Baboon Films at Penn High Schoolview

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Adviser:  Kevin McNulty,

SLUG: EXT Jordan Center

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GFX: Field Trips

Lead: Mrs. Harshberger’s & Mr. McNulty’s Biology Seminar class went on a field trip to Notre Dame in order to learn more about baboons & their microbiology. The Biology Seminar class had the opportunity to talk with Dr. Archie about baboons, as well as their role in the study of microbiomes.

[Jordan Center 01]

The field trip taught us a lot about Biology, as well as what an ordinary day looks like for students at Notre Dame -- as well as Dr. Archie herself.

[Archie 02]

The star of our trip was, of course, Dr. Archie -- we learned that the way baboons socialize has a strong effect on their microbiome. After Dr. Archie taught us all about baboon microbiology, she explained to us why it was so significant to her field of study.

[Archie 03]

We learned that baboon microbiology can be used in order to determine which baboon is a baby baboon’s parent, as well as identifying deceased baboons. Then, she passed out

worksheets for us to better understand all of the information we had just absorbed.

[Jordan 04]

We also got to visit the Jordan Center, where we learned about parasitology and microbes in Notre Dame’s parasitology lab. Our class got the opportunity to learn hands-on by looking through baboon feces samples for microbes, which we then identified.

[Jordan 05]

Some of us were lucky enough to find rare samples of pathogens! We learned a lot about how the environment contributes to baboon microbiology as well, which helped us better understand the role microbiomes play in our world.

[Student 06]

Afterwards, students at Notre Dame talked to us about what life there was like -- we learned a lot about the work and responsibilities a college student has to fulfil.

[Jordan 07]

All in all, the Notre Dame field trip taught all of us a lot about both biology and baboons in a unique and intriguing way!