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ASA Health and Safety Plan
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ASA Health and Safety Plan

*This is a living document which will be continually updated to reflect the latest information related to COVID-19 - Printing is not recommended.

Table of Contents

ASA Health and Safety Plan        1

Table of Contents        1

20-21 School Year Guide        2

ASD Resources        2

Health and Safety Guidelines        2

Protocols and Practices        3

School-wide Safety Protocols        3

Travel Guidance        7

Building Protocols        7

Behavioral Procedures        9

Classroom Procedures        9

Arrival Procedures        10

Dismissal Procedures        11

Student Pick-Up        11

Students walking home        11

COVID Exposure Procedures        11

Student Isolation        11

Incident Reporting        11

Nutrition and Hydration        12

Schedule        12

Cohort Room Assignments        12

Face to Face Bell Schedule        13

Technology        13

Blended Learning        13

Technology and Device Use        13

Outdoor Education        14

20-21 School Year Guide

This document is an addendum to the 20-21 School Year Guide.

The 20-21 School Year Guide is a comprehensive plan for operations during the 20-21 School Year. This document serves as a guide for health and safety related to COVID-19 response in conjunction with the School Year Guide.  

ASD Resources

The ASD Covid-19 Handbook for Nurses should also be used as a primary source of information

ASD COVID-19 FAQ for Families and Staff

Health and Safety Guidelines

When ASA returns to in-person learning, precautions shall be taken to protect the health and safety of all students and staff, and to minimize the risk of transmission of COVID-19 and any infections diseases. ASA shall implement the following protocols and practices.

Protocols and Practices 

School-wide Safety Protocols

Additional sources of information include the CDC and American Academy of Pediatrics:

CDC Guidance for Schools

AAP Guidance for School Re-entry

Travel Guidance

ASD complies with the State Health Mandates for Out of State Travel.

Building Protocols

Behavioral Procedures

ASA will continue to follow our standard school-wide behavior processes and procedures.  

Classroom Procedures

Clear classroom procedures shall be established and consistently reinforced. Procedures will focus on minimizing interpersonal interaction and movement within the building:

Arrival Procedures

Students will enter the building through three separate points of entry to minimize congregation and congestion at the beginning of the school day.

Dismissal Procedures

End of day clean up procedures shall be followed each day prior to student dismissal.

Dismissal shall be facilitated through the exits nearest each classroom, following the emergency evacuation procedures. Staff shall monitor exits until all students have been dismissed.

Student Pick-Up

Students awaiting parent pick up must maintain masks and physical distancing on school grounds. Students may only re-enter the building through the front entrance with permission from staff, for explicit purposes (calling rides or restroom use). Staff monitoring the parking lot may begin calling for students on the radio at 1:15 to expedite pick up. Students should complete their assigned end of day cleaning duty before exiting when called.         

Students walking home

Students walking home shall notify the dismissal teacher and leave the school and grounds immediately. Students SHALL NOT linger at school or on school grounds, or return to school grounds once they have left. Staff observing students who walk violating this policy shall notify the parent and principal and submit a disciplinary referral.

COVID Exposure Procedures

ASA will follow ASD procedures

Student Isolation

If a student requires isolation during the school day due to becoming symptomatic at school or failure to comply with safety procedures, they will be removed from the classroom and placed in a separate location until they can be picked up. If the student is walking home from school, they may be dismissed to walk home with parent notification and permission.

Incident Reporting

Any COVID-related exposure, positive tests with close contacts at school or other incidents will be reported to the principal immediately. The principal will submit the ASD COVID report and take subsequent action including notifications.

LINK: ASD Initial Report 

Nutrition and Hydration

Eating shall take place during designated break times only.

Students are allowed personal water bottles for hydration. Water bottles shall not be shared.

Students may bring cold and pre-packaged food and snacks. Cohorts will have nutrition breaks in their designated classrooms or on outdoor breaks


When ASA returns to in-person learning:

Cohort Room Assignments

Each class will be assigned to a primary classroom in order to reduce movement between classes and throughout the building. Cohort group classes will be limited to their primary and secondary classrooms. There will be no common passing times to reduce congestion and congregation in hallways. Breaks shall be on a staggered schedule to reduce mingling of multiple classes.

Room assignments by cohort and “primary” teacher (Scheduled for 2 of the 3 classes):

8th Grade:

Room 6: Goodman

Room 10: Smith

7th Grade: Rooms 110, 111, 113, 114

        107:  7th (Mozen)

110:   7th (Holsopple)

        111:   Resource, Intervention and Core Replacement (Krejca)

        113:   7th (Perkins)

        114:   7th (Bierer)

6th Grade: Rooms 1, 3, 4, 11

        1:    6th (Kotelman)

        3:    6th (Gabel)

        4:    6th (Staker)

        11:   6th (Draeger)

Face to Face Bell Schedule





Staff arrival


Doors open for students: direct to classrooms

  • After 8:00 AM, students must use main entrance and check in prior to going to class



Learning Lab: iReady & ALEKS

Pull out: Small group Intervention


8:30- 9:55

Period 1



Period 2



Period 3


Staggered dismissal, end of day clean up procedures


Lunch (off campus for students)


Blended Learning

ASA shall continue all classes on the Canvas platform for the entirety of the school year. Assignments, assessments and core lesson components will be available on Canvas. Students who are absent, especially those who are sick and/or experience COVID symptoms, will be able to continue progressing in classes virtually.

Technology and Device Use

Outdoor Education

ASA will maximize outdoor learning time in keeping with our mission and charter. Outdoor learning provides healthy and safe activity and movement, and follows best practices for mitigating the spread of infectious disease.

REVISED: 3/22/2021