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To President Ayala Harris: WE STAND WITH YOU. We see you living out the commitment to truth-telling and full inclusion that you promised when you stood as a candidate to lead the House of Deputies. We bear witness that what you have described represents an assault on you, our elected leader, and by extension on the entire Episcopal Church. We acknowledge that you have taken a great risk and shown great courage and love in making visible that which was meant to remain hidden. We commit to work alongside you to build the safe and life-giving church we all deserve. Finally, we are so, so sorry. We recognize the toll that the Title IV process must have taken on your first year as President of the House of Deputies. We are grieved and outraged that on your first day as our elected leader, you were abused by a member of the most privileged class in our church’s hierarchy.


To our Bishops: WE NEED TO HEAR FROM YOU. We applaud those within the House of Bishops calling for accountability and attention to the need for Title IV reforms. That important work does not take the place of a direct and public response to the report that the second ranking officer in our Church – a lay Latina woman of color – was publicly assaulted at the doorway to your House, by a member of your House. She has taken a tremendous risk in making this incident public and calling the church to greater accountability. You now have a choice. Will you make a strong statement about your commitment to safety for all and your unwavering solidarity with the people of color, women, and lay people who regularly experience being “put in our place” when we dare to step into positions of power? Will you step out of the cozy collegiality and privileged opacity that has characterized the (still) overwhelmingly white and male House of Bishops and address all four orders of the faithful? Now is not the time for silence or mumbling about not really knowing all the details. We know enough to make our commitments clear. What do you stand for? What will you fight for? Scripture gives you an excellent starting point, “As for me and my House…”


To Presiding Bishop Curry: WE NEED A GOOD WORD. We are praying for your health and your energy and your spirit. We know that this has come at a time when you needed and deserved rest. We probably count too heavily on you. Your powerful words and your fire for justice have carried us to a whole new place of faith and commitment to the path of love. We know that you have that fire within you, even in times of physical weakness. This is a critical moment for our church and a bland bureaucratic statement will not be enough. We await a powerful word as only you can bring it.


To us all: WE SHARE A POWERFUL FAITH. 1 John 3:2 reminds us, “Beloved, we are God’s children now; what we will be has not yet been revealed.” Our Church has faced moments of reckoning before. We are at our best when we let our faith, not our fears, carry us forward. May this be a moment when more is revealed about what it looks like to be a gathered community struggling towards a fuller and deeper commitment to the dignity of every human being.

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Signers represent only themselves, not any organization or employer with whom they may be affiliated.

The Rev. Nancy Aide Frausto

The Reverend Katherine Campbell

The Rev. Janet Vincent

Anna Olson

The Rev. Canon Kelly O’Connell

Dr. Christina Laberge

Kathryn Nishibayashi

Rev. Ken White-Spunner

The Rev. Krista Heuett

Rev. Sarah Diener-Schlitt

Rev. Dr. Caroline Wright

Sarah Bolt

The Rev. Santiago Rodriguez

Julie A Von Pelz

the Rev. Stacey Grossman

Dustin Nguyen

Rev. Dr. Helen Svoboda-Barber

Susan Mills (the Rev)

The Rev. Anne Clarke

(The Rev’d Canon) Lee Alison Crawford

The Reverend Canon Susan Russell

Kelly Steele

The Rev. Kate Lewis

The Rev. Pat Hendrickson

The Rev. Ms. Shawn M Schreiner

Sharyn Delahousie

Kevin Edens

The Rev. Dr. Deborah Silver

Erica Hahn

The Rev Gwen Fry

The Rev. Laurel Coote

The Rev. Gillian R. Barr

Rev. Andrew Y. Moore

The Rev. Cathy Dempesy-Sims

Rebekah Scolare

Evangeline Warren, Ohio

Joanna Dewey, Professor Emerita, Episcopal Divinity School

Richard Pryor, III

The Rev. Jenny Replogle, Co-Rector, St. Paul’s - Peoria and Clergy Deputy, Chicago

The Rev. Chantal McKinney

The Rev. Mary Luck Stanley

The Rev Dr Elizabeth Kaeton

Hannah Curtis

Cassie Gortner (she/her)

JoAnn Z Leach

The Rev. Paige Alvarez Hanks

Greg Loughlin

The Rev. Kathryn Galicia

Rev. Beth Royalty

The Rev. Kristine Johnson

The Rev. Sarah Fairbairn Powers

Anne LeVeque

Justin M. Oei, St James’ Episcopal Church, Skaneateles, NY (Diocese of Central New York)

Rachel Nyback

the Rev. Dr. Elizabeth Kaeton

The Rev. Lisa A. Bornt

Tammy E. Pallot, Deputy Diocese of Atlanta

The Rev. Shug Goodlow

Sheila N. McJilton

The Rev. Patricia Templeton

Wanda Watson

Deacon Martha Goodwill

The Rev. Amy Underhill Lythgoe

Rev Dr Lucretia W Mann

The Rev. Louise Browner Blanchard

The Rev. Mary Carson

Mary Beth King

Samuel & Francisca Borbon

Rev. Elizabeth A Molitors

The Rev. Sadie Koppelberger, Diocese of Montana

Louisa J McKellaston

The Rev. Ann Grady

Scott D Madison

The Very Rev. Jeremy Froyen, CFC

Rev. Susan Copley

Erin Wiens St. John

Jenni Liem

The Rev. Anna C. Noon

The Rev. Nicole Janelle

Mrs. Dorothy Carey

Sr Barbara Clare Conroy, AF

Lucie M Pelleriti

Laura Ammons

The Rev. Dr. Valori Mulvey Sherer

Lenora S. Gregory

Valery L. Staskey, St. Matthew's Episcopal, Wheeling, WV

Ashley Birk

The Rev. Linda M. Young

The Rev. Canon Ada Wong Nagata

Kathleen Flanagan

Shannon Kelly

The Rev. RJ Powell — East Tennessee

Graham M. McKim

Sarah E. Lawton, Lay Deputy, Diocese of California

The Rev. Maria W. E. Tjeltveit

Sister Patricia Sarah Terry

Lauri SoJourner

The Rev. Susan Gage

The Rev. Dr. Flora A. Keshgegian

April Thomson

The Very Reverend Katie Churchwell

Tim Hawks-Malczynski

Rev. Beth Ranoull

The Rev. Lauren Grubaugh Thomas

Gail J Wheatley+

The Very Rev. Betsy Hooper -Rosebrook

Eric S. Travis

The Rev. Frances Twiggs

Melissa McCarthy

The Rev. Jennifer Wagner Pavia

Larisa Yeranig Shaterian

The Rev. Susan Sommer

The Rev. Canon Dr. Angela F. Shepherd

The Ven. Jordan Haynie Ware

David Rivera

Elizabeth Rousseau

Gloria Antall

Allie Graham

Luri Owen

The Rev. Canon Beth Tjoflat

The Rev. Amy Spagna

The Rev. Dr. Darcy Williams

The Rev. Jess Elfring-Roberts, Diocese of Chicago

The Rev. Eunice Dunlap

The Rev. Tanya R. Wallace

The Rev. Pamela Cottrell Shier

The Ven Jennifer McKenzie

The Rev. Gail Goldsmith

Glenna T. Shepherd

The Rev. Rowena J. Kemp

The Rev. Canon Lauren Holder

The Rev. Amy Bradley

The Rev. Nancy Webb Stroud, General Convention Deputy, Diocese of Western Massachusetts

Lindsey E. Hardegree, Lay Deputy, Diocese of Atlanta

The Ven. Aaron Perkins

Anna Mendiola

Alan Murray, Oregon

Kevin Miller- Massachusetts

Nathan Brown

The Rev. Stacey Fussell, NWPA

Anne Clarke Brown, lay deputy, Diocese of Vermont

The Very Rev. Mark S. Delcuze

Judith Conley

The Rev. Sara Milford

Lelanda S. Lee

Julianne Hines

The Rev. Adele D. Hatfield

Dr. Michal Anne Pepper

Rev. Dr. Kris Lewis-Theerman

The Rev. Kevin B. Matthews

The Rev. Dr. Gloria Hopewell

Robin Hill, Diocese of Spokane

Barry Fernelius

The Rev Canon Alissa Newton

Phoebe Oler

Karma Quick-Panwala, Diocese of California

The Rev. Cn. Andrea McMillin

Sherri Dietrich, UTO Board President

Karen M Ward

Jane Sielken

The Rev Faith E Bledsoe

Tim Reed, Assistant Dean, Bloy House

The Rev. Cate Anthony

Melissa Campbell-Langdell

Laura M Dorsey

Amy Paget

The Rev Susan J Buchanan

The Very Reverend Dr Donna S Mote

(The Rev. Canon) Laura Howell, Obl.S.B.

The Rev. Sara Thorne

Suzy Ward

Rev. Claire Nevin-Field

The Rev. Carol D. Gadsden

Katie Sherrod

Dianne Draper

The Rev. Dr. Rebecca Lyman

The Rev Jane M Johnson, Diocese of Fond du Lac

The Rev. Elyse M. Gustafson, Diocese of Florida

Rev. Kathleen Schotto, Baltimore

Jennifer Knowles

The Rev. Melissa Roberts George

The Rev. Jana Troutman-Miller

The Rev Canon Kelli Grace Kurtz

The Rev. Mark Nabors, Arkansas

The Rev. Margaret A. (Peggy) Muncie

The Rev. Mary Anne Osborn

The Rev. Joanne Neel-Richard

(The Rev) Margot Dunlap Critchfield

The Rev Debra Warwick-Sabino

The Rev. Francisco García, Nashville, TN

Rev. Lucia Lloyd

The Reverend Alison Lee

The Rev. Canon Rosa Lee Harden

The Rev. Candis Burgess

the Rev'd Stephanie Jenkins - Diocese of Oklahoma

The Rev. Canon Elizabeth Habecker

The Ven. Stannard Baker

The Rev. Lori Walton

The Rev. Diana M. Rogers

The Rev. Mary Elisabeth Rivetti

The Venerable Kristi Neal, WNC

The Rt. Rev. Matthew Heyd, New York

Laura Curlin, lay deputy, Diocese of California

The Rev Dr Donna L. McNiel

The Reverend Meg Clark Rhodes

The Rev. Br. Richard Edward Helmer BSG

The Rev. Kenneth W. Parris

Rev. Janie Koch

The Reverend Ronald D. Culmer

The Rev. Dr. Sarah M. Rieth

Gregory Dill

The Very Rev. Kathleen Murray

Rev. Michelle Dayton, MD

The Rev Patricia Ross

The Rev. Gloria Walters

Canon Janet Kawamoto

Gia Gordon St James Pullman

The Rev. Sharon Sheffield

Rev. Jakki R. Flanagan

The Rev. Monica Burkert-Brist, Diocese of Fond du Lac

Caroline McCall

Rev. Donald Bebber,  Diocese of Arizona

Christina Brennan Lee

The Rev. Lynne Sharp

The Rev. Betty M Glover

The Rev. Fran Gardner-Smith

The Rev. Stephanie M. Johnson

Kitt Sonstad

The Rev. Mark E. Stanger

The Rev Twyla J Zittle

The Rev. Cameron Partridge

The Rev. Cn. Julie Wakelee

Wilma Terry Jakobsen

The Rev. Dr. Lorraine Ljunggren

The Rev. Alicia Hager

The Rev. Dr. Jared C. Cramer

The Rev. Grace Burton-Edwards, DMin

The Rev. Dr. Jeanine Driscoll

the Rev'd Stephanie Jenkins - Diocese of Oklahoma

Rev. Janie Koch, All Saints Episcopal Church, McAlester, OK

the Rev. Holly Lyman Antolini

The Rev. Cynthia Black

The Rev. Paige Blair-Hubert

The Rev. Susan Heckel Johnson

The Rev. Margaret Doyle

The Very Rev. Anne Sawyer

The Rev. Jerry D. Lasley, Eastern Michigan

Laura Thornton

The Rev. Mary Foulke, New York

The Rev. Sara Gavit

Rev Sandra B McCann, MD

The Rev. Molly Bosscher

Indie Pereira, Tennessee

Martha Blacklock

The Rev. David C. Wacaster

The Rev. Gregory L. millikin

The Rev. Karen A. Calafat

The Rev. Rowan Larson

The Rev. Marie Swann Cope

The Rev. Katie Presley

The Rev. Dr. Paula Nesbitt

The Ven. Betsy Blake Bennett

Jessica K Hitchcock

Freya Sophie Gilbert

The Rev. Canon T. Mark Hallahan, Los Angeles

Bryant Ashley Hudson

The Rev. Amy J. Huacani

The Rev. Monica Whitaker

The Rev. Ryan D. Newman

Barbara Hoag Ilkka

Rev. Beth Bingham

The Rev. Don Davidson

Phyllis Chambers-Emmons

The Rev. Karen Anderson

Ellen E. Safley, Eastern Michigan

Rev. Eileen B Stoffan

The Rev. Sean Lanigan

the Rev. Elaine Caldbeck

The Rev. Canon Dr. Lauren R. Stanley

The Rev. Joshua D. Walters

The Rev. Scott B. Neal

The Rev. Deacon Christine "Chris" Sabas

The Reverend Allison Rainey English

The Rev. Trisha Thorme, Deacon

Eric Bonetti, editor, Anglican Watch

The Rev. Marthe F. Dyner (NH)

Christy Beesley

The Rev. Patrick Burke

Dr. Jayne Osgood

Sandy Milien

Jeffrey L. Diehl

Ranjit K. Mathews

The Rev. Dr. Cathy L. Deats

The Rev. Paula J. Toland

Canon Amy Cook

Diane Wright

The Rev. David C. Wacaster

Dr. Michael DeVries

Melissa Simpson, Arkansas

Dr. Beth Houskamp

The Rev. Cn. David Benedict Hedges, BSG

Debbie Veatch

The Rev. Claudia Scheda

The Rev Dr Ann Willms

J. Lee Edwards

Rev. Holladay Sanderson

The Rev. Julie Calhoun-Bryant

Tatiana Suggs-Perea

Sue Morgan, Diocese of Newark

The Rev. Lorenzo Lebrija

The Rev. Dr. Karri Backer

The Rev. Gregory L. Millikin, Chicago

The Rev. Paul Canady

The Rev. Aileen Aidnik

The Rev. Jennifer E. Mattson

The Rev. Virginia W.G. Army

The Rev. Dr. Joanne Sanders

Erin E Wolf, Dioceses of Fond du Lac & Milwaukee

Elizabeth Jones

Pam Jordan Anderson, Diocese of Florida communicant

The Rev. Julie Blake Fisher

The Rev. M.E. Eccles - Deputy, Diocese of Chicago

The Rev. Jerome H. Colegrove

Frances Holliday

The Rev. ClayOla Gitane

Deborah Likins-Fowler, Ohio

Brian Sellers-Petersen

The Rev. Shanna Neff+

Justin Humberto Contreras Portillo

Adam Shoemaker, Clergy Deputy Diocese of SC

The Rev. Dr. Adam J. Shoemaker, Rector of St. Stephen’s, Charleston and Clergy Deputy of the Diocese of SC

The Rev. Canon Allisyn Thomas

The Rev. Jack Zamboni, 6 time Deputy to GC

The Rev. Henry M. Sabetti III

The Rev. Benedict Varnum

Reverend Edgar A. Gutiérrez-Duarte

CP McAbee

The Rev. Carol Ruthven

Rev. Melissa Lamkin

The Rev Scott P Bellows, Diocese of Maryland

Canon Serena Evans Beeks

The Rev. Dr. Cynthia Taylor


The Rev. James D. Richardson

Rachel Janeway Suarez

Rev. Daniel Vélez-Rivera

Mrs. Julie Anderson, McKinney, Texas

Jordan Bracht, MSW, LCSW

The Rev. Diane M.Pike

The Rev. Stacy Williams-Duncan

Jon Rania

Savannah Faith Dillard

The Rev. Lynn Oldham Robinett

Ed Cyzewski

Liz Colwell

Rev. Kit Tobin

Russell Moses

The Rev. Jacob Pierce

The Rev. Sarah K. Fisher

The Rev. Cecelia C Schroeder

The Rev. Dr. Gerardo Aponte-Safe

The Rev Victoria Geer McGrath

Gayle Fiedler Vierma

Lisa Smith Salkever

Daniel O. Weatherholt (Diocese of Washington)

Elke Hoffman

Pamela Kruse-Buckingham

The Rev. Elizabeth M.Hoster

Wayne Helmly

Sam Luebke-Emmanuel Lutheran Church Bethesda

Gerardo Mazariegos

Christopher Hart

The Rev. Jay O’Rear

The Rev. Timothy Black

The Rev. Dr. Rene Martin

The Rev. Dr. Jeannette DeFriest

Ms. Lara Dreyer, 2024 GC Deputy, Diocese of Indianapolis

Mark A. Trautman

The Rev. Rene Martin

P. Isaac Quelly

The Ven. David Curtis

Daniel Dunlap

Jesse Perkins

Erics S Tamblyn

The Rev Robert Anton Franken, Deacon

The Rev. Bobbi Kraft

The Reverend Robert Sammis

the Rev. Charlotte Johnson

Keith Holeman

The Rev. Canon Thomas Quijada-Discavage

The Rev. Victor J. Sarrazin

The Rev. Nathan Empsall

Rev. Will Wauters TSSF

The Very Reverend Gray Lesesne, D.Min.

Hipolito Fernandez Reina

The Rev. Canon Thomas M. Kryder-Reid

The Rev. Tracy Dugger

Rev. Lecia Diaz Brannon

The Rev. Dr. Nina Ranadive Pooley

Kathy M Schlecht

Christine Staples

The Rev. Andrew T. O’Connor

The Rev. Norma Guerra

Elizabeth R. Jonsson

The Rev. Dr. Rebecca B. Coerper

Cynthia Ries, Ohio

Canon Mariann Scott

Terry and Bernice Lomheim

Chris Leung

The Very Reverend Laurie Lewis

The Rev. Sara M. Oxley

The Rev. Vicki Hesse

Beth Marquart, Lay Deputy Diocese of West Virginia

Lynn Suarez

Alma Thompson Bell Diocese of Maryland L1

Rachel Dube

David T. Dube II

The Rev. Dr. Amy Bentley Lamborn

The Rev. Chris Rankin-Williams

The Rev. Canon Zoila M Manzares-Cole. Indianápolis Indiana.

Gretchen R. Château

Dr Cheryl Parker

Charlene Faris, member Church of St. Paul in the Desert , , live in Tucson, Arizona

The Rev Cheryl Winter

Rev. Deacon Cathy Scott

the Rev. Charlotte Wells+

The Rev. John E. Borrego

Carolyn Coleman Dillon, Diocese of Chicago

Trudi Anderson

The Rev. R. Grant Mansfield

(the Rev. Canon) Mary L. Goshert

The Rev. Linda Mahler, Deacon

The Rev. Michelle Fritch

The Rev. Rosalind C Hughes

Dr Cheryl Parker

Rev Dr Stephen Hassett

Sharon Campbell, Diocese of Central NY

The Rev. Joe L. Ashby

The Rev. Kristin C. Kopren

Tim Kruse

The Rev. Kay N. Ashby

Lorraine Tiffany-Malone

Rev. Ann Murray

The Rev. Deacon Barbi Click

The Rev. Timothy J. Yanni, MDiv, MA, MBA, BCC

Judy Cantrell

The Rev. Dr. Kit Carlson

The Rev. Bradley A. Heuett

The Rev Cn Gloria EE Payne-Carter

The Reverend Leann Wigner

C. Christopher Thompson

Susan Urbach

Yuri Rodriguez

The Rev. Shelly Fayette

The Rev. Ashley Mather

The Rev. Dr. Linda Spiers

The Rev. Ashley Mather

Reverend Kathryn L. King

The Rev. Alissa G. Anderson

The Rev. Daniel H. Schoonmaker

Canon Scott Holcombe

Diane P Butler, Executive Council, Retired

Susan B. Holmes

The Rev. Timothy J. Yanni, MDiv, MA, MBA, BCC

Abbott Bailey

The Rev. Marcia Tremmel

Allison Hauserman

Vicky Mitchell

Heidi E. White

Ryan Talaski, Diocese of Eastern Michigan

Anilin Collado

The Rev. Dr. Ellen K. Wondra

Mary Beth Butler

James H Wiley

The Rev. Leslie Nipps

Elizabeth Tatum

Rev. Deacon Linda Goertz

Brian K. Denton, Diocese of Alabama

Diane Petrovic-Rice

The Rev. Canon Christopher Craun

Rev. Bonnie Underwood

The Rev. Dr. Kit Carlson

The Rev. Canon Eva Suarez

The Rev. Deacon Barbara J. Maxwell

The Rev. Dr. Elaine Ellis Thomas

Leah F Tomlins

Janis R. Munn

Caroline Senn, Diocese of Milwaukee

The Rev. Gail Cafferata

Marisa Tabizon Thompson

Jennifer Phillips

Beverly F. Bradley

The Rev. Canon Jodi L. Baron

The Rev Deacon Robin M Poppoff

The Rev. Canon Martha Korienek

Paula M. DeBois

The Rev. Jean-Pierre Seguin

The Rev. Jean-Pierre Seguin

Robin Brown, Postulant in the Diocese of Southern VA

The Rev. Robert Walcott