a simpler book on the same subject. A picture-book biography about Harriet Tubman may help your youngster better understand the textbook chapter on the civil rights movement, for instance.

*Suggest that your child read complicated material with pencil and paper in hand. He can jot down questions, words to look up, or facts he wants to learn more about.

If you need to contact me, please call me at (970) 854-3411, email me at kammeran@hcosd.org, or stop in.

Thank you for helping with your child’s success!


We want to remind you that the school does offer breakfast to all students in the district.  Our hope is that every child will start the day with a nutritious breakfast so they are able to be successful throughout the day.  If your child would like to participate in the breakfast option offered, please know that we start serving at 7:50 am and end when our bell rings at 8:05 am and on late start Mondays breakfast is offered from 8:40 am-8:55 am. Because this is a short time frame, please support your child by bringing him/her early enough that they have time to eat before the school day starts.  

NWEA and DIBELS Testing

Three times a year, your child will take benchmark assessments to help teachers focus their instruction for your child. The assessments are given at the beginning of the year, middle of the year, and end of the year. Please look at the chart below to see what assessments your  child has taken.





Math and Reading



Math and Reading



Math, Reading, Language Usage



Math, Reading, Language Usage, and Science



Math, Reading, Language Usage, and Science



Math, Reading, Language Usage



Math, Reading, Language Usage, and Science


6th Grade and Junior High Sports

Due to a lack of participants for Jr high sports the Holyoke School District has created a regulation that follows the leagues recommendation to allow 6th grade student to participate in Jr. High sports.  There has been guidelines established that states that if the total participants in the Jr. High sport is less than 2 x's the number of starters for the sport plus 2 additional players then 6th grade students will be allowed participate in the sport.

Sixth graders participation will be monitored by Mr. Baumgartner the district Athletic/Activities Director and the head coach of the sport that the sixth grader is participating in.


With so many of us using technology and email, we would like to start sending out our monthly newsletter via email.  Please stop in the office and check with Mrs. Goytia to make sure your email is accurate.

Thank you for helping us be more efficient.