What is Google Spreadsheets?

Found at https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/, Google Spreadsheets is a web application that allows you to create, update, and modify files that contain data arranged in rows and columns. This data can be manipulated and used in calculations. Google Spreadsheets is free to use.

Why does my Google Spreadsheet value still display as 0, even though I have put in the correct URL?

Your spreadsheet may not be published. Open your spreadsheet and click on the "File" dropdown menu, then select "Publish to the web" and Click the blue “Publish” button.

Important: Ignore the share link that is provided when you click publish. This link does not include the necessary information to update Visual Stats Bar. Instead, grab the address from your browser’s address bar at the top.

If you are using multiple sheets, you will need to specify which sheet you want to publish by clicking the field that contains the text “Entire Document” and select the appropriate sheet.

Also, be sure you are referencing the correct cell location in Visual Stats Bar’s settings.

Why is there an ellipses (...) cutting off my number or title?

This means that the font size you have chosen is too large for the size of the widget. You can remedy this by either adjusting the bounding box to make the widget larger or by selecting a smaller font size until ellipses disappears.

How many Visual Stats Bar Widgets can I add to my website?

You are able to add as many widgets to a single website as you need. If you upgrade to the premium version, it will only be valid for a single site. You will need to purchase additional upgrades for all other websites you want to use them on.