2020 USS Nationals FAQ Sheet

Please read the entire FAQ document before asking a question

This is a working document so details may change at any time, check for updates


Contest Date:           June 27, 2020

Location:                Minneapolis Convention Center

1301 2nd Ave S

Minneapolis, MN 55403

Time:                  9am

Weigh Ins/Athlete Check In*:


Date: June 26, 2020

Time:  8a,-12pm, 1pm-5pm

*Process will be posted at least 1 week prior to check-ins

Rules Meeting:


Date: June 26, 2020

Time: 6pm

Registration Deadline: June 14, 2020 at 11:59pm.  Online entry must be submitted by this date.  Paper entry must be in MY hand by this date.

Spectator Admission: $10, 10 and under are free unless I find your child roaming the convention center unattended.  If I encounter this I will hold the child for ransom for $100 and have my Australin wife teach them every curse word she knows while we’re waiting for the ransom.

Awards Banquet:  Every athlete will receive one ticket for the banquet.  Extra tickets will be $XX.00.  

Qualifying for Nationals: If you qualify in a specific weight DIVISION (LW, MW, HW, SHW) then you may register to compete, in either of the two weight cut-offs within that class. Example: You qualify as a 242 HW male. You may compete as a 242 or 275 HW. You MAY NOT go down to a MW. Period. You would have to re-qualify as a MW.

If, however, you qualify as a 220 MW male, you may compete as a 198 MW. Also, If you can't make weight as a 220 (fatty) after registering as a 220, you may move up to the 242 HW class at check-ins, the day before competition because going up does not give you an advantage, as you have to move heavier weights.

Bottom line, plan to compete where you qualify.

Why aren’t suits allowed on the deadlift?  Suits are expensive.  Every athlete puts forth a lot of time, effort, and money to compete at nationals.  I do not believe in putting people at a disadvantage because of their socioeconomic status.  Also, the strongest deadlifter should win the deadlift event, not the person who knows how to use their suit the best.

Can I compete barefoot? NO. put some shoes on you grub! All events require covered feet/shoes for health and safety reasons. Deadlift socks are fine, on the deadlift event. All other events require shoes of some kind. Hippies.

Why isn’t (insert sticky substance/tack spray) allowed on (insert event name)? Again, this is strongman, not who-has-the-stickiest-glue-man. Train with chalk and get strong.

Why do I have to have my palm on the deadlift bar? We know some of you love the trick of using figure 8s to hook the bar to your wrist and reduce the pick by 3,4,5,6”; No! Hold onto the bar and do a deadlift.

Does Pineapple belong on Pizza?  Absolutely not.  That is a ridiculous notion clearly brought on by people who hate America.

Can I weight in outside of the specified times because (insert reason e.g. work reasons, late flights, no baby sitter etc etc)? No. plan accordingly - you have 12 months to work it out. Extenuating circumstances may apply to police, fire and those serving in the military.  

Where can I buy the equipment? You can buy before the show at the links below or equipment will be for sale at the event (contact Tim Kovach prior to pre-purchase - shipping is your responsibility and you need to take it on the day)

Log/Axel, Farmers and Husafels - Apollo

Deadlift Bars - Omni Fitness

Sandbags - Cerberus USA

Atlas Stones - Brian Henrich

Tacky - Elite